Everyone needs healing, right? Healing is something that everybody will need whether healing on the body or in the mind or soul. There should be physical healing or spiritual healing. Many people have visited hospitals or healing centers but no solution has been found. All that you need Jesus and His working name to remove any long and present sickness or disease. The name of Jesus Christ has the power to completely cure both spiritual and physical demons. The following 10 healing ministrations will lead you to the right way.

1. Jesus heals the sick.

Jesus went about all of Galilee and was teaching in their synagogues. He was teaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing all manners of sickness and diseases. His fame went through all of Syria and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments. The people possessed with devils, lunatics, and those who have palsy; Jesus healed them. The multitudes followed. Brethren, is there any infirmity on your body? What disease you are battling? Jesus healed many sick and this is your turn. Call His name with faith and you will be healed. (Mathew 4: 23- 25)

2. Jesus cleans the man with leprosy.

When Jesus came down from the mountain, the multitudes followed him. A leper came and requested to clean him if Jesus willed. Jesus stretched His hand upon the leper and said, “Be clean”. And immediately his leprosy was cleaned. Then, Jesus told the man that he should tell no man. Beloved, what kind of leprosy you have been carrying about for a very long time with no solution? Call upon Jesus Christ today by faith. As He cleaned the man, he shall clean you. (Mathew 8: 1-4)

3. Jesus is with the centurion.

When Jesus entered Capernaum, a no-name man called a centurion came and pleaded with Jesus. He told Jesus that his servant was laid sick of the palsy and grievously tormented.  Jesus promised the man that he would come and heal him. The centurion was not worthy to host Jesus but he said that if Jesus could visit him and say a word, his servant would be healed. Considering this strong faith, Jesus healed the centurion’s servant. Brethren, whatever kind of sickness you have been nursing for a long time, if you have an unshakable faith that moves the mountain and calls upon the name of Jesus, the sickness will vanish suddenly. (Mathew 8: 5-13)

4. Jesus heals many.

When Jesus came into Peter’s house, He saw his wife’s mother lying sick with a fever. Jesus touched her hand and the fever left her. Many other people who were possessed by evil demons were bought to Jesus and He cast out the evil spirits with His word and all the sick were healed. Friend, no healing can be permanent unless you use the name of Jesus to cast out the demon-possessed and to heal the sick. (Mathew 8: 14-17). Also, many people came with Him and those that were lame, blind, dumb, or maimed and Jesus healed them. Count the number of your troubles. Jesus has power over them! (Mathew 15: 30-31)

5. Jesus casts out demons.

When Jesus went to the other side of the country of Gergesenes, He met two people possessed with devilish spirits, coming from the tombs with force. No man can pass that way because of the force. When they saw Jesus, they cried out with a force that what concerned Jesus, son of God, with them. The spirit saw Jesus as the one who came to torment them. Then, the devils began to beg Jesus to send them into the herd of swine. Jesus cast them out and sent them into a herd of swine. The devils headed for the herds of swine and they violently stepped into the sea and perished in the waters. My friend, Jesus is more powerful than any other powers. He has the authority to cast the demons out and send them to where He wants. What spirit torments you, stealing, fornication, masturbation, smoking, thuggery, anger, etc? Surrender yourself for God and He is ready to cast them out if you will. (Mathew 8: 28-33)

6. Jesus heals a paralytic.

Jesus entered into a ship to pass over to His city. People brought a man sick of palsy on a bed to him. When Jesus saw their faith, He said, son, be of good cheer because your sins have been forgiven. Then He said the man should arise and walk. When the multitudes saw the healing glorified God. Beloved, what has paralyzed your life? Is it your job, business, family, brain, health, etc.? Jesus is ready to heal them if have faith and call upon His name. (Mathew 9: 1-8)

7. Jesus heals the blind and the mute.

After Jesus left the place of the ruler, the two blind men followed, crying passionately. They said that Jesus of David should have on them. When He got home, the blind men came to Him. Jesus asked if they believed He could do it. The blind men said that they believed. Jesus touched them and their eyes were opened and they could see. As they were out, a dumb man possessed by the devil was brought to Jesus. He cast out the devil and the dumb spoke. The multitude marveled. Friend, are you spiritually and physically blind and mute? You cannot see and say the things of the spirit because the flesh controls you more than the spirit or you cannot see and speak physically. Jesus is ready to heal you. He healed the two blind and the dumb; He will heal you if you believe and you are ready. (Mathew 9: 27-34)

8. Jesus heals a boy with a demon.

Among the multitude, a man came and knelt. This man said that Jesus should have mercy on him because his son was lunatic and sore and vexed. Often, he used to fall into fire or water. No disciple can heal the son, but Jesus rebuked the devil. The demon departed from him and the child was cured at that very moment. Beloved, are you possessed? Are you doing what your mind does not like? You have tried your best to be delivered from that spirit but all your efforts were unproductive. Come to Jesus today and be on your knee before Him. Rebuke the spirit and it is well! (Mathew 17: 14-23)

9. Jesus heals the Canaanite woman’s daughter.

Jesus left for the coasts and Sidon. A Canaanite woman came out of the same coasts and cried that Jesus should have mercy on her because her daughter was grievously vexed by a devil. When Jesus was reluctant to attend to the woman, His disciples pleaded for the woman. Jesus eventually said, “Woman great is your faith, be unto you as you want”. Her daughter recovered. Beloved, no matter how long your child has been nursing a disease or a sickness, your faith can still work deliverance for the child if you invite Jesus to the situation. (Mathew 15:27-29)

10. Jesus heals more than two blind men.

As Jesus and His disciples left Jericho, the multitudes followed them. The two blind men who sat, by the way, cried out that Jesus would have mercy on them when they heard He was passing by. As the disciples tried to stop them, the two blind men cried more that Jesus, the son of David should have mercy on them. Jesus stood still and asked their request. The men said they wanted to see it. Jesus had compassion on them and touched their eyes. Immediately, their eyes received the sight and they followed Him. Brethren, until you disturb Jesus with more cries, nothing may happen. Don’t let anybody keep your mouth shut. Cry more for mercy. When you press forward, Jesus will stop and have mercy on you. (Mathew 20: 29-34)


One of the active ministries on earth is healing. Several people received healing when He was on this earth. Ten of the healing ministrations and practical applications have been discussed below. Pray to God that all your infirmities and ailments on your body and soul shall be healed in Jesus’ name.