Projects are very important things that everyone likes to secure and have. There are different projects, namely house projects, land projects, contract projects, book projects, business projects, and so on. For any project to be completely successful, there is the need for prayers because, without God, nothing can be possible. There are twenty-five (25) prayer points to pray so that your project can get to the Promised Land.

Prayer Point 1

Father in Jesus’ name, I receive supporting hands from the hosts of heaven to complete the project (name it or them) my hands have started from where they are to fruitful and joyous competition. I shall complete every aspect of the project in due time in Jesus’ name. (Zechariah 4: 9).

Prayer Point 2

Father, at the crowning of this year, 2021, my family and I shall come rejoicing before You for the completion of our project (name it/them). Our pastures shall be given and filled with an abundance of flocks. The project shall be a blessing to us and everyone around us. Our mouths shall be filled with songs of praises to God in Jesus’ name (Psalm 65: 11-13).

Prayer Point 3

Joy followed the resting of Noah’s ark, the Ark of God, and the completion of the wall of Jerusalem. This year, overflowing joy and singing will accompany the completion of our project (name it/them). There shall be no loss; as my family lay our hands on the plow, we shall celebrate with songs of thanksgiving to the Lord Jesus’ name, Amen (Genesis 8: 4; Nehemiah 7: 1; 1 Chronicle 6: 31).

Prayer Point 4

I believe that the Lord will perform His promise and blessing concerning this project (name it/them), and fulfill His Word. People will call me/us blessed for embarking on this venture in Jesus’ name (Luke 1: 45)

Prayer Point 5

Father, I shall not abandon this project; I shall complete it and it shall bring glory to Your name. No human will mock your name because of this project. I shall take possession of all that You have promised us and overcome every obstacle both physical and spiritual because You are with us in Jesus’ name. (Joshua 7: 8-9)

Prayer Point 6

Father, I have sowed into this project and am laboring towards its completion. I shall not labor in vain. I shall experience an increase in this venture in Jesus’ name (Ruth 2: 4; Psalm 126: 5, 6).

Prayer Point 7

Father, move in miraculous ways and do the impossible. You birthed the nation Israel in a day, so beyond my/our imagination, bring to fulfillment the project. Let all Egypt tremble, stretch forth your hands and bring to reality that which is impossible to man. Create ways in our wilderness and highway through the sea before us in Jesus’ name. (Deuteronomy 4: 34).

Prayer Point 8

Father, You have spoken well concerning me and have led me to start this project. I declare by faith today that the outcome will be good. The result will bring many to come and experience Your faithfulness. This venture will be a blessing to many to the glory of Your name. (Numbers 10: 29).

Prayer Point 9

Father, we receive in faith the full extent of the enormous promises in this project, the courageous mind to claim it and overcome all barriers, the ability to possess it in its entirety, and its continual benefits in Jesus’ name. (Numbers 13: 17-30).

Prayer Point 10

I silence every doubt and feat as we go up and possess our promise in Jesus’ name (Numbers 13: 30).

Prayer Point 11

God of abundance, bestow sufficient provision on this project. Let channels of blessing be open for support and overflow in Jesus’ name (Exodus 36: 6-7; 1 Chronicles 29: 3-9).

Prayer Point 12

Lord Jesus, arise and perform Your miracle, manifest Your glory as You did in Cana’s wedding. Turn my ordinary efforts on this project to excellence; turn my/our water to wine in Jesus’ name. (John 2: 11).

Prayer Point 13

Father, You bring great things out of nothing and perform unimaginable acts of miracle, let this project be an act of Your miracle in Jesus’ name (Job 26: 2).

Prayer Point 14

Father, You You who keep treasures in ordinary places, bring out treasures from my ordinary efforts. Reveal to me steps that would transform into significant breakthroughs and provisions for this project in Jesus’ name. (28: 2).

Prayer Point 15

Father, bless this work of my hands as You did for Job to the chagrin of the enemy. Protect me, and everyone involved in this project from any form of attack – physical or spiritual. Let the new shouts flourish and bear fruit in Jesus’ name (Job 1: 10).

Prayer Point 16

I receive the help of the Lord today and always and will not be afraid as I execute this project (name it/them). My heart is fixed on You Lord, I am determined. I believe that I will not be put to shame in Jesus’ name (Isaiah 50: 1).

Prayer Point 17

I can do this project and can complete it because Christ strengthens me. I refute every thought of fear, failure, pessimism, inferiority complex, etc. I receive faith, courage, knowledge, wisdom, and humility that I need to bring to completion in Jesus’ name (Philippians 4: 13).

Prayer Point 18

I receive the water of life to receive every dead area of my project. Let every lost hope and vision be revived, let the new shoots flourish and bear fruit in Jesus’ name ( Job 14: 7-9).

Prayer Point 19

This project is evidence of my flourishing; it shall stand out like the cedar. It shall flourish to the praise of God in Jesus’ name (Psalm 92: 12-13).

Prayer Point 20

Father, grant me wisdom and understanding on how to go about this project. What to do, when to do it, and how to do it to achieve the goal that will glorify You. Teach me what to do to avoid waste of time, money, and other resources, and to achieve excellence and timely completion in Jesus’ name. (Proverbs 4:7).

Prayer Point 21

Father, I wait upon you, to review my strength. Let me not grow weary nor faint in this journey. Grant us strength like the eagles to conquer the mountains of challenges before us. Let us not faint in any aspect of this project, however tasking or menial. I receive strength not to grow weary today and always in Jesus’ name (Isaiah 40:31; 2 Chronicles 15: 7).

Prayer Point 22

Father, turn the wilderness of our project into pools of water and the patched ground into flowing springs. Let abundance and refreshing come from areas I lack in Jesus’ name (Psalm 107: 35).

Prayer Point 23

Father, show yourself mighty in every aspect of the project in Jesus’ name (Psalm 77:14).

Prayer Point 24

Solomon completed the house of the Lord and it fulfilled its purpose. I shall complete this project and bring it to functionary to the glory of God in Jesus’ name (2 Chronicles 5: 1).

Prayer Point 25

Solomon completed the house of the Lord and his house without lack or nothing left undone. I receive the grace for the total completion of my project. No part thereof shall be abandoned; no part shall be a hindrance or disappointment in Jesus’ name (2 Chronicles 7:11).


Thank God for answering your prayers and believe that every prayer point you prayed is done.