Miracles are events that are inexplicable by the laws of nature. The larger part of Jesus’ ministrations is a miracle and healing. Miracles of Jesus come in different forms. Some appear by faith; some come by laying hands on the people; some by blessings; some by prophecies and so on. The miracles have been discussed below.

1. Jesus calms the storm.

Jesus entered a ship and his disciples followed him. A great storm and tempest arose in the sea. As much as the waves affected the ship, Jesus Christ fell asleep. His disciples came to Him and asked if Jesus wanted them to perish in the sea. Jesus responded that the disciples should not be afraid. Jesus rose and rebuked the winds and sea. Suddenly, the storms calmed.

Jesus is ready to calm the storm of your life.

Brethren, what sort of your storm of life? At times, it might seem as if Jesus were asleep to test your faith. He has not forsaken you at all. Call Him to that life storm and it will be calmed immediately. (Mathew 8: 23-27)

2. Jesus cast out demons.

When Jesus came to the other side into the country of the Gergesenes, two devilish possessed came out of the tombs very fierce. They cried out when they saw Jesus and what they had done to Him. The devilish spirits recognized Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus eventually cast out the possessed spirits into the herd of swine. Violently, the herd of pigs ran into the sea and perished there. (Mathew 8: 28-34)

Jesus can cast out all the possessed spirits troubling your life.

Beloved, have you been discovering some possessed spirits making you behave badly and abnormally? The only solution is to rely on Jesus Christ. He is ready to cast out any possessed demon.

3. Jesus heals a women of the issue of blood.

A man came to Jesus that his daughter was dead. The man asked Jesus to lay hands upon her and shall live. Jesus rose and followed him. A woman, who has been diseased with an issue of blood for twelve years, came and touched the hem of his garment. The woman said within herself that if she could touch Jesus’ garment, she would be healed. Jesus turned to the woman and said to the daughter that her faith had healed her. Instantly, the woman was healed completely. (Mathew 9: 18-26)

Jesus can end the long diseases and troubles.

Friend, have you been battling with incurable diseases and infirmities for a very long time? You have tried every medical way but in vain. Have undiluted faith and take a step to meet Jesus today. Every disease and trouble will vanish instantly.

4. Jesus feeds five thousand people.

Jesus departed into the desert by ship and the multitude followed Him on foot. When it was evening, his disciples approached Him and said that it was the time to send the multitude away to buy themselves food. Jesus replied that they needed not to go out but that they should bring five loaves and two fish that a boy had. Jesus blessed and divided the food. Then, he gave it to His disciples to share them with the multitude. Everyone ate to their satisfaction. And the twelve baskets remained. (Mathew 14: 13- 21)

Jesus can provide for your needs sufficiently.

My friend, are you insufficient or you are trusting God for provision? Are you hungry? Jesus is our perfect provider. Call His attention to your lack, needs, and insufficiency, He will provide for and multiply your needs and insufficiency abundantly.

5. Jesus walks on the sea.

Jesus gathered His disciples to get into a ship to the other side. He sent the multitudes away and then went up into a mountain to pray. In the evening, the ship was in the middle of the sea. Jesus went unto their disciples, walking on the sea. As the disciples were Him walking on the sea, they were afraid and amazed. Jesus calmed their fear and asked them to do the same. Peter walked on the water but his faith shook when he saw the noisy storm.  Peter called Jesus to be of help and Jesus said that the disciples were of little faith. He commanded the wind and it ceased. (Mathew 14: 22- 36)

Jesus has the power to perform miracles.

Brethren, if you believe, you will see the miracles of God. God things you think cannot be realized in your life will come to pass if you have faith. The impossibilities can be possible if you believe.

6. Jesus feeds four thousand people.

It has been three days since Jesus was teaching the multitude, he had compassion for the people because they had nothing to eat. The disciples came and Jesus asked what they had. Seven loaves and fishes were available. Jesus blessed them and they shared with the disciples. After they had eaten to their satisfaction, seven baskets remained. (Mathew 15: 32- 39)

Jesus is a perfect provider.

Friend, call the attention of Jesus to your needs and lacks. He is ready to provide in multiple folds.

7. Money is got from the fish’s mouth.

Jesus and His disciples came to Capernaum. The collectors of tribute came to Peter and said that their master did not pay the tribute. Jesus found out from Peter where the tribute was being collected. Peter replied that it was from strangers. Jesus commanded that Peter should go to the sea to get a fish. Then, he should open the mouth of the fish. He should bring a piece of money he found in its mouth. (Mathew 17: 24- 27)

Jesus is a miracle worker.

Beloved, do you know that Jesus can make the impossible possible? Is there anything that seems impossible in your life, Jesus is ready today to find a solution to them immediately.

8. The fig tree withers.

In the morning, When Jesus returned to the city, he was very hungry. He saw a fig tree in the way and found nothing thereon, except only leaves. Jesus commanded that the fruit should not grow on the tree forever. When the disciples saw the three withered, they were shocked. Jesus replied that if they had faith. They would say to the mountain to remove and cast into the sea. It shall be done. (Mathew 21: 18- 22)

Jesus can do and undo.

My friend, whatever you pray about with faith shall come to pass. If you ask Jesus about your needs and you believe that you will receive them, you will receive them.

9. Jesus changes water to wine.

There was a marriage in the Cana of Galilee where the mother of Jesus was. Jesus and His disciples were invited to the marriage. The wine finished and nothing was available to serve people. The mother of Jesus went to Him and Jesus eventually told His mother to tell the people to fill in the available water pots with water. Jesus blessed the water and the water was turned to wine. The wine was sweeter than the former one. This was the first miracle Jesus performed.

Jesus can turn negative ways of life into positive ones.

Brethren, do you know that your bad luck can be turned into good luck? Your misfortune can change into fortune. All that you need is to meet Jesus and explain the area you want Him to intervene in your life.

1o. Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.

When Jesus heard about the death of Lazarus, He groaned. Jesus had an interest and asked people to take away the stone. Then, Jesus lifted His eyes and said that God the Father should hear Him. Jesus cried and called Lazarus in a voice from the dead. Lazarus came out of the dead.

Jesus can wake up you and your things from the dead.

Beloved, list all things that have been dead in your life: marriage, academics, business, body system, characters, etc, invite Jesus today. He will raise them from the dead.


The miracles Jesus Christ performed when alive has not been exhausted but the main ones are discussed in this ministration. I believe that ministration will be impactful