These devotional topics are carefully selected to bless individuals and families. The person and family that make use of the topics will not remain the same. The topics will be enriched spiritually and physically. The topics are 12 and they will be used when meeting God for devotion each day. The topics can be used to prepare for bible study.

Day 1: All power belongs to Jesus

Read and meditate on Mathew 28: 16-18

Some Christians or believers think that it is only the evangelist who is commanded to go out after the lost and bring them to the fold of God’s kingdom. Verses 19-20 gave us the great commission to go and make disciples of all nations as we are already his disciples. We must endeavor to bring them to the knowledge of Christ as we are already having it. After Jesus’ resurrection, he went ahead of his disciples to Galilee the place he had told them to meet him. When they saw him they worshipped him and He said to all authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Him. Jesus Christ was telling his disciples emphatically that he possesses the greatest power both in heaven and on earth and that no other power is as great as his own or can withstand his power.

Christians are also commissioned; they are also commanded to preach to Christ the gospel and bring others to Christ because we have been given authority and power to succeed.

Day 2: Holy Ghost Baptism

Read and meditate on Mark 1: 6-8.

John was in the wilderness preaching repentance and forgiveness of sins. People from Judea and Jerusalem were trooping to him for the confession of their sins and they were baptized in the River Jordan. Despite that people were running to John the Baptist for baptism and confession of their sins, he did not forget what he had been sent to do, for him to prepare the way for the Messiah.

Many Christians today if god works a little wonder through them or if God has been using them as solutions to people’s problems instead of for them to accord the glory of God they accord it to themselves….Confess your sins today and be washed in the blood of the Lamb, ten invite the holy spirit into your life. Always remember He is the Holy Spirit. Keep away from sin and be holy for him to remain in you.

Day 3: Divine command

Read and meditate on Leviticus 17: 1-7

When God speaks or gives a command, it is very important to heed the command to the letter otherwise, the consequences are not always good rather it is always disastrous. God spoke to Moses, saying that Aaron, the chief priest should tell all the children of Israel what He God commanded that whatever they might have killed, ox or lamb or goat within and without the camp must be offered as an offering to the Lord before the tabernacle, and if for any reason any of the Israelites should fail to bring it to the door of the tabernacle, the guilt of bloodshed shall be on that man, not only that, the man shall also be cut off from among his people

Divine command should always be obeyed and followed faithfully without questioning. God has sent His son Jesus Christ in the likeness of men, to show us how to live, full of love and compassion.

Day 4: Sanctify yourself and be holy

Read and meditate on Leviticus 20: 6-8

God desires that we should always sanctify ourselves and remain Holy all the time that is the basic principle all Christians and those that are of Christ Jesus should imbibe. Not only that, but he also warns that any person who turns to mediums and familiar spirits and prostitutes himself with them, god will set His face against that person and cut him off from his people.

Brothers and sisters, our lesson today teaches us to consecrate ourselves and be holy. God does not dwell in a dirty defile heart, the reason being that he is holy.

Day 5: The real brethren of Jesus

Read and meditate on Mark 3: 31-35

Do you know that as an individual God can use you to impact not just your immediate family or environment but the whole nation, and ultimately the whole world? You were born to make a significant difference in the world of your time, so, wherever you find yourself, make sure you make an impact. David did not join the rest of his folks to merely lament and groan over the terror unleashed on the Israelites by Goliath.

Joseph, a sojourner highly rejected and almost killed by his brethren but later sold out as a slave and eventually became second-in-command in Egypt. Moses became the deliverer of the children of Israel from the severe oppression of Pharaoh and his taskmasters. Esther also changed the destiny of her people by rescuing the Jews from mass annihilation plotted by Haman. You need to stand to the task ahead of you.

Day 6: The land shall yield its fruits

Read and meditate on Leviticus 25: 17-19

A child who disobeys the commandments of his or their father is bound to face the wrath of the father either in the form of hunger or punishment. Our almighty God has been magnanimous enough and very compassionate as well admonishing the Israelites that they should not oppress in vs 17 and the fear of God should be in them.

Brethren the lesson teaches that we should not allow our heart to be troubled by the many ills plaguing the world today for we are not of this world. He has put us in a fertile land that will always yield its fruits consistently. So, cheer up for Christ in you is your hope of extraordinary life in this world.

Day 7: Testifying to God’s goodness

Read and meditate on Mark 5: 18-20

The man full of unclean spirit, who dwelled among corpses was able to identify Jesus Christ at a distance as we can see in vs. 6 and 7, he ran to Him and worshipped Jesus Christ and he was made demon-possession-free instantly. In appreciation, he jumped into the boat along with Jesus Christ vs. 18 but Jesus asked him to tell his friends.

Jesus had done for him and the goodness of God in him. You need also to testify always, because the challenges of life may be enormous but amidst so much inflation, the rising cost of living, political unrest, and persecution, you can still say thank you, God.

Day 8: The Levites shall be mine

Read and meditate on Numbers 3: 1-12

The worst thing that can happen to a child of God is to lose the presence of God in his life; it shows a loss of power and good things in life, but when you place God in His rightful position in your assignments in life and you make Him your foundation, He will always stand by you all the time and see to your success in life.

God did not stop there. He also commanded that for the redemption of the excess number (273) of the firstborn, Moses should take five shekels for each currency and give the money to Aaron and his sons. This shows the supremacy and wholesomeness of the almighty God.

Day 9: God blesses His people

Read and meditate on Numbers 6: 22-27

It is a common phenomenon particularly in marketplaces, cursing each other is the order of the day. If a Christian remains focused, he will keep succeeding while the detractors and adversaries spend time stumbling.

Brethren, you are a child of God, your family is of God and His blessings are upon you. Parents particularly mothers should stop cursing their children it is unbiblical.

Day 10: Do not be afraid

Read and meditate on Mark 6: 47-51

In the evening time, Jesus saw the disciples rowing hard and struggling because the wind was against them. He now came to them seeing them having trouble walking on the sea and when the disciples saw Him they thought He was a ghost and they cried. The disciples called on Jesus Christ for a solution to their problems and He responded immediately. Do not worry about your life, you are not the owner, It belongs to God just make sure in all your prayers, ask God for what you need and he will answer you immediately.

Day 11: You will be remembered when you pray

Read and meditate on numbers 10: 1- 10

God placed certain conditions on the Israelites to receive his help. God may not move on our behalf if we refuse to draw nearer to Him in prayer crying out for His grace, protection, and presence…. Brethren, what then is our problem since He said we should call upon Him and He will answer us, why then do we fold our hands and allow trivial issues to weigh us down, He said we shall be remembered when we pray.

Day 12: Power of positivity

Read and meditate on Numbers 7: 25-30.

Joshua and Caleb had faith in the power of positive confessions and opposed the majority opinion of the spies. They based their report on a firm commitment and possibility to God and had full confidence in His promises to Israel during this crucial event in the Israelite’s desert journey. Do not be afraid, our God is the God of possibilities and positivity.