Banditry is an act of robbing others in a lawless area. Kidnapping is the crime of taking someone against his or her possessions, especially into a ransom demanding money to be paid. The process of depriving someone’s life or taking someone else’s life is called killing.

Social vices are crimes including prostitution, sexual immorality, cultism, cocaine dealing, human trafficking, assassination, etc. All these are crimes that affect communities, societies, and countries. The first and ultimate solution is to go on our knees and pray to God.

It is written that if those I am called my name with can surrender themselves and cry, I will visit them and heal their land. The prayer of the righteous is active and powerful.

 Prayer Point 1

Lord, I thank you for the establishment of this nation and for Your mercy that has kept this country far. Lamentation 3: 22

Prayer Point 2

Your hand is not short to save us, nor Your ear is heavy to bear us but our sins have separated us from You. We, therefore, plead for mercy and forgiveness of our sins, we repent as a people, state, and nation for all our iniquities in Jesus’ mighty name. Loving Father, have mercy on Your church and show us again Your revival in righteousness. Isaiah 59: 1-2; Ezekiel 37: 10

Prayer Point 3

Thank You, Father, because the set time has come to have compassion upon our country and community in this difficult time. Psalm 102: 13

Prayer Point 4

Sovereign Lord, I commit the affairs of our country into Your hands; take it over in Jesus’ name. Daniel 4: 17

Prayer Point 5

We pray for leaders in this nation and community to love and do justice in their discharge of duty and show fairness and equity in all their actions in Jesus’ name. Micah 6: 8

Prayer Point 6

Mighty and everlasting Father, I thank You for the preservation of lives. Thank you for counting me worthy to be among those that are interceding to end the power of insurgency, violence, banditry, kidnapping, and Boko Haram in our country and community. I Thessalonians 5: 8

Prayer Point 7

Father, by the power of Your Word, bring to an end every activity and plan of banditry, kidnapping, and antisocial vices in this nation and community in Jesus’ name. Ephesians 6: 12-13

Prayer Point 8

O Lord my God, I decree and I declare that my family and I will never fall into the trap of kidnappers or be a victim of insurgency and banditry in Jesus’ name. Psalm 141: 10

Prayer Point 9

O Lord, lift a standard against the enemies of our land, in the name of Jesus. Father Lord, for the sake of the church in this nation, let Your judgment fall speedily upon kidnappers, bandits, and Boko Haram in Jesus’ name. Isaiah 59: 19; Isaiah 69: 1; Psalm 7: 9

Prayer Point 10

O God, arise and deliver our nation from the hands of the destroyers of lives and properties in this country in the mighty name of Jesus. Psalm 107: 20

Prayer Point 11

Thou great and mighty God, make the habitations and the hiding places of kidnappers, ritual killers, terrorists, and their sponsors in our nation, reject them and let them become desolate according to Your Word in Ezekiel 35: 1-6

Prayer Point 12

O Lord, cause sudden events in the camp of bandits and kidnappers, arise and fight for the release of Your children who are in the cage of kidnappers as You promise in Isaiah 49: 24-26 and Acts 16: 26.

Prayer Point 13

Father, frustrate the network of bandits in this country and force them out of their hiding places and bring an end to the rampant cases of kidnapping for ransom in Jesus’ name. Job 5: 12-15.

Prayer Point 14

God of all ages, deliver our nation from every group that opposes our peace, unity, and progress. Psalm 3: 8, 7:1; 18: 2, 17

Prayer Point 15

Father, we pray that You will teach and direct our leaders and people in a position of power and authority the right things to do. We pray that they will rule with the fear of the Lord and wisdom of God in Jesus’ name. 2 Samuel 15: 31

Prayer Point 16

O Lord, let Your light come upon the hideout of kidnappers and bandits in this nation and cause those in captivity to be set free in Jesus’ name. Acts 12: 7

Prayer Point 17

O Lord, my God, render to nothing every evil conspiracy against this nation as You did in the case of Ahitophel. 2 Samuel 15: 31

Prayer point 18

Lord Jesus, reign in our nation and take control over all forms of antisocial vices (robbery, vandalism, etc.). Reveal Your power in government and the society at large in Jesus’ name. Zechariah 14: 9

Prayer Point 19

Arise, O Lord, and frustrate the evil agenda of all blood-sucking demons in this country by Your power in Jesus’ name. Psalm 33: 10; Isaiah 44: 25

Prayer Point 20

May the Lord confuse the language of sponsors of kidnapping and banditry and those carrying out the wicked acts so as not to understand each other. We decree that the gathering of kidnappers and their sponsors should scatter for the sake of Your church in Jesus’ name. Genesis 11: 7; Isaiah 54: 15

Prayer Point 21

Lord, deliver everyone in the dens of kidnappers and bandits miraculously in Jesus’ name. Isaiah 49: 24-26

Prayer Point 22

Pray that the Lord should judge every Sanballat and Tobiah who delights in the fall of this nation in Jesus’ name. Nehemiah 2: 10

Prayer Point 23

O Lord put an end to sexual immorality, abortion, human trafficking, homosexuality, and other social vices in our nation in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 24

Everlasting Father, arise from Your throne and render all the weapons of kidnappers, robbers, and ritualists who are killing innocent citizens in our country impotent in the mighty name of Jesus. Isaiah 54: 16-17

Prayer Point 25

Father Lord, expose everyone involved in sponsoring kidnapping, mass killing, bombing, banditry, and bad governance. Let them be ashamed and confounded in Jesus’ name. Psalm 40: 17; 71: 13

Prayer Point 26

O Lord our God, arise and expose informants; rebuke and scatter the activity of spear men who delight in war and let every evil river through which death flows into our nation, dry up in the mighty name of Jesus. 2 Kings 2: 21

Prayer Point 27

Father, let Your consuming fire rain brimstones upon every unrepentant kidnapper and bandit in this country in Jesus’ name. Deuteronomy 9: 3

Prayer Point 28

We pray, Lord, that You will release the youths and children of this nation from the spirit of social vices, rebellion, witchcraft, violence, pornography, etc. in Jesus’ name. Isaiah 49: 24-26

Prayer Point 29

Holy Spirit, the great teacher, teach our children Your ways and help them to depart from all kinds of antisocial vices in Jesus’ name. Isaiah 54: 13

Prayer Point 30

My country! My country! My communities, hear the word of the Lord, we decree that you receive uninterrupted peace of God within your walls, and prosperity within thy borders in the name of Jesus. Jeremiah 29: 7; John 14: 27