This is another devotional topic for two weeks that is meant to be developed. As you are working on each of them with Bible verses for them, May God inspire you the more.

Day 1: Great Assignment Committed to You

Read and meditate on Luke 10: 1-8

Christ realized that there were people to be told about the gospel so as to bring them into the fold. He sent more of His disciples and even instructed them not to take any bag or purse. This may serve as a hindrance. He let them realize that time was precious. He calmed them by assuring them that all materials needed for the journey would be provided for.

When Christ sends you on an errand. He provides all the logistics to make the journey comfortable. As you get closer to Christ, and you are more committed to letting other people know Him, Christ appreciates you and you will be rewarded.

Day 2: Power over Sickness

Read and meditate on Luke 10: 9-16.

As you represent Christ in all gatherings, much is expected of you, i. e. you have to pray for people, teach the word of God, explain issues, and assure them of Christ’s goodness. The authority you need to do this, the Holy Spirit, has been endowed on you. It calls for you to be conversant with the word of God and know the usage. Christ has empowered you to be His mouthpiece and convince the non-believers about Christ’s power to protect them.

Day 3: Power Over Evil Spirit

Read and meditate on Luke 10: 17-20.

The disciples could not have performed miracles if not for God. He knows that the devil is always feeling uncomfortable when he is losing his followers and would want to strike. Jesus Christ journeys with us and equips us to face the devil and defeat him. As you rejoice in your converts, always cling to Jesus to see you through. Remember that the devil is at work but Christ is your strength. You are rewarded. Rejoice because your name has been written in heaven.

Day 4: You are Witnesses to these Things

Read and meditate on Luke 24: 44-49.

Jesus Christ comforted His disciples when they were depressed about Christ’s death and felt alone. He reminded them of His birth, death, and resurrection that were recorded in the Old Testament (Isaiah 53: 10-11, Psalm 22: 18, Joel 2: 28-29, John 1: 17).

Always remember the good old days when things were going smoothly. When it gets sour, the good things should be remembered, and give Him the glory. You have been saved; share your experience with others.

Day 5: Give Generously for Missions

Read and meditate on 1 Corinthians 16: 1-4.

Everyone should desire to help those who are in need of money and resources. The extra money provided to you by God should be well utilized if we take care of the needy. Apostle Paul appealed to the Galatians and Corinthians to desire to help. God loves a cheerful giver. Give to the poor, the orphans, and for mission work. As you do this, you are richly blessed by God and put smiles on other people’s faces.

Day 6: There is a Great Gain for Missionary Supporters.

Read and meditate on 10: 40-42.

Remember Jesus says that more harvesters are needed. Greed, you are busy and could not spare your time. What is about your money and your prayer? Save souls that are perishing or those that are yet to hear about the gospel. There are volunteers that would want to go if you sponsor them.

You are a chosen vessel to sustain missionary work. Prayerfully, go before the Lord. He will direct you to where you are most needed. Do not forget that you can also sponsor victory hour on the radio/television, and produce jingles or handbills. God will bless you as you volunteer to do so.

Day 7: Blessed Are the Givers.

Read and meditate on Acts 20: 33-35.

In referencing and showing gratitude to God, you should extend the land of fellowship to others by giving generously to them. It is a simple way of appreciating God for your status and praying for more. Givers never lack. Your prayers are answered and God has placed you where you are for a purpose. Giving is an act you have to practice and God will delight in you. It is an act of investing in your tomorrow and ensuring your life, and business.

Day 8: Jesus Calls Us to Rest.

Read and meditate on Mathew 11: 25-30.

Jesus Christ, the Rock detests our being weary and invites us to come to Him for His comfort. His assurance is so soothing. He explains further that He is all you need to achieve success. He hates to see you go astray. He owns the hidden treasures of life and wants us to enjoy them. He will show us the secret. Trust Him. He is waiting for us to tap the resources that only He can give us. What are you waiting for? Learn from Jesus as He is the wisdom of God. He cares and is ready to help you.

Day 9: A Sure Victory

Read and meditate on 1 John 5: 1-5.

The design of God right from the creation of the universe is for us His creation to always dominate over all other creations both living and non-living, and that is the situation until sin crept in. Our text today explains to us that as God’s children, we are born to rule, and we can gain our position as a victor if we love God and obey His commandments; we indeed believe that Jesus is the son of God and our faith is built on Christ the solid rock. Nothing should terrify you as God’s children, once you have faith in Christ; the good news for you is ALL is WELL.

Day 10: God Will Defend the Godly People.

Read and meditate on Psalm 12: 1-8.

When the righteous are constantly favored by God, the enemy will always wage war because he is not happy that you are happy. Jesus said, that being His followers and being obedient to God does not indicate that there will be no tribulation. The assurance has been given in this text that you are going to triumph over all tongues and lips that flatter you. When you are surrounded by the evils of society and you are oppressed by the wicked, you will be specially protected by God.

Day 11: You Are Not Forgotten.

Read and meditate on Psalm 13: 1-6.

Yesterday the Psalmist sees the righteous as being forgotten. Today, he goes further to say the suffering is persisting for too long. It even seems the suffering is forever and that God is unwilling to come to his aid. This might be true of some Christians when things are not going smoothly in the areas of finance, health, education, business, and other situations that cause depression. As a child of God, God never rejects you. Just trust Him. After all, the agonies, joy comes in the morning because God works according to His own purpose.

Day 12: Be Wise

Read and meditate on Psalm 14: 1-7.

In every human set i.e. community, club, or even Christian fold, there are people of different views the wise and the fool. The wise person must be patient enough to listen and hear the voice of the Lord….Are you prepared to follow the callings of Jesus and be counted worthy when rapture comes? God is calling you to repentance; He has not rejected you totally even as a sinner. Turn away from your sins.

Day 13: Living a Sincere and Blameless Life.

Read and meditate on Psalm 15: 1-5.

God has His own standard and does not just admit anybody into His presence, our insincerity and unrighteousness can cause God to withdraw His presence from our lives. Let us examine our lives. Do you live a blameless life? Do you speak evil of your friend? Do you kill people with your mouth? Do you speak the truth? The greatest consequence of sin is that it blocks your way from bodily approaching the throne of grace where your help lies. Take a bold step today and repent so that the grace of God will be released into your life.

Day 14: Make God Your Refuge.

Read and meditate on Psalm 16: 1-11.

We live in a troubled world where natural disasters such as floods, fiber, and others are very common. There is no good news on the radio, television, and in the newspapers. Modern-day diseases such as stress, fatigue, hypertension, and depression are very rampant in our society. What can we do in this troubled world? The only solution is to make God our refuge, and present help in trouble.

Gog will not help you occasionally or reluctantly. He will do it abundantly and faithfully. When everything you once thought to be stable and dependable is threatened and shaken to the core, make God your refuge.

Day 15: Hold up my Goings.

Read and meditate on Psalm 17: 1-15.

Our request to God is usually through prayers as true Christians. We also give praise to God through our songs and thanksgiving. In order to come before God for any of the above, we must be faithful and obedient (John 15: 7), Are you making request or giving thanks for His favor to you? You must remain in Christ and also allow His words to remain in you. You must pray in agreement with God with God’s will; you must also live in harmony with God’s will….