The 15 topics have been selected for your devotion in the next two weeks. These selected topics can be used in the morning, afternoon, or evening at your convenient time. You will reread and meditate on the Bible verses and develop the message each day. The devotional is for individuals, families, and groups of people. This is the 6th edition; you can still get from the 1st edition to the 5th edition for reading. As you are faithful, receive blessings in the name of Jesus.

Day 1: The mighty man in battle

Read and meditate on Psalm 18: 1-16.

If you can think well, you will appreciate God. The psalmist declared his love for God. He realized that he was nothing without God. He recalled several things God had done for him. Can you just pause for a moment and recall a few things in your life that profess God’s love for your victory? The Psalmist saw God as his strength, Solid Foundation, Fortress, Deliverer, Savior, Buckler, Horn of Salvation, and High Tower. Let us recall all His goodness and how He had been fighting our battle. God is ready to fight our battle if only we put our trust in Him and do His will….

Day 2: Strength to fight

Read and meditate on Psalm 18: 17-39.

The Psalm is a strong of gratitude to God for all that He had done. He is worthy to be praised. He rescues David from the hands of his enemies. He is his rock and Salvation. In Him, he puts his trust and serves as his source of safety and security. Our God is a God victory. Praise God in every situation of life in which you may find yourself. This will bring shame to the devil and strengthen you to move forward and face the future. It is then that God will fight your battle. God will fight your enemies and they will bow before you. The enemies will not take glory over you in Jesus’ name….

Day 3: Victory in battle

Read and meditate on Psalm 18: 43-50.

This Psalm is a victor’s song of gratitude to God for all that had been accomplished. He rescued David from the hands of his enemies. He was his rock and source of safety and security. The Lord gave great victories to David. The Lord is ready to deliver us from our enemies. We all pass through one challenge of life or the other. Acknowledge God in whatever you are going through. Jesus Himself was a Victor.  Your victory is around the corner and you will triumph in Jesus. What are you going through? Victory is sure. Take time to worship God. He will fight your battles….

Day 4: Let your life declare His glory

Read and meditate on Psalm 19: 1-6.

Nothing is comparable to His beautiful and awesome creation. This lesson shows that the creations are not a bunch of non-living things. All things are created for a purpose. Vs 3-4 shows that God uses the creation to serve as a witness to all. Let us appreciate the handwork of God by declaring His glory everywhere we find ourselves. There is something God has deposited in our lives a life of holiness, a life without blemish, and a righteous life….

Day 5: Delight in God’s law

Read and meditate on Psalm 19: 7.

This world is tough. It is difficult and full of obstacles. We need God to guide us if we will not have an accident on the way. God has graciously put together laws, precepts, and principles to guide us. There are hidden potholes and pitfalls, sharp turns and bends along our way. The laws are for our good. The laws will trim and cut off all sinful comfort. The verse reflects the moral character of God which is perfect. In our society today, injustice is very rampant even in the Church of God. Let everyone embrace justice. The rule must be followed vividly. Allow God to guide you, obey Him in all your ways….

Day 6: Let your gift speak for you

Read and meditate on Psalm 20: 1-9.

We rely on God for protection and provision of our needs. There is virtually nothing that can be achieved without calling on God; therefore many things can be ours if we respond to God’s calls in many ways. The Psalmist listed many favours from God just as He promised us that He cannot forget our labour of love (Hebrews 6: 10). God has promised all good things according to how you give to Him. The gift opens the door for the giver and ushers him into the [presence of great men (Proverbs 18: 6).

Day 7: Trust in God

Read and meditate on Psalm 21: 1-13.

The word “trust” simply means confidence. The man can envisage a solution on the object of trust. Our trust in God is not a vain exercise. It is established on the fact that God cares and He is able to do what He says He will do. Trust in the Lord gives us confidence to dispel fear. If we trust in God, He will grant us the desires of our hearts. Hold on to the promises of God because none of these promises will return to Him void without fulfilling the intentions of the who sent it….

Day 8: Rescue me God

Read and meditate on Psalm 22: 1-27.

The Psalmist relied on God and sought for His deliverance from the hands of the wicked. Run away from using the weapon of the devil to fight your battle. Put your total trust in God. Call upon Him in trouble to deliver you. God does not forsake those who trust in Him and who diligently seek Him. Let God fight your battles. He is ready to rescue you….

Day 9: Testifying to His wondrous work

Read and meditate on Psalm 22: 22-31.

Testing the wondrous work of God should be paramount in our lives. He created everything we need before we were created (Genesis 1). This shows that our God is loving. He rules over all the nations and ultimate exaltation and glory must be unto Him. Acknowledge God in praise for His uncommon favour to His people by placing us in a privileged position of honour and rulership over all that He has created. When last did you appreciate and testify to His wonderful work….

Day 10: Let God be your shepherd

Read and meditate on `Psalm 23: 1.

This portion is one of the masterpieces of all literature. It further expresses loyal trust in God. It gives counsel to God-fearing people who live among evil-doers. God was pictured as a caring father who cares for our needs during the evil forces that attempt to destroy our lives and souls. With the shepherd accompanying us through life’s pilgrimage, we shall receive constant grace help, and support….

Day 11: Criteria to be in His presence

Read and meditate on Psalm 24: 1-10.

David emphasizes that those who want to worship and serve God and receive His blessing must pursue a pure heart and a righteous life. “Clean hands” are hands-free external acts of sins. A “pure heart” refers to inward holiness, right motives, and goals: only the pure will see God (Mathew 5: 8). My brethren, do you have clean hands and pure heart? These are the simple criteria that will qualify you to be in His presence. Your physical and inward beings must be clean and pure….

Day 12: Whom do you pray to?

Read and meditate on Psalm 25: 1-21.

When you go to a foreign country, you can feel uncomfortable and a bit lost, because you do not speak their language. The language of the spiritual world is prayer and since the spiritual world is the source of Power, Victory, Peace, Joy, and everything else. It is essential that learn to speak it and to the right person – God. We are to pray to God biblically and get results….

Day 13: Are you falsely accused? Allow God to act.

Read and meditate on Psalm 26: 1-12.

We are more concerned with how we look to other people than how we look to God. Spend more time in front of the mirror to how you look like. Brethren, the Psalmist remarked that happiness does not come from association with the world, particularly the kind of friends you move with and the type of dress you wear. If your interests are in these worldly affairs, be sure of being falsely accused by men. It is after this that you can be bold to say I do not sit with deceitful men….

Day 14: You do not need to fear

Read and meditate on Psalm 27: 1-6.

Since God’s love is the only perfect love, it removes fear. Probably, you fear the advancement of evil one against you, be assured that He said for in the day of trouble, He will keep you safe in His dwelling shelter of His tabernacle. Fear is your enemy number one enemy. It freezes your faith and cripples your creativity. Therefore, trust in the Lord and fear not. God is always with you….

Day 15: Will you come to God?

Read and meditate on Psalm 27: 7- 14.

As believers, we may be severely tired. Draw near to Him and remain steadfast through His Spirit (Ephesians 6: 10). We can rest assured that in His own time, God will manifest His goodness or lack of worldly things.  Wait for the Lord, be strong, and take heart….