Children are the heritage of God. That is why we take their affairs and welfare very seriously. They need care both spiritually and physically. They have to be guided too in the right way as the Bible recorded that we should train our children the way they should follow. When they grew up, they would not depart from it. For the growth of the children and their ministry, thirty-two (32) prayer points have been worked on below. Pray them fervently and you will receive answers surely.

Prayer Point 1

Father, thank You for the privilege of being parents, helps us not to disappoint You in our responsibilities as parents. Help us to be Godly models for our children in Jesus’ name (Exodus 2: 9-10).

Prayer Point 2

Lord, reveal to us how we can model and demonstrate Your love to our children so that they can feel loved and accepted in Jesus’ name (1 John 4: 16).

Prayer Point 3

God, we pray that Your divine program for our children before they were born, be brought to pass in Jesus’ name. Help them to discover their purpose early in life and pursue it in Jesus’ name (Jeremiah 1: 5).

Prayer Point 4

Lord, let our children receive the glorious light of the Gospel in Jesus’ name and let them be fruitful in all their endeavors and increase in the knowledge of God in Jesus’ name (Colossians 1: 9-10).

Prayer Point 5

O Lord, use our children to establish Your righteousness on earth, help them to be for signs and wonders in Jesus’ name (Jeremiah 1: 10).

Prayer Point 6

O God, make our children mighty on earth; let them grow in wisdom, knowledge, stature, and favor with You and with men in Jesus’ name (Luke 2: 52; Psalm 112: 2).

Prayer Point 7

Father, open the eyes of our children to know and follow Your will and help them evade worldly deception in Jesus’ name (Proverbs 1: 10).

Prayer Point 8

God, show all our children how to honor their parents so that Your blessings will follow them whatever they go in Jesus’ name (Deuteronomy 5: 6).

Prayer Point 9

God, we decree sound health and wholeness into the spirit, soul, and body of our children in Jesus’ name. We pray that they will enjoy longevity (3 John 2).

Prayer Point 10

Lord, let Your word be a light unto the path of our children; more than anything else; let their hearts truly desire to walk in Your light in Jesus’ name (Psalm 119: 11).

Prayer Point 11

Lord, we lift our children to You and ask that You would put a hedge of fire and protection around them. Protect their spirit, soul, body, and mind from any kind of evil and let no weapon formed against them prosper in Jesus’ name (Psalm 91: 1-2; Isaiah 54: 17).

Prayer Point 12

My Father, let our children be raised like Daniel in their generation. Let them be children who are truly after Your heart and will walk blamelessly before You all the days of their lives in Jesus’ name (Daniel 1: 4).

Prayer Point 13

Through God’s grace, our children will be protected from kidnappers, rapists, and terrorism. The evil patterns will not be replicated in their lives in Jesus’ name (Genesis 20: 8-11; 26: 8-11).

Prayer Point 14

Gracious Father, we for the close, happy, loving, friendly, and fulfilling relationship between our children. We pray against every sibling, rivalry, and jealousy; their relationships with one another will not be strained or severed. All our children will live in unity with one another in Jesus’ name (Psalm 133: 1; Romans 15: 5-6).

Prayer Point 15

Lord, help our children to be diligent in their work so that they can sit amongst kings and not mean men. Give our children sound minds, teachable spirits, and the ability to learn. We pray You will instill in them the desire to attain knowledge and skill, and also enjoy the process in Jesus’ name (Proverbs 1: 5; 12: 21).

Prayer Point 16

Lord Jesus, we thank You for the gifts and talents You have deposited in our children; we pray that they will use the gifts for Your glory and the nation at large in Jesus’ name (Romans 11: 29).

Prayer Point 17

Father, we pray that You direct Godly friends and role models into the lives of our children, and give them the wisdom they need to choose Godly friends so they don’t compromise their walk with You (1 Corinthians 5: 11).

Prayer Point 18

Lord Jesus, I decree and declare that my children will not be blindfolded to the point of losing the noble values of life for ignoble in Jesus’ name (Genesis 39: 15, 18).

Prayer Point 19

My Father, my children will not bring me grief at the point of the choice of who to marry and will not be deceived in the place of marriage in Jesus’ name (Genesis 26: 35).

Prayer Point 20

Lord, as children are expected to give their parents, I decree that teachers in the school and the children will not become stumbling blocks to making our children accomplish God’s purposes for their lives in Jesus’ name (Isaiah 54: 13).

Prayer Point 21

O Lord my God, I declare my children’s body as the Temple of God, therefore, they will run away from any form of sexual temptation and run after-standing with God in Jesus’ name (1 Corinthians 6: 19; 15: 33).

Prayer Point 22

Lord, make my children vessels of honor sanctified and prepared for every good work in this generation. They will have the discipline of speech and not incur the wrath of God and God’s people in Jesus’ name (2 Samuel 6: 16).

Prayer Point 23

O Lord, make my children reference points, give them excellent spiral it, and let them be carriers of God’s presence and glory. Anoint them, O Lord, with oil of gladness above their colleagues in Jesus’ name (Hebrews 1: 9).

Prayer Point 24

Lord, deliver my children from domineering spirit of the devil. Help them to be firm in godliness, and be teachable to increase daily, spiritually, and in righteousness in Jesus’ name (1 King 19: 2).

Prayer Point 25

Father, guide my children against harmful instructions and grant them the courage to make the right decisions in the face of threat and tension in Jesus’ name. Lord, help my children to develop eternal purpose; set their minds on things above and help them engage in only actions that will bring glory to You and Your name in Jesus’ name (1 Corinthians 10: 23, 31; Colossians 3: 2).

Prayer Point 26

Father, my children are the apple of God’s eyes; they are too special to be cursed. I, therefore, deliver them from takers, spoilers, killers, eaters, and wasters in Jesus’ name (Numbers 22: 6; 23: 8; Psalm 23: 4).

Prayer Point 27

Father, make the heart of our children tender to receive Your counsel. Do not let the efforts of the Church be wasted and do not let our hopes over them be dashed in Jesus’ name (Jeremiah 4: 3).

Prayer Point 28

Lord, remove every spirit of distraction and misplaced priorities in our churches. Let the desire to support the children’s ministry permeate our churches in Jesus’ name (Psalm 106: 47).

Prayer Point 29

Heavenly Father, raise passionate children ministers/workers who will instill spiritual growth among children in Jesus’ name (Acts 6: 3-4).

Prayer Point 30

Lord Jesus, strengthen the children’s ministry of our churches through committed and dedicated workers in Jesus’ name (Acts 2: 43-47).

Prayer Point 31

God, you satanic voice speaking stagnation into our children’s ministry, receive the thunder of God in Jesus’ name (Isaiah 30: 30).

Prayer Point 32

O God, every ancient voice speaking against my children and their future, I silence you in Jesus’ name. I set my children free from the scourge of tongues in Jesus’ name (Job 5: 21).


Begin to thank God for answering our prayers. Sing to the Lord and wave your hands in appreciation of the positive responses you will receive from now on.