Talent is an inborn gift from God. When a father gave his three servants talents to do business and made profits. Two of them did business while the third one did not let alone he would make a profit. The father came, he appreciated the two servants and punished the third servant (Mathew 25: 14- 30). This means that we are going to give an account of our talents and gifts God committed unto our hands. Below are 13 traits you should know as a talented person.

1. Belief

Belief lifts your talent. Life is like a sped motorcycle. It speeds like a brown new car. Most of us are like the motorcycle and car I mentioned but we do not know the value ourselves. When you believe in yourself you can do exploits. When you believe in your mission, your mission will not easily go down. If you believe in your passion, that passion will not easily die.

What to know about belief

  • Belief keeps you going.
  • Belief will not let you give up and quit.
  • Belief always motivates and encourages you.

2. Passion

Passion energizes talent. Do you know that death is not the greatest loss in life? The greatest loss is when the GREAT MAN (passion) dies in YOU while you live. Passion is the first step to achievement.

What to know about passion

  • Passion increases power.
  • Passion produces energy.
  • Passion overhauls the foundation of excellence.
  • Passion brings about success.
  • Passion conquers any discount and frustration.

3. Initiative

Initiative activates your talent. It is not possible to live an inconsistent way of life and expect a satisfactory result. There are categories of people who take initiative in different forms: You can see people who will do the right things even if they are not told to do so; you can still see people who will do the right things when they are told; you can still see people who will not know what to do until you emphasize it several times and lastly you can still see people who will never do the right things no matter what you say. A good initiative is when you think above board and come up with a solution or helpful suggestions innovatively.

What to  know about the initiative

  • You should accept responsibility for your life.
  • You should focus on the benefits of completing a task.
  • You should examine the reason for your initiative.
  • You should share your set goals with the people who will be of help.
  • You should break large tasks into small ones.
  • You should think far to bring out new ideas.
  • You should provide solutions rather than complaints.

4. Focus

Focus directs your talents. If you want to succeed, you must be focused. You must not allow any distraction to divert your focus from your talent. Focus can best be described when a person looks at different things on the tree such as bird, seeds, leaves, branches, and others and another person looks at the same tree and see only a bird on the tree. The person who has focus is a second person seeing the only bird on the tree. The first person who sees different things allows distractions.

What to know about focus

  • Focus does not come naturally to people.
  • Focus increases your energy.
  • Focus expands your life.
  • The focus must be intentionally sustained.
  • Challenge your excuses.
  • Do not let yesterday cheat your attention.
  • Focus on the present situation.
  • Develop and follow your priorities.
  • Stay focused on results, not present issues.
  • Make every action count.
  • Focus on your strengths, not on your weaknesses.

5. Preparation

Preparation positions your talents. There is nothing good like preparation because it brings glory. When you prepare, you perform better. Lack of preparation brings about poor performance. As a talented person, prepare always to be delivered.

What to know about the preparation

  • Preparation allows you to perform well.
  • Preparation is a process; it is not an event.
  • Preparation precedes opportunities.
  • Good preparation for tomorrow begins with the effort of today.
  • Preparation requires continually good perspective.
  • Good preparation leads to action.

6. Practice

An adage says, “Practice makes perfect.” Practice sharpens your talents. No matter how your talent is, if there is no constant practice, it can fade at any time. When you practice, you will begin to improve more and more. Preparation is an excellent teacher or coach; it is your best effort and clear effort.

What to know about the practice

  • Practice enables development.
  • Practice leads to development.
  • Practice demands discipline.
  • Practice add-discipliner potentials.
  • Practice puts potential right resources.
  • Practice needs a little extra effort.
  • Practice takes a little extra time.
  • Practice asks for a little extra help.
  • Practice tries a little extra change.

7. Perseverance

Perseverance sustains your talents. What can take the talent to the next level of success is perseverance. But the enemies that can fight perseverance are giving up, a wrong belief that life is a bed of roses, a lack of vision, a lack of resiliency, and a wrong belief that success can be achieved very easily.

What to know about perseverance

  • Perseverance means succeeding because you are determined to succeed.
  • Perseverance recognizes that life is not a long race, but many short ones in succession.
  • Perseverance is needed to release most of life’s rewards.
  • Perseverance draws sweetness out of adversity.
  • Perseverance means rest not because you are tired but because the task is done.
  • Perseverance has a compound effect on life.
  • Perseverance does not demand more than we have but all that we have.
  • Perseverance helps to find a purpose, eliminates excuses, and develops stamina.

8. Courage

Courage tests your talents. Courage is everything to sustain talents. If you are courageous about your talent you can do it talent will go higher. Courage will not allow any discouragement to your talent.

What to know about courage

  • Courage motivates you to hold on to your talents.
  • Courage makes you succeed easily.
  • Courage pushes you to try more.
  • Courage propels you to move forward.

9. Teachability

Teachability expands your talents. No matter what your talent is, you will still need some mentors who will guide you to sharpen you and your talent. You need at least someone for enlightenment, encouragement, orientation, and so on. In this area, you will need to be teachable and humble to learn more new things.

What   about teachability

  • Teachability refines you to be better.
  • Teachability adds value to your knowledge.
  • Teachability enriches wisdom, understanding, and perspectives.
  • Teachability helps to know more every time and every day.

10. Character

Character protects your talents. There is nothing under heaven that is beyond character. No matter how talented you are, if your character lacks, there will be a problem. A bad character can destroy the God-given destiny. Good character sustains your talent and makes you succeed.

What to know about the character

  • Character makes you go far.
  • Character sustains you for a very long time.
  • Character attracts other talented people to help you.
  • Character paves the way for your talent.
  • Character helps to achieve very quickly.

11. Relationships

Relationships influence your talents. Relationships are very important in everything we do to achieve quickly. Tell me a person that has achieved in isolation. If your talent is taken to a higher level of success and the Promised Land, your relationship with people will not be left out.

What to know about relationships

  • The relationship comforts your mind and soul.
  • The relationship makes you happy.
  • The relationship helps your goals and pursuits.
  • The relationship helps to finish the unfinished project
  • The relationship protects you and your talents.

12. Teamwork

Teamwork multiplies your talents. A company that encourages team playing or teamwork will record a lot of achievements. If you allow other serious people to work with you and your talents, you will achieve greater success.

What know about teamwork

  • Teamwork encourages you to move forward.
  • Teamwork reinforces your talents.
  • Teamwork adds value to your reasoning.
  • Teamwork helps you recognize things from different perspectives.

13. Responsibility

Responsibility strengthens your talents. With your gifts and talents, you still need to be responsible. Do not run away from your responsibility. Your responsibilities are all we have been discussing above.

What to know about responsibility

  • Responsibility distinguishes between strengths and weaknesses.
  • Responsibility assures you the solutions to your problems.
  • Responsibility calls your attention to the glorious future.
  • Responsibility sustains talents.


The 13 traits we discussed above are very important to take if you want your talent to be recognized by people. The traits are belief, passion, initiative, focus, preparation, practice, perseverance, courage, teachability, character, relationship, teamwork, and responsibility.


Pastor Amos Olarewaju

Deacon Adeola Adelakun