Prayers against disappointment are a breakthrough in which all powers of promise and failure will be terminated. It is the prayer that must be prayed fervently to be free from the power of disappointment. The disappointment from jobs, examinations, businesses, fruits of the womb, careers, etc. Thirty-one (31) prayer points have been prayed to terminate the powers of disappointments in every facet of our lives.

Prayer Point 1

God’s goodness and mercies shall accompany me in the remaining days of this month in the name of Jesus (Psalm 23: 6)

Prayer Point 2

The rod of the wicked shall not rest upon my lot this month and beyond in the name of Jesus. Every plan of the wicked concerning my progress will fail in the name of Jesus. (Psalm 125: 3)

Prayer Point 3

Oh God, I receive grace to continue to please God in all my ways this month and beyond in Jesus’ name. I cancel all the powers hindered by the grace of God in my life in Jesus’ name. (Isaiah 62: 2b)

Prayer Point 4

Father,  my labor shall not be in vain this month and beyond; and I shall reap the reward of my labor in the name of Jesus (Isaiah 62: 23)

Prayer Point 5

Lord, the remaining days in the month and beyond shall not swallow me and my household up in the mighty name of Jesus (Psalm 118: 17)

Prayer Point 6

Oh Lord, songs of joy and victory will be heard in my home continuously this week, month, and the rest of this year in the name of Jesus (Psalm 118: 15)

Prayer Point 7

Gracious God, I run into the name of the Lord for safety this week and month. None of my family will die in the name of Jesus (Proverbs 18: 10)

Prayer Point 8

Lord Jesus, I receive the wisdom and the tongue my enemies cannot resist this month in the name of Jesus. If any enemy tries to scatter my joy, the thunder will strike him or her in the name of Jesus. (Acts 6: 10)

Prayer Point 9

The Lord shall give me every place I set my feet on this month and beyond in the mighty name of God. Every trap of the enemies to catch me and my household shall be removed in the name of Jesus (Joshua 2: 25)

Prayer Point 10

This month, the Lord shall restore to me the years and months that locust and cankerworm have eaten up my progress, promotion, and success in the name of Jesus (Joel 2: 25).

Prayer Point 11

Lord Jesus, the wind of this last month in this year shall not blow against my peace. As decreed by God, people will serve me, nations will bow down for me, Lord over all things, and God will place a curse on those who curse me and my household this week and month in Jesus’ name (Mathew 14: 24b).

Prayer Point 12

Father, God’s presence shall go before me next week, month, and year and give me rest in the name of Jesus (Exodus 33: 14).

Prayer Point 13

The Lord will cause me to ride upon the high places of the earth this month in the name of Jesus. I receive grace to do an exploit in the name of Jesus.  (Isaiah 58: 14).

Prayer Point 14

The Lord will rise to the decayed areas of my life before this month and beyond. Whatever represents Goliath in my life shall fall for my sake in Jesus’ name (Isaiah 44: 26b; 1 Samuel 17: 49-50).

Prayer Point 15

God shall make my life more honorable than that of my fellows and my glory will shine before my enemies working against my glory and life in the mighty name of God (1 Chronicles 4: 9).

Prayer Point 16

The Lord shall fight for me this month and I shall hold my peace. According to His word, the covenant of peace shall not be removed from my life and family in the name of Jesus (Exodus 14: 14a; Isaiah 54: 10).

Prayer Point 17

This month, the Lord Jesus will help me and I shall not be disgraced. I receive victory from evil powers that want to see my disgrace and shame in the name of Jesus (Isaiah 50: 7).

Prayer Point 18

This month, I shall eat up the plenty and be satisfied. I will not experience shame in whatever form in the name of Jesus (Joel 2: 26a; Isaiah 61: 7).

Prayer Point 19

No weapon formed against my life shall prosper; every tongue that arises against me shall be condemned this month in Jesus’ name (Isaiah 54: 17).

Prayer Point 20

Father, I shall trample upon serpents and scorpions this month and beyond. My security and protection are sure in Jesus Christ in the mighty name of Jesus (Psalm 91: 13b).

Prayer Point 21

The Lord will take away sickness from my family and I shall be called by a new name (Exodus 23: 25b; Isaiah 62: 2b).

Prayer Point 22

Lines shall fall unto me in pleasant places this month and beyond in Jesus’ name. I decree that I will not experience disappointment and failure this month in Jesus’ name (Psalm 16: 6; Deuteronomy 28: 13).

Prayer Point 23

O Lord, every standing curse in my life is canceled by the reason of the blood. I will not miss the visitation of God in the name of Jesus (Revelation 12: 11; Ruth 1: 6: 2).

Prayer Point 24

In the mighty name of Jesus, my glory will not turn to Ichabod. Every step I will take next month and year shall lead to glory and fulfillment in Jesus’ name (1 Samuel 4: 21; Exodus 23: 23).

Prayer Point 25

This month, God will open the floodgate of blessings over my life, the countenance of God will be upon my life throughout the remaining part of the year in the mighty name of God (Deuteronomy 28: 12; Deuteronomy 11: 12).

Prayer Point 26

By the power in the name of Jesus Christ, the power of darkness will not overpower me; every satanic program designed to cover my glory, scatter in Jesus’ name (John 1: 5; Colossians 2: 14, 15).

Prayer Point 27

Father, I decree, whatever represents siege in my life will give way in the name of Jesus. All disappointments and promise-and-fall powers shall go into exiles in the mighty name of Jesus. (Psalm 126: 7).

Prayer Point 28

By the authority in the name of Jesus, every tower of Babel built against the will of God for my life is hereby crushed in Jesus’ name (Genesis 11: 8).

Prayer Point 29

Lord Jesus, I pray in the name that is above all names, Jesus that any opportunity, the enemy is looking for to harm me this month will not come in the name of Jesus (Luke 21: 3-5).

Prayer Point 30

By the authority in the name of Jesus Christ, I will not be a sacrificial lamb this week, this month, and year in the name of Jesus (1 Kings 21: 13; 14).

Prayer Point 31

O Gracious God, I received visions, revelations, and provisions for the journeys of this month and year in Jesus’ name.


Thank God for answering your prayers. Have faith in the Lord for being there for you. Sing the song of victory and joy to the Lord. Wave your hands to the Highest and will be well!