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Divine Intervention

Read Psalm 130:7

History is replete with God’s interventions in human affairs. Moses, Joshua, Gideon, Esther, Nelson Mandela, and Mary Slessor are all examples of people God used to effect divine interventions. The greatest of all, of course, is Jesus who came in the flesh and dwelled among us to solve human’s greatest problem.

David shows us what can aid our moment of waiting: “And in His word, I put my hope” (Psalm 130:5b). When your hope dwindles, boost your faith by the power in the Word, and your hope will come alive again. Read Isaiah 40:8. What are you going through that appears abnormal? Remember, weeping may endure a night; joy will surely break forth in the morning (Psalm 30:5). The truth is, tough times never last; but tough people do! Wait patiently; God is never late.

Prayer: God, I put my trust in You, do not let me be ashamed.

Divine Arrest

Read Acts 9:6.

Kayode Abiola Peller was born to the late renowned African Magician- Prof. Moshood Abiola Peller. He was from a Muslim background and practised magic like his late father.  He was a chronic womanizer and drug addict. Today, he is a pastor and the General Overseer of the Finger of God Church. Paul was even more notorious than that. He persecuted the church. But when he encountered Christ while on the way to Damascus, his life changed. He became a missionary and an apostle of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

God can use anybody. All you need to do is surrender your life to Jesus and ask Him to be your Lord and Saviour. You can become a very precious vessel in God’s hands. Christians should not be afraid of preaching the Gospel even to the most notorious persons in society. Let us keep praying for them as well. Do you know that God can arrest the heart of anyone, even the so-called notorious leaders of the Boko Haram sect troubling Nigeria?

Prayer: Touch me o God and use me at this end time.

Divine Gift

Read Romans 5:12-17.

A young man from a good family went to a Pastor in the depths of despair and confessed all his atrocities, especially to his body which he described as an object of shame. He wanted to end his life. The Pastor was able to use the authority of God’s Word to call the young man to repentance, and conversion and assured him of Christ’s power of victory over sins.

Every child of God needs to understand and appropriate the divine gift of God which is more potent than sin that condemns. In Christ, there is not just forgiveness; by walking and trusting in Him, we receive the power to overcome sin and temptations. What are you doing with your divine gift? Many people do not know the value of the salvation that has been given to them. Remember that some do not have the opportunity you have. Do not just talk about it, walk in it and let it benefit others.

Prayer: Oh God, destroy all powers of sin and its effects in my life in Jesus’ name.

Divine Turnaround

Read Esther 7:1-10.

Sometime in January 1993, I travelled to Port Harcourt for a job interview at an oil company. I then decided to sleep under a tree. Walking down the street to locate a good tree, someone called my name. What a relief! He made me comfortable. I did not only find a very comfortable bed to lay my head on, I was well fed and received.

The story of Mordecai changed for good while that of changed for bad. Haman was impaled on the pole which he had built for hanging Mordecai. This happened because Esther organized prayer and fasting and approached the king for the sake of her brethren and uncle (Mordecai). Every deed has its consequences. Whatever anyone plants will germinate and produce fruits that may be sweet.  bitter, depending on the type of seed. When our prayers are backed by acts of courage, our stories will end in grand testimonies.

Prayer: Lord, please change my story for good.

Divine Assurance

Read Isaiah 62. 8.

In many countries, there are several insurance and assurance companies. In Nigeria, we also have various companies that assure and insure lives and properties. All of these companies have special features to support the policyholder in times of distress and crisis. This implies that, even when you are not aware of it, your attention is drawn to it. Do you know that your salvation is now and it is sure as a child of God?

Bill Crosby in her hymn, “Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine”, viewed this assurance as one that can calm any of life’s storms; an assurance that surpasses human understanding. She concluded thus: “filled with his goodness, lost in his love”. This divine assurance carries with it the love and goodness of God. It is worthy of note that this divine assurance can only be enjoyed by a life that is totally in submission to the will of God.

Prayer: Lord, grant me the grace to enjoy Your divine assurance as I set out today in Jesus’ name.

Divine Guidance

Read Matthew 2:14-15.

Someone has reported that the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic on April 121912 would have been prevented if the radio operator had heeded the warning sent by other ships that it was steaming into a field office.

