Satan has made the destiny of many stay at one spot in which the people concerned have been frustrated. No matter the challenges or issues of life, the only person that can handle the situation is God. Your responsibility is to pray and present the case to Him. He will answer you. The breakthrough prayers have been here as led by the Holy Spirit. Pray them fervently and you will give glory to God.

Prayer Point 1

Lord, I thank you for being taken care of me up till now. I know that you don’t allow satanic power to laugh over my life. Oh Mighty God, break every limiting power to my breakthrough in life in Jesus’ name.  (Isaiah 54: 2-3)

Prayer Point 2

Oh Lord, arise and let every power wanting to keep me stagnated be destroyed in Jesus’ name (2 Corinthians 10: 3-5). The lineage of the embargo in my family that is still manifesting in my life, you are sent to perish in the desert today in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 3

Gracious Lord, I command every power and authority sent to manipulate my destiny to be put to shame in Jesus’ name. Lord, let Your glorious light shine upon my life and dispel the darkness of ignorance that has kept me stagnated in life. (Colossians 1: 9-10).

Prayer Point 4

O Lord, I resist every enemy of progress around my life and I command them to flee from me in Jesus’ name (1 Corinthians 16: 9). The power that blocks my success; hear the word of God, you are cursed in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 5

Lord, expose every secret trap and satanic deception used by the enemy to retard my progress in Jesus’ name (2 Corinthians 11: 4). Every progress embargo assigned to draw me back from progress or deprive me of good things in life; hear the word of God, you under a curse from now on in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 6

Oh Lord, help me to appreciate all Your provisions to attain spiritual maturity and help me to renounce every childish lifestyle robbing me access to my spiritual inheritance in Christ Jesus (Galatians 4: 1-2)

Prayer Point 7

Lord, let Your spirit come fresh upon me and give life to my mortal body that I may soar high like the eagles (Romans 8: 11). Take me out of the poor background and place me in my Promised Land.

Prayer Point 8

I renounce every ungodly association, friendship, and partnership that has hindered my growth hitherto and I receive grace to walk faithfully and intimately with Jesus Christ my Lord. I annul every evil counsel against my life; let them come to nothing in Jesus’ name (Psalm 33: 10).

Prayer Point 9

I renounce every sinful habit and ungodly lifestyle that has subjected my life to stagnancy and retrogression in Jesus’ name. I reverse every negative prophecy, foretelling, vision and dream against my life in Jesus’ name (Isaiah 7: 7).

Prayer Point 10

Oh Lord, my Father, I affirm my victory over those who hate me for Your sake and nullify all evil wishes against my life (Psalm 69: 14).

Prayer Point 11

Father, let them be ashamed that is after my stagnancy/retrogression (Psalm 70: 2). All the people that after my fall shall fall and those that are after my stumble shall stumble in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 12

Make haste, Oh Lord my God to pull me out of stagnancy (Psalm 70: 5). Arise, Oh Lord my God, establish me at the center of Your will, fight and give me peace all around (Exodus 14: 14).

Prayer Point 13

Oh Lord my God, I come against all the concluded works of the enemy against Your purpose for my life, let them be consumed by fire in Jesus’ name (Hebrew 12: 29).

Prayer Point 14

Father, in the name of Jesus, I forbid every reign of the wicked over my life and frustrate all their enterprises in Jesus’ name (Psalm 125: 3).

Prayer Point 15

Oh Lord my God, perfect all Your plans and purposes for my life and let them be put to shame those awaiting my failure in life in Jesus’ name (Psalm 138: 8).

Prayer Point 16

Arise, Oh Lord and weather all the monitoring powers pursuing me everywhere and put them to shame forever in Jesus’ name (Exodus 14: 28).

Prayer Point 17

Precious Lord of my life, guide me with Your righteous hand and lead me into the Land You have prepared for me (Psalm 147: 10).

Prayer Point 18

Lord Jesus, establish me in the garden of Your delight and let me stay close to Your side (Genesis 2: 8)

Prayer Point 19

Father in the name of Jesus, I command every mountain along my way to become a level ground, the crooked ways are made straight and valleys be filled up (Isaiah 45: 2).

Prayer Point 20

Father in the name of Jesus, let all the walls of the mountain of limitations around me collapse and be broken (Isaiah 45: 20.

Prayer Point 21

Oh Lord, rescue me and sustain me in the land You have prepared for me (Isaiah 65: 21-23). Please show me the new way that will change the story of my life to succeed.

Prayer Point 22

Father, pray that the Lord will fight every necessary battle for your restoration to fortune and greatness (Psalm 80: 19; 126: 4). Pray fervently that your battle is over in the name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 23

O Lord, every power that blocks my fulfillment and restoration must dry in the name of Jesus (Lamentation 5: 21). The thunder from above shall strike all my enemies trying to block my success in the mighty name of Jesus.

Prayer Point 24

Lord Jesus, let Your determining counsel and plans for my life be fulfilled regardless of what the enemy is doing against me (Jeremiah 29: 11).

Prayer Point 25

Lord, let Your hand of grace be visible on my children and make them restorers of life and sustainers of my old age (Ruth 4: 15).

Prayer Point 26

I pray against every power and work of embargo to stop in my life from now on in Jesus’ name (Psalm 150: 6).

Prayer Point 27

I command you to scatter every satanic and devilish limiting power working against my progress and success in the name of Jesus’ name. Every plan of satan to place an embargo on my work and business must backfire right now in Jesus’ name (Isaiah 8: 10).

Prayer Point 28

I renounce by the power of God every limiting power and force of no way, no marriage, no children, no happy home, no job, no welfare, no health in Jesus’ name. (Isaiah 10: 27).

Prayer Point 29

O God, turn my captivity and imprisonment into comfort and awaken my destiny which Satan had put into the cage. (Nehemiah 4: 7-9). I pray against the wicked power of my father’s and mother’s houses, and neighbor’s house.

Prayer Point 30

By fire and the anointing of God, all adversaries’ weapons used to detain me at a spot, be broken in the name of Jesus (Psalm 124: 7). Preserve our soul from the lion of this world that want to swallow me.

Prayer Point 31

O Lord, from now on, my is escaped from the agony, embargo, limiting power, snare, enchantment, divination, etc. Ancient of Days, lift Your hand of mercy to deliver me from the bondage of no way (Psalm 124: 7).

Prayer Point 32

My household and I will be free indeed from the power of embargo and limiting spirit. We are accessible from any form of detention in the name of Jesus (2 Corinthians 3: 17).


Thank God for answering your prayers. Sing to the Lord; wave your hands in appreciation of His glory and His majesty.