You may want to ask yourself when was the last time you saw God or heard Him speak to you in your place of worship. Every house called after the name of God and built for His worship should be solely used for that purpose. By the time Jesus came into the temple, the situation had changed; the only key that opens the room of solution and breaks through to all your challenges in prayer.

It means that God wants to use to make our life a house of prayer. There are thirty-two scriptural prayers for career success and business flourishing. It is strongly believed that testimony shall come your way if you can pray to them.

Prayer Point 1

Thank God for your career and the business He has established you in. Psalm 100:4.

Prayer Point 2

I pray that God will grant me the key to my breakthrough and for obstacles to part ways for me in Jesus’ name. 2 King 2:14.

Prayer Point 3

Father in heaven, grant me the grace to always be in the right standing with Him, with me all of my superiors and colleagues who will always help me succeed and excel in the pursuit of my career and business. Cause all the works of Your creation to work for good for me in Jesus’ name. Daniel 2: 1-19

Prayer Point 4

Father, take my career out of dry land, and make it fruitful and blossom. Genesis 26: 22

Prayer Point 5

O gracious God,  grant me the grace to always do that which is right and good in Thy sight as I perform my duties from day to day so that it may be well with my career and business endeavors. Deuteronomy 6: 18.

Prayer Point 6

God of miracles, open the floodgate of blessings over my career and business pursuit. Malachi 2: 10

Prayer Point 7

According to Your Word, I rebuke devourers and cankerworms eating up careers and businesses in Jesus’ name. Joel 2: 25

Prayer Point 8

Lord, endow me with the required mental skill to turn every opportunity that comes my way into blessings. Isaiah 11: 1, 2

Prayer Point 9

Father, take away struggle and loss from my career and business; I decree I will lend to nations. Deuteronomy 28: 12

Prayer Point 10

Lord, send helpers, providers, and lifters that will take my career and business to the next level. 1 Samuel 9: 1-5

Prayer Point 11

Holy Spirit, expose the agents of destruction among my employees that are planning the downfall of my business and career. 2 Corinthians 10: 2-5

Prayer Point 12

Father, baptize my employees with the spirit of commitment, loyalty, and faithfulness that will increase the productivity of my business and career. Genesis 39: 2-5

Prayer Point 13

I speak with authority and I pray for a miraculous recovery of all debts owed my business in the name of Jesus’ name. 1 Samuel 30: 8

Prayer Point 14

I pray that my premises will not bewitch the growth and expansion of my business and career. Joshua 1: 3

Prayer Point 15

Lord, I cry unto You that the economic policy of the nation will favor the growth and expansion of my career and business. Romans 8: 28

Prayer Point 16

O Lord, in Your power, I resist being ‘teleguided’ or manipulated by fraudsters that want to cart away blessings in business and career in the name of Jesus. 1 Peter 5: 9

Prayer Point 17

Lord, I reject the spirit of impossibility in my business and career, and I claim open doors in Jesus’ name. Revelation 2: 8

Prayer Point 18

Father, in line with Your Word, I decree that every ancient gate and door over my business and career be lifted. Psalm 24: 7-10

Prayer Point 19

Lord, I command every strange hand upon my business and career to wither in Jesus’ name. 1 King 13: 4

Prayer Point 20

Lord, I receive a clear direction and guidance that will lead to a breakthrough for my business and career. Psalm 32: 8

Prayer Point 21

Lord, I roll away the ‘reproach of Egypt’ from my business and career. Joshua 5: 9

Prayer Point 22

I declare that the favor of God will be on my career and any business transaction I make in the name of Jesus. Psalm 5: 12

Prayer Point 23

I pronounce with authority in Christ’s name that my career and business will soar above my adversaries in total victory in Jesus’ name. 2 Corinthians 2: 14

Prayer Point 24

I declare in line with the Word of God that my business and career will flourish, blossom, and prosper beyond the expectations of man in Jesus’ name. Jeremiah 29: 11

Prayer Point 25

Merciful God, as I perform my duties in my career and business, help me to always purpose in my heart never to defile myself with corrupt practices, embezzlement, evil conspiracies, etc. with clients but to be content with the commensurate and appropriate rewards for my services, efforts, and endeavors as You continually bless the work of my hands. Daniel 1: 8-20; Psalm 92: 12

Prayer Point 26

I pray that God shines His countenance upon me in my career and business so like the mustard seed, I will enjoy God’s speed that will help me grow and blossom tremendously in my job to the glory of God which will result in my becoming the pride of my career group, my organization, my family, my country and indeed, the world. Mathew 13: 32

Prayer Point 27

Merciful God, I pray that in my career and business, You will grant me the grace to understand and successfully use the power of building valuable relationships, the power of keeping and nourishing such relationships to bear good fruits. Genesis 41: 9-14

Prayer Point 28

I look up to You Lord, pour Your Spirit of grace upon me to enable me to execute every one of my assignments to its glorious fulfillment in the name of Jesus’ name. Zechariah 12: 10

Prayer Point 29

God Almighty, you are my Creator and my being is Your will. You purposed it that I shall be in this career and business for the benefit of humanity and Your glorification. Strengthen me and empower me to do exploits in my productive contributions, in the promotion of my business and my career in Jesus’ name. Daniel 11: 32

Prayer Point 30

Lord, as I move on in this journey of my career and business, enhance righteousness in me such that all will witness the perfection and inner beauty of the character of divinity in me. I pray that Your nature of righteousness, excellence, and perfection will be manifested in everything I do in the name of Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 5: 21

Prayer Point 31

Internal Rock of Ages, glorify my career and business this year, and let people glorify Your Holy name through my career and business. Isaiah 40: 5

Prayer Point 32

I thank God for answering all my prayer points and I prophesy that I will be receiving the answers and responses concerning the prayers from now on in Jesus’ name..