Instead, he disregarded the messages and wired back the famous message, “Shut up, shut up. I am busy…” Four of the dreams that are found in Matthew 1 and 2 were directed to only one person -Joseph (V.1:20; 2:12, 13, 19, 22). Dreaming is one of the several ways through which God guides His people. (Job 33:14-18) says: “For God does speak in a dream, in a vision of the night he may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings, to turn them from wrongdoing and keep them from pride to preserve them from the pit and their lives from perishing by the sword”.

At all times, Joseph responded to God’s guidance and he was able to preserve not only his own life but that of his wife Mary, and his adopted son, Jesus Christ, the hope of the world. When God guides you through a dream, counsel, circumstance, or His Word, do not be like the horse or mule which have no understanding (Psalm 32:9). Obey God and enjoy divine guidance.

Prayer: Father, I need your divine guidance in all things that concern me in the name of Jesus Christ.

Divine Wisdom

Read Proverbs 9:11.

The benefits of divine wisdom cannot be overemphasized. Wisdom and longevity are linked: “Wisdom is a shelter. but the advantage of knowledge is that it preserves the life of its possessor” (Ecclesiastes 7:12). A major benefit of wisdom in today’s text is the elongation of days and addition of years to the possessor (v.11). James emphasized two kinds of wisdom: earthly being unspiritual, demonic and divine wisdom. He explained the characteristics of divine wisdom such as pure, peace-loving, considerate, submissive, etc, (James 3:17). While wisdom is a responsibility of character (v.1-6), folly is a prostitute serving stolen food(v.13-18).

Beloved, do you want many days? Do you cherish to have an elongated lifespan? As you honour God with your life today, do not let wisdom. Divine wisdom brings a lasting benefit other than eating stolen food of folly that leads to death.

Prayer: O Lord, let Your reverential fear envelop me so that I may live for YOU.

Divine Appointment

Read Acts 13:2.

According to Dave, rather than see the inconvenience as intolerable he looked for opportunities to connect with fellow passengers. From those interactions, he was invited to India to participate in a short-term project. For Barnabas and Saul, their appointment as missionaries to the Gentile’s world was not by men but an appointment by the Holy Spirit who asked the Prophets and Teachers at Antioch to set apart Bananas and Saul for the work He called them to do.0

At times, the place we are or our situation seems unpleasant, strange, and unconducive but it could be the place where God intends to make the best use of what He has deposited into our lives. Just like Dave Branon asked, how often do we experience delays, change of plans, and redirections and treat them as intrusions? Be in tune with God always. Most times, disappointment turns to divine appointment.

Prayer: O Lord, give me a divine appointment in the name of Jesus Christ.

Divine Remembrance

Read Genesis 41:12.

Ezekiel after completing the mandatory National Youth Service Corps of the big humanitarian organizations in the state as a program officer. He did not receive any reply until a year after when he was on the verge of giving up and going back home. He was remembered and was selected for the job. The story of Joseph’s rise to the Prime Minister of Egypt was based on divine remembrance. When God remembers a man, those who have forgotten him will suddenly remember him. Joseph was not the only prisoner, but when God brought him into focus, the king sent for him.

God never forgets anyone. When God picks out a man from the crowd, it is divine remembrance at work. You can be remembered for excellence and greatness. Move closer to God of grace.

Prayer: Lord, cause those that You set aside for my favour and success to remember me.

Divine Opportunity

Read Genesis 41:14.

Life can sometimes feel like a dungeon. Joseph was kept in prison for an offence he never committed. Instead of getting better, his situation grew worse and he went from frying pan to fire. There was no ray of hope till suddenly, he was supernaturally remembered and a divine opportunity came. Fortunately, Joseph was ready. He had been prepared for this very moment. All his trials were meant to culminate in this very occasion. He demystified a dream all the magicians of Egypt could not interpret.

It does not matter how tough or challenging life has been for you. Be rest assured that there is a divine opportunity ahead of you. The most important thing is that you must prepare yourself and be ready for the coming opportunity because a lack of preparation will disqualify you in such a day or moment. Let God prepare you through the trials and the tough times you are going through. God will remember you and He will bring you out of the dungeon quickly.

Prayer: Lord, prepare me for the opportunities You have for me.