We learned from the imagery of the vine and branches that we have the privilege of sharing Christ’s life as His branches and a loving union to know His will as His friends. Furthermore, three dimensions of fruitiness should characterize our lives as believers. The manifestations of these dimensions are not accidental occurrences but are a function of obeying the Lord as He carries out His customized dealings in our lives. So, what are the dimensions of fruitfulness?

 Prayer Point 1

Appreciate the Lord for showing you the pathway to fruitfulness. Give thanks to the Lord for the privilege of being called a friend of Jesus. Thank God more for making your life useful in His Vineyard.

Abounding fruitfulness (John 15: 1-4)

There is a divine expectation for our lives to produce more fruits. There are two scriptural means to abound in fruitfulness. The first means God uses to accomplish fruitfulness in our lives is through pruning by the Word of God (vv. 2-3). Abounding fruitfulness is only possible through pruning. God prunes our lives to put away the inconsistencies, impurities, contamination, and corruption of the old nature that clings to our lives so that we can fit into God’s standard to bear more fruits. In order words, the function of pruning is to cut off anything that sponsors the activities of the flesh in our lives. The more intense the pruning continues, the more the works of the flesh will be damaged in us. The Damage to the works of the flesh is necessary because the flesh profits nothing but brings significant limitations that hinder fruitfulness.

Prayer Point 2

Ask the Lord to keep you permanently in the place of pruning so that your life will reflect His desired nature and likeness. (v. 2-3)

Prayer Point 3

Pray that the Lord will carry out a divine surgical operation in your life to disconnect you from whatever sponsors the activities of the flesh.

Prayer Point 4

Ask the Lord to cut off whatever hinders your life from producing His desired fruit, be it dirtiness, filthiness, or contamination.

Prayer Point 5

Ask the Lord to purge out every corruption and expression of the old nature that is still at work in your life.

Prayer Point 6

Ask the Lord to separate you from whatever will bring you to the place of reproach and disgrace. The Lord make you what is supposed to be. You shall be fruitful in life.

Prayer Point 7

Ask the Lord to damage anything that empowers the flesh to rule over your life. Pray that the Lord will crush in your life whatsoever that strengthens the rebellion of the flesh to resist His will and purposes.

Prayer Point 8

Pray that the Lord will incapacitate the flesh so that He can freely express His life in you to display His glory. Ask Him that the flesh will not have power over the Spirit.

Prayer Point 9

Express your desire to passionately love the things Jesus loves and to hate with a passion the things He hates so that the flesh will no longer sustain its works in your life.

Prayer Point 10

Express your desire to be kept permanently in the place of connection with Christ Jesus (v. 4). Ask God to give you the desire of your heart and make you what is supposed to be.

Abundant fruitfulness (John 15: 5-8)

The foundation for entering the dimension of abundant fruitfulness begins with the consciousness of our positional status and identity in Christ as the branches (vv. 5-6). In our connection with Christ Jesus lies our sufficiency; outside Him, we can do nothing. Secondly, abundant fruitfulness is a by-product of keeping God’s Word in our hearts. (v. 7). On the other hand, there are three-fold consequences of not abiding in Christ, namely: disconnection (being thrown away), withering, and judgment of being thrown into the fire and burned (v. 6). In contrast, there are also three benefits of being abundantly fruitful, such as you receive an answer to prayers (v. 7), your life brings glory to the heavenly Father (v. 8), and proves that you are a true disciple (v. 8).

Prayer Point 11

Pray that the Lord will flow through your mortal vessel unhindered so that the full expression of His life will be your daily experience.

Prayer Point 12

Pray that the Lord will cause every aspect of your life that is infertile to become fertile and fruitful. You will not come to the world in vain.

Prayer Point 13

Ask the Lord to release you new grace for multiplied success and abundant fruitfulness. Let the grace of the Lord be multiplied.

Prayer Point 14

Declare that by the election of grace, you are stepping into a season of multiplied success and greater fruitfulness (v. 5)

Prayer Point 15

Ask the Lord to launch you into deeper and uncommon dimensions of fruitfulness in every area of your life. Ask the Lord to make out good things to be done in your life.

Prayer Point 16

Decree that beginning from now, you will experience uncommon dimensions of possibilities and wonders in such a way that you have never seen before.

Prayer Point 17

Ask the Lord to strengthen you to remain in His love through wholehearted obedience to His Word. The Lord will empower you more in the name of Jesus.

Abiding Fruitfulness (John 15: 9-17)

God’s purpose for choosing us and investing His kingdom resources into our lives is that we can go into the world as Christ’s ambassadors to share the message of the Kingdom and then bear fruit that will last; fruit that will not fade away. The main requirement for bearing lasting fruit is to remain in God’s love by obeying His Commands to love others sacrificially (vv. 9-15). In summary, the suggested prayers will focus more on us becoming the kind of people God wants us to be, and lesser attention will be paid to the manifestation of the fruit.

Prayer Point 18

Decree that the fullness of joy from the Lord Jesus will be your daily portion (v. 11). The joy of the Lord will not cease from you from now in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 19

Ask the Lord to break and soften your heart to express sacrificial Christian love to others (v. 12-123). Make me fruitful spiritually and physically.

Prayer Point 20

Expression your desire for the revelation of the Father and Christ Jesus in an intensifying degree beyond your former encounters (vv. 14-15).

Prayer Point 21

Pray that the Lord will preserve you through His grace in your walk with Him to keep you from failing, fading, or faltering.

Prayer Point 22

Pray for God’s grace and mercy never to lose your ordained place in His purposes for this dispensation. My time to be fruitful has come from today.

Prayer Point 23

Decree that through the power of the Holy Spirit, you will be kept in the place of perpetual relevance and usefulness in His Kingdom agenda.

Prayer Point 24

Ask the Lord to bless your effort with lasting fruit in your academics, career, etc. (v. 16). Ask the Lord to make you a suitable vessel for breaking unusual records, making special history, and speaking a revolution in global spheres of influence.

Prayer Point 25

Pray for a massive ingathering of souls into our churches and for these souls to become abiding disciples of Christ.


Give thanks to the Lord for answered prayers. Sing, clap, and dance for the expectations of answered prayers.