As we know that prayer is a spiritual exercise that every disciple of Christ must carry out at all times. When prayers are answered, everything will begin to work in success. As a church worker, you need prayers to succeed and to still be more useful in His Vineyard.

Prayer Point 1

Lord, thank You for the privilege of life You have given me to see a new month (Psalm 150: 6).

Prayer Point 2

Lord, thank You for the privilege to be chosen as a worker in Your vineyard (Mark 3: 13-15).

Prayer Point 3

Lord, that You for the grace to be enlisted and to start well with You in the work of the ministry in Jesus’ name (Mark 3: 13-15).

Prayer Point 4

Lord, help me to focus on Your objectives for the ministry as a church worker (Acts 20: 24). Lord, as a church worker, help me to sacrifice my all for Your kingdom in Jesus’ name (Acts 20: 24).

Prayer Point 5

Lord, let my involvement in kingdom business make Your work move forward in Jesus’ name (Exodus 11: 32).

Prayer Point 6

Lord Jesus grant me an excellent spirit as a church worker (Daniel 6: 3). O God of exploits, grant me grace for exploits in my work in the ministry in Jesus’ name (Daniel 11: 32).

Prayer Point 7

Lord Jesus, give me the consciousness not to run the race halfway, but to run with the end in mind and Jesus’ name (Acts 20: 24).

Prayer Point 8

Lord, I will not deviate from the task You have given me, help me to complete whatever I lay my hands on in Jesus’ name (Acts 20: 24).

Prayer Point 9

Lord, help me to work with You and not just for You (1 Samuel 14: 45). Make me a career and distributor of Your grace as never before in Jesus’ name (Acts 20: 24).

Prayer Point 10

Lord Jesus, keep me away from distractions; help me take responsibility for all You have entrusted into my hands as a church worker in Jesus’ name (Acts 20: 24).

Prayer Point 11

God, the Gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation for those that believe, shall remain effectual in my life and hands in Jesus’ name (Romans 1: 16).

Prayer Point 12

Lord, as I work with You, help me to know Christ and the power of His resurrection (Philippians 3: 10). Spirit of the living God, I have no power of any own, give me help for the assignment You have given me in Jesus’ name (John 14: 16).

Prayer Point 13

Lord, help me not to make the mistake of going ahead of You (Proverbs 3: ). Help me to daily follow in our steps in my walk with You (1 Peter 2: 21) and help me to match m work with faith in Jesus’ name (Romans 4: 12).

Prayer Point 14

Lord, concerning my work, there shall be no reproach to You in the name of Jesus (1 Samuel 2: 30).

Prayer Point 15

Lord, I receive grace to finish well as a church worker in Jesus’ name (Acts 20: 24). My work will end in joy in Jesus’ name (2 Timothy 54: 4: 7-8).

Prayer Point 16

Lord, take the glory for the involvement in the work of the ministry as a church worker in Jesus’ name (Jude 24: 25).

Prayer Point 17

Holy Father, ignite in me a burning zeal that will drive me to the finishing line of this kingdom race in the mighty name of Jesus (Acts 20: 24a).

Prayer Point 18

Given the surpassing glory that will be revealed in us, gracious Father, release upon me the grace to be patient and steadfast regardless of the missing points on my path throughout my pilgrim race in the precious name of Jesus Christ (Romans 8: 18; 1 Timothy 6: 6-8).

Prayer Point 19

O Lord, sharpen my vision so as not to lose focus of my calling and assigned kingdom tasks in Jesus’ name (Acts 20: 24b; Philippians 3: 18- 20).

Prayer Point 20

As I embark upon this pilgrim, I take authority in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and stand against all worldly distractions – the lust of the flesh, the pride of life, and every vain glory that can cause me to derail from the path of grace in Jesus’ name (1 John 2: 16).

Prayer Point 21

Lord, give the grace to walk with You circumspectly and to undertake Your sacred task with the integrity of heart in Jesus’ name (Psalm 78: 72).

Prayer Point 22

Dear Lord, give me a disciplined heart and forbid it Lord that I will preach to others but lose out at the end in Jesus’ name(1 Corinthians 9: 24-27).

Prayer Point 23

Give us the needed grace and sound mind Lord to flee from all the antics of the adulterous woman in the mighty name of Jesus Christ (Genesis 39: 11-12; 1 Corinthians 6: 18).

Prayer Point 24

Help me Lord never to dwell on my past good works but to strive on daily basis to live a life that will be pleasing to You in Jesus’ name (Philippians 3: 13).

Prayer Point 25

Holy Father, give me the grace to live and walk with eternity in view (1 Corinthians 15: 19). Help me Lord to hold fast to the truth unto the end in Jesus’ name (Mathew 24: 13; Philippians 4: 1).

Prayer Point 26

May my labor in God’s vineyard never be in vain on the day of reckoning in the mighty name of Jesus Christ (Mathew 7: 23; Philippians 2: 16).

Prayer Point 27

In the name of Jesus, I rebuke the spirit of lukewarmness and apathy in the course of my spiritual race in Jesus’ name (Hebrew: 11-12).

Prayer Point 28

Your word makes it clear that the “race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong…” I confess, O Lord that You are my hope and my stay in Jesus’ name (Ecclesiastes 9: 11; Psalm 71: 5).

Prayer Point 29

I submit myself to the constant filling of the oil of grace. Forbid it Lord that I will run dry prior to the arrival of the Bridegroom in the mighty name of Jesus (Mathew 25: 6-13).

Prayer Point 30

Dear Lord, help me to grow in grace as I face the challenges of the times we are in Jesus’ name (2 Peter 3: 18a; Habakkuk 3: 17-19).

Prayer Point 31

I acknowledge and confess my inadequate before You. Dear Lord. Please have mercy on me and cast me not away from Your presence in Jesus’ name (Psalm 51: 1-6).

Prayer Point 32

As I walk through trying times, ma our goodness and mercies follow me O Lord in Jesus’ name (Psalm 23: 6).

Prayer Point 33

Give me grace, O Lord, to hold on to faith and good conscience so that I will not make a shipwreck of the grace bestowed upon me in Jesus’ name (1 Timothy 1: 19).

Prayer point 34

O Lord, help me to be diligent in serving ou so as not to leave behind me any unfinished assigned task on the day of Your appearing in Jesus’ name (2Timothy 4: 5).

Prayer Point 35

Help me, O Lord, to strive towards living right and faithful service even as the day of Your appearing approaches in Jesus’ name (1 Thessalonians 5: 15).

Prayer Point 36

Give me victory over self, O Lord, and grant unto me the grace not to live the rest of my life for evil desires in Jesus’ name (1 Peter 1: 11; 1 Peter 4: 1-2).

Prayer Point 37

Help me, O Lord, to stand before You without stains on the day of Your appearing in Jesus’ name (Ephesians 5: 27; Jude 1: 24).

Prayer Point 38

Grant unto me, O Lord, the grace to be faithful in the discharge of my stewardship even in every small matters in Jesus’ name (Luke 19: 16-19).


Thank God for answering your prayers. Begin to wave your hands and sing to the Lord for the responses you will begin to receive from now on.