When we talk about peace, we talk about the state of tranquillity, quiet, and harmony, the absence, of violence. It is a state, for example, free from disturbance, unpleasant thoughts, and war. The following are four impactful meditations on Peace.

1. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

“Let not your heart be troubled, ye believe in God, believe also in me” (John 14:1). The Lord Jesus understood the fact that there were troubles all around the disciples as of the time He was addressing them. They were scared of the loneliness they would suffer if the Master be taken away) John 13:36).

The Master never warned them against the troubles they would see around them (it’s part of the cross they were to carry), but He warned them against the troubles of the heart. He knew if they faced trials of various kinds, yet their hearts were strong, they were bound to overcome. So He was particular about the issue of the heart.

The enemy’s target is not just to cause trouble around us, but to deposit a seed of trouble in our hearts. If he succeeds in that, he has taken over the battlefield, which is our hearts. That is why if there are things we are to guard against, they are those things that pollute and weaken the heart.

We must master the things that flow into our hearts. God does not do that for us! We must take heed to what we hear, exercise self-control by touching the films we watch, and be careful about the pieces of information we store in our hearts.

Above all else, guard your heart. It is the foundation of life (Proverbs 4:23’ NIV). If you want to live in perfect peace, you have to guard your heart diligently. A peaceful life is a peaceful heart!

Gabriel Niyi Adegbami

 2. Be Calm, He Is in Charge

On a blissful evening, after Jesus had a wonderful day preaching the good news of the Kingdom to the people, He said to His disciples, “Let us go over unto the other side.”No sooner had they embarked on the journey than there arose a boisterous storm of wind that threatened to drown them all.

Surprisingly, the Leader of the band and Captain of the ship – Jesus was fast asleep! “Master, carest not, Thou that we perish?” the disciples cried out of fear that the end was imminent. Then Jesus arose and rebuked the wind. “Peace, be still” He commanded, and the wind ceased and there was a great calm.

Sounds familiar? Yeah. It should be if you are conversant with the Scriptures. Yet there are great lessons for us here to learn, about three of them at least.

i. That one is in the will of God does not prevent the storm from arising: That you have chosen to obey the One who says “… Go over to the other side” is enough to stir the enemy’s hostility against you. He’d throw all he has at you, if possible, to drown you into the sea of discouragement and despair knowing the glory that awaits you “on the other side”. Expect the storm though you are at the center of God’s will.

ii. The presence of the storm is not sufficient evidence for the absence of God: If you are facing challenges in the ministry, academics, career, marriage, or spiritual life, don’t cry “Ichabod”. Experiencing all there does not mean that God has forsaken you! Never conclude that God no longer cares about you because you seem to be trapped in a storm.

iii. God does not guarantee anyone a problem-free flight but a safe landing: The journey may be tough and quite challenging but its end is bliss and rest. God is never moved by the accidents we run into on our way. He can afford to “sleep” through the ship seems to be on the verge of sinking. He’s still very much in charge. Call Him in confidence and trust. It is well!

Olumide Aluko

3. The Secret of Peace in the World

The people in the world became very wicked. In the Book of Genesis 6:1-8; 22, (NIV) God told Noah to build a big boat and put all the different animals and his relatives on it to keep them safe.

In the 14, the Bible says “By the twenty-seventh day of the second month the earth was completely dry.”

That is, after a long water riot, commotion, uproar, anger, war, turbulence, tumult, killings, perishability, dryness, and pain the creatures in the ark experienced, there was PEACE at last in Genesis 8: 14.

The Bible says that people perished and died during the time of Noah because of their wickedness.

Friends, people in the World, Africa, and Nigeria will continue to perish and die until we do away with the wickedness of Murder, Assassination, Cheating, Rituals, Killings, Human Trafficking, Cocaine dealings, Catfishing, Scamming, Nepotism, Favouritism, Partiality, Racism, Religious Bigotry, Sexual Immorality, Aristorism, Homosexuals, Lesbianism, Sex Business, Fraud, etc.

Peace will be restored and worldly turbulence, commotion, uproar, anger, war, tumult, pain, killings, assassination, etc. will stop if we come to our senses like the Prodigal son in the Book of Luke 15:11-31 and come back to God for forgiveness. He will take us back and restore peace in Nigeria, Africa, and the World at large.

4. Marah

After the children of Israel had journeyed three days in the wild of Shur without water, they finally got one – Marah. Alas! They could not drink of it despite the extent of their thirst for it was very bitter. (Exodus 15:22-25)

If they could not manage the water of Marah despite their three-day-long thirst, then it must have been unbearably bitter. No natural remedy was found to sweeten it. All that could be done was to name it after its problem – bitterness. The original purpose of this water as a means of refreshing was defeated as a result of its inherent nature.

Friends, is there bitterness of any sort in your character? What, in your life, makes you difficult to get along with? Are you proud, haughty, jealous, envious, high-minded, stubborn, cussed, stiff-necked, obstinate, unfriendly, selfish, self-willed, mindedly bitter, or unforgiving?

That is enough to disqualify you from fulfilling your destiny. Deal with it now or it deals with you later. Jehovah Rapha is still alive. He “healed” Marah; He shall heal you if you so will.