Praying to God is like talking to your closest friend. Praying is conversing with Him. God hears you talk to people every day. He knows how you sound and what words you use. He wants you to speak to Him as a child says to his/her father. Share with God your fears, your ideas, your attitudes, your desires, especially those things that trouble you. He wants you to share with Him. He will understand God. God will respond to your prayers. Jesus’ first followers wanted to learn how to pray. They asked Jesus to teach them how to pray. Jesus gave them, an example which is often called the Lord’s Prayer. This is in Mathew 6: 9-11. If you find the book of Mathew in the index of your Bible, Mathew is the first book of the New Testament, the second big section of the Bible. The following keywords about prayers will rightly teach you how to pray on each issue and matter. Check them and pray for them seriously.

1. Pray for the joy of God.

Nobody can steal your joy because your joy has come.  The prophetic prayers have been gathered to affect your lives.  This prayer keyword will bring joy to your life if you pray to them. The researchers and readers should pray the prayers. Recover the joy that Satan has stolen from you.

2. Pray to worship God.

Worshipping God is a good step toward appreciating the mightiness and goodness of God. If you have experienced that you have been getting back in worship and you have not been worshipping God as expected, you need prayers. These worshipping prayer points are very important to open the doors of greatness.

3. Pray to have peace.

Peace is good in the lives of Christians. Nothing gives rest except peace. If you have been experiencing the absence of peace and you’re your lives have been experiencing internal violence, you need prayers that will restore peace to your heart. The peace of the Lord will locate you today. Numerous prayer points about peace are here.

The forgivers are forgiven. There are numerous prayer points about forgiveness and the steps to take to achieve it. Many prayer points are on hold because of unforgiveness. The Bible says that if do not forgive our offenders, the Lord will not forgive us.

Our hope is with God. The hope cannot be dashed. You have to pray to God to give hope. These prayer points open the doors of greatness and elevation. If you think or discover that you do not have hope or your hope is not right again, there are numerous prayer points here to make your hope sure or right.

4. Pray to oppose depression.

Are you anxious for nothing? Are you depressed in one way or the other? Many factors can be responsible for this and many things can lure you into anxiety and depression. But hear this, any anxiety and depression in your life will be no more today. These numerous prayer points against anxiety and depression will overcome them.

5. Pray for the strength of God.

Everyone needs strength to overcome this world because this world is evil. Are you going through any difficult times or tough times? If everything is not working well with you as expected, these prayer points about strength will put an end to the problem. If Satan is tampering with your life because you are powerless, these prayer points are for you.

6. Pray to have faith in God.

Faith is the expectation of what has not been achieved. Do you still need faith in life? Do you want to build your faith? You will have to pray these prayer points to build your faith. If you are doubting Thomas, the prayer points here will help your faith to fight the devil. You will overcome the spirit of doubt.

7. Pray to love and be loved.

Love covers everything. If you want to always show love to people but it is difficult or you have been showing love to people but they hate you, you have to pray these prayer points. Do you want to love God more or do you want God to love you more, these prayer points are for you too.

8. Pray for protection and security.

This is a powerful message with prevailing prayer for protection and security. When you read the secrets of the armor of God, you will understand more about the power and shield of God on us. Then, you will need to pray the working prayers that follow the message. What we need in a time like this is here.

9. Pray for committing to the work of God.

One of the things that is profitable is to be committed to the work of God. We should pray for more anointing to further work and be useful to God. If one cannot be useful to God again, the power and grace of God may not work for the person. These prayer points are for those who want to be more committed to God.

10. Pray for job promotion.

Are you thirsting for a dream? Are you due for a promotion? It is not too late. There is nothing too hard for God to do for His children. If you can pray these prayer points with faith and focus on the Lord, you will smile at last. There are numerous prayers here that will land you a dream job and get you a promotion.

11. Pray for the ministers of God and their ministries.

Every minister of God wants to succeed in their ministries in all areas, such as physical, spiritual, ministerial, and so on. They are eager for achievements that are feasible and recorded. But, there may be forces that will be working against their practicable achievements. These prayer points cover all areas that will make them record feasible achievements in their personal, family, and ministerial areas.

12. Pray against limiting powers and the spirit of the embargo.

Many people have been under the limiting powers and spirit of the embargo. These powers have limited a lot of people to a certain place. Are you stagnant? Have been placed on embargo for a long time? If you are serious about these numerous prayer points, the embargo, and limiting powers will be lifted by the power that supersedes all other powers.

13. Pray against disappointment.

No matter how you have been experiencing setbacks and backwardness, victory is yours. You will be victorious no matter what Satan has written against you and everything that concerns you. Every disappointment of your life will vanish. If you have been experiencing disappointment in any form, you will overcome it through these various prayer points.

14. Pray for children’s ministry.

Children are the heritage of God. They need our care and provision in our churches. Most importantly, they need our prayers. Our prayers as they grow up, prayers for their ministry in the churches and beyond. These prevailing prayer points will grow children and their ministries in their churches.

15. Pray for the leaders and their ministries.

There are different leaders in the church. The leadership begins with the pastor, elders/deacons, departmental leaders, societal leaders, heads of committees, and so on. The leaders are saddled with the responsibilities of running the church smoothly, but these cannot be done with the flesh. You need prayers to accomplish and succeed. These prayer points will help a lot to achieve.

16. Pray for righteousness and holiness.

The prayer point that cannot be left out in our lives is the prayer of being righteous and holy. The Bible says that without holiness, no one will see God. We should practice our Christianity with holiness. These prayer points will help your righteousness and holiness.

17. Pray for financial ministry in the church.

Financial ministry in the church is very important because every decision in the church will result in finances. If there is no active finance or the finance in the church is thin, the evangelism and growth of the church, in general, will be affected. That is why the financial ministry of the church needs our serious prayers.

18. Pray for school growth and development.

School growth and development need our spiritual attempts because many factors cover it. As Christians, we do not have other ways other than prayers. There should be prayers for the students, the staff, the management, physical and spiritual growth, success, and achievements in all areas. These prayer points will help in these areas.


Prayer is a valuable tool for Christians to use. You can pray for the people around you. God will use the power of prayer to change the lives of the people whom you pray for. Have you noticed anyone whose life needs to be changed? They need prayers above and they will experience better changes after praying them.