Meditations are treatises that move readers to learn more about life from the Scriptures and other experiences. The following three meditations will be blessings for you.

1. Envy

Jealous and selfish ambitions are some of the evils that destroy homes, societies, and nations. These two vices are produced by the “I” syndrome. Both are common characteristics of an unregenerate man or woman because the natural man is proud, selfish, and full of all kinds of evil.

Today’s Scripture shows that a truly wise person demonstrates his or her understanding of Christ by the way he or she lives; good works are done in humility and gentleness borne out of wisdom. Foolish persons demonstrate bitterness, envy, and selfish ambition. They are boastful and alien to the truth.

Note that the end product of envy and selfish ambition is disorder and wickedness of envy kind. While the end product of godly wisdom is purity, peace, gentleness, willingness to yield, mercy, good fruits, and a harvest of righteousness sown in peace for those who make peace.

Friends, are you being consumed by envy and selfish ambition? Are you self-centered; is your desire to live for yourself alone? Do you always think you must be first in everything? Can you stand seeing anyone else in the limelight? Listen more envy and selfishness do nothing but lead to destruction. God is there for everyone to take away the acts from your life if you are humble before Him.

2. Punishment and Salvation

There was a certain school that no teacher could handle. The boys of the class were so unmannered that they even beat their teachers. Despite all the risk a man opted to handle the class.

When he appeared for duty in the class for the first time, he tried to greet the class, “Good morning, but they yelled and shouted at him. Suppose we make some rules, you suggest the rule and the punishment for breaking them while I write on the chalkboard.

Ten rules finally were written on the chalkboard. The teacher then said, “A law is of no use unless there is a penalty attached what we shall do to those who break the rules?” The class suggested beating them on the back with the cane without his coat on.

A few days later, a boy in the class name “Big Tom” discovered that his dinner was stolen upon inquiry the thief was found. It was a hungry little boy of about 12 years.

“Jim came up here! The teacher called, but the boy came up reluctantly to the front of the class, with an oversized coat fastened up to his neck, he pleaded.” Teacher, you can flog me as mercilessly as you can but please don’t make me take my coat off

Angrily, the teacher shouted, Take the coat off! You were here when we made the rules! Oh, Sir, don’t take the coat off. Lo, the boy was not putting on any shirt under the coat; his tiny malnourished body was exposing symptoms of Kwashiorkor.

How can I whip this child, thought the teacher, yet the price must be paid if the law is broken, then the plenty must have its way (JUSTICE).

He replied my father is dead and my mother is very poor and I have only one coat and one shirt. They are both dirty and my mother washed them but not dried them. So, I had to wear my late father’s big coat to keep me warm.

Just then the boy whose food had been stolen by Big Tom jumped to his feet and said, “Teacher, if you don’t mind I will take Jim’s cane for him. Someone shouted NO, let Jim be flogged for his crime…and another but the teacher said, “Objection overruled! After all, there is a provision that one can become a substitute for another and you all agreed.

Friends, have you ever sat down that you have all broken God’s rules and deserved eternal punishment? Do you know Jesus took your stripes, died in your place, and offered the garment of salvation? What love is that? Will you not be at His feet and tell Him you will love Him forever? It is well!

3. Resