This world is a world of nothing. It is a world in which no one can understand the reasons why he or she exists. A lot of things have been happening bowing down the heads of many people. Many people are weary, tired, afflicted, sorrowful, sad, bleak, downcast, and so on. Several people do not know where to go again. Many solutions proffered have been proven abortive. That is why the Bible did not promise us that we should not face any challenges but no challenges of life will overcome us (John 16: 33). That is the promise! No matter what challenges we face in life, the strength of God is enough for us to get to the right position again. There are various Bible verses here about the strength of God to overcome hard times. Read and meditate on the Bible verses.

1. Be strong.

What you have to do during tough times is to be encouraged and be strong. You do not need to fear or be dreaded because Jesus our Lord will go with us wherever we go and He will not leave us. Read Deuteronomy 31: 6; Ephesians 6: 10)

2. Do not be afraid.

There is nothing you can be afraid of because Jesus Christ is with you; do not be dismayed because God is with you; he will strengthen you and He will help you. God will also uphold you with His righteous right hands. Read Isaiah 41: 10; 2 Timothy 1: 7

3. God can do all things.

Do you know that God can do those difficult things you are thinking about? He is the One that can do all things. You too can claim today that you can do all things through God that strengthens. Read Philippians 4: 13.

4. God will renew your Strength.

Wait on to the Lord; He will renew your strength. Waiting with the Lord means that you will mount up with wings like eagles; you shall run and not be weary or faint. You will not be tired of anything you are doing. Read Isaiah 40: 31. 

5. God will put a new song in your mouth.

Understand that God is your strength and your song. He is your salvation too. Therefore, you do not need to fear. Begin to praise and exalt Him because He will put a new song in your mouth. Read Exodus 15: 2; Psalm 59: 16

6. Nothing is too hard for God.

Our God is God forever; He made heaven and earth and everything in it. By His greater power, He made man in His image. Nothing is too hard for God to do in your life, family, business, career, academics, and other things that concern you. Read Jeremiah 32: 17.

7. God will fight for you.

Do not fear; you should not be timid because God will fight for you. You will have the victory the Satan and his agents. He fought against the enemies of three Hebrews; He will fight for you. Read Deuteronomy 20: 4.

8. Be calm, God will defend you.

The Lord is your defense; it is He only you can rely on. He is your salvation where you can be saved. Do not be dismayed or afraid, He will defend you from the trick of Satan and his agents in the name of Jesus. Read Exodus 15: 2.

9. Do not let your heart be troubled.

You should not allow your heart to let you down because of what you are going through presently. God is in control of everything concerning your life. Do not let your soul and heart be affected; God will strengthen you and lift your hands. Read Psalm 119: 28.

10. Seek God always.

Try to inculcate in the habit of seeking God. He who seeks God finds Him. During your difficult time, seek Him. He is ready to strengthen you and position you in the right way. Read 1 Chronicles 16: 11.

11. Do not be timid; God is at work.

Timidity can destroy and if care is not taken, it can eventually kill. Let the Spirit of God in you work and empower you during hard times. You must not be the victim of timidity in life. Instead, ask for the power of love and self-discipline. Read 2 Timothy 1: 7.

12. Stand firm in the Lord.

There is nothing like being before the Lord always. This is because He will be our guard and encourage us during the tough time. Let’s make our faith a priority and be strong in it all the time.  The hard time will fade away. Read 1 Corinthians 16: 13.

13. Be hopeful.

Have hope in the Lord because as Jesus shares in your offering, he also shares in your comfort. The challenges you are experiencing now. Remember that Jesus shares from it. Read 2 Corinthians 1: 7.

14. Take heart, God has overcome the world.

This world is full of negative and bad things. It has corrupt things that almost fade away things. In a time like this, take heart because God has conquered the world. Every manifestation of this world troubling your peace has been overcome by God. Read John 16: 33.

15. Do not be discouraged.

The only thing that can make you discouraged is when you are not encouraged during tough times. There are many things in this world that may be responsible for being discouraged. But you must not allow any discouragement whatsoever. God will be with you wherever you go. Read Joshua 1: 9.

16. God can do all things.

Do you know that God is capable of solving any issue encountering your life? He is enough for you to terminate your challenges. He will give you the strength to overcome your problems. What you have to do is to believe Him and trust Him. He will do your own. Read Philippians 4: 13.

17. God is your shield and stronghold.

There is no 100% security anywhere in this world. The Lord is your security. He promised to shield and protect us wherever we are and whatever we are doing. We do not need to encourage fear and intimidation. God is with us. Read Psalm 18: 1-2.

18. Love God with all your heart.

The only thing you can conquer the devil is to love God more and do His will. Love Him will all your souls and hearts. Then He will give you strength and power to overcome the world. Read Mark 12: 30.

19. The grace of God is sufficient for you.

The only confidant in life is God. He is sufficient for those who seek Him and believe Him. He will be ready to take care of them. God will perfect your weaknesses and boost your strengths. He will make you from zero to hero. He will place you on the throne and put Satan to shame. Read 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10.

20. The Lord is your help.

Help does not come from anywhere but from God. In any problem you find yourself, God will help because He is your help. No one can help you for free but God can. Rely on Hi for your help when there is a need. Read Romans 22: 19.

21. God will give you joy.

The joy of God is forever. He is ready to give you. No man can give you everlasting joy but God. Once the joy of God comes, the grief will be terminated immediately. God will strengthen you with Joy. Just believe that He can do it for you. Read Nehemiah 8: 10.

22. God will give you life and peace.

The peace of the Lord will come upon you. The confusion in your must not be allowed again. You must always deviate from the troubled heart. A troubled heart cannot be balanced to achieve. God will give them peace of mind and life. Read John 16: 33.

23. God is our Strength.

Our God is our helper. The help comes from Him. He has every power to help His people. When it seems you are helpless, cry to God, He is our Father; he will answer you. He will strengthen you. Read Psalm 121: 1-2.


The Bible verses and extracts of strength will be of value to every Christian and researcher if you can apply all the words of God to your life. It is well!