Deliverance prayers are purposely set to free people from satanic bondages and His agents’ work. Blessings are divine rewards and approvals from God while is the condition given to be safe and certainly ensure security. There are 30 prayer points that the family can pray to experience the results of deliverance, blessings, and safety.

Prayer Point 1

Father, I thank You for the family You have given me. Thank You for the victory You won for us on the cross of Calvary. Colossians 2: 14

Prayer Point 2

Lord Jesus, in our walk with You, help us to fully depend on You in all situations. Help us to acknowledge You by humbling ourselves and choosing Your will over our will in the name of Jesus Christ name. Proverbs 3: 5- 6

Prayer Point 3

Help us, Lord, to trust that You always know what is best for us. Help us to acknowledge You in praying, giving thanks in all situations, reading, and obeying Your Words in Jesus’ name. Mathew 6: 33; 1 John 2: 3

Prayer point 4

We appreciate You for all You have done, what You are doing, and what You will do for us. We thank You that even before we pray, You have heard us and answered our prayers. Hebrews 13: 15-16

Prayer Point 5

We pray that members of our family that are not saved will be saved this year in Jesus’ name. John 1: 12

Prayer Point 6

Lord, let my family walk in Your authority. May we understand and live each day, declaring the power and authority You have given us as Your children so that we can confidently proclaim Your name in Jesus’ name? Luke 10: 19

Prayer Point 7

Father, we thank You for every child You have given this child. You are their Maker and You know their strength and weaknesses, so we pray You to draw them closer to Yourself. Let them know You personally and acknowledge You in everything they do. Mark 12: 30

Prayer Point 8

We praise Your name for Your blessings over our family. Lord, help us to live as one. May we speak the same language and share a common vision to fulfill the plans You have for this family. Genesis 11: 6; Psalm 133

Prayer Point 9

Thank You for the plans and purpose You have for our family and us individually. We pray that You would reveal these plans and purpose to each one of us and help us to walk in them. Lord, teach us and guide us in all that we do. Jeremiah 29: 11

Prayer Point 10

Lord, thank You for Your everlasting love that You have shown this family. May our lives give You glory and honor. Psalm 51: 10

Prayer Point 11

I decree and declare that the fire of the living God will consume every chain of poverty, addiction, oppression, and limitation in the life of my family. Amen. 1 Kings 18: 38

Prayer Point 12

I pray that the fire of God will consume every agent that held down my finances and the finance of my family in the name of Jesus’ name. 2 Kings 2: 23-24

Prayer Point 13

No weapon formed against my family will prosper. No plot or scheme from the enemy will divide us or cause disagreement in our house. Help us to stand in unity choosing one another over ourselves and loving You above all else. Isaiah 54: 17

Prayer Point 14

Heavenly Father, my family is released from everything that is holding back our blessings this month and beyond in Jesus’ name. Mathew 28: 2

Prayer Point 15

Let the mighty arm of God, which broke the chains of Paul and Silas in prison break every chain connecting my family to our past and restricting us from the future God has planned for us in the name of Jesus’ name. Acts 16: 25-34

Prayer Point 16

Father God, as You delivered Daniel and the three Hebrew children from the hands of oppressors, deliver my family from the bondage of poverty, penury, and failure in Jesus’ name. Daniel 6: 1-28

Prayer Point 17

Our heavenly Father as the sea opened up its mouth and swallowed the enemies of Your people who held them in captivity for years, let the sea swallow every ancestral spirit that has held my family bond, in the name of Jesus. Exodus 14: 23-28

Prayer Point 18

I command the hosts of heaven to begin to set free every member of my family that has been tied to a tree of failure in the name of Jesus. Psalm 91: 11

Prayer Point 19

Father in the name of Jesus, we ask that Your presence goes with every member of this family wherever we find ourselves; whether at home, work, church, etc. in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Exodus 33: 15

Prayer Point 20

Father, Your Word says where there is no vision, the people perish; but he that keepeth the law, happy is he. We stand upon Your Word and pray for the release of vision into our home, help us see this vision. May each member of my family also have a vision released unto their life? Proverbs 29: 18

Prayer Point 21

In the name of Jesus, I pray for good health for our family. As Your word says, may each individual and his family enjoy good and quality health. Exodus 23: 25; 3 John 2

Prayer Point 22

Our Lord, and our God, let us believe in Your promises. May all things work together for our good in Jesus’ name. Romans 8: 29-30; Psalm 32: 8

Prayer Point 23

O, Lord, Your Word says that Your sheep hear a voice, and You know them, and they follow You. Help our family to be able to identify Your voice when You speak to us so that we can follow Your instructions in Jesus’ name. John 10: 27

Prayer Point 24

O God, give us wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to bring our precious children You have given us up in a way that will be pleasing unto You in Jesus’ name. Proverbs 22: 6

Prayer Point 25

Father, we pray that our children will grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and in wisdom and stature, and favor with You and man in Jesus’ name 2 Peter 3: 18; Luke 2: 52

Prayer Point 26

Pray for your children’s health and safety; also pray for their strength to persevere and trust God through trials and disappointments in Jesus’ name. James 1: 1-5

Prayer Point 27

Father, we pray for our children; we come against any hindrance, anything that would stand in their way of coming to You in Jesus’ name. Mathew 19: 14

Prayer Point 28

We pray for spiritual health; revive our prayer lives; revive our faith and all areas that have slumbered in us in Jesus’ name. Exodus 32: 25

Prayer Point 29

Lord, give us the grace to love others in Jesus’ name. Psalm 133: 1-5

Prayer Point 30

Father, we break all evil affiliations from previous generations, we speak altars erected to other gods in past generations from both maternal and paternal sides in the name of Jesus’ name. Joshua 24: 15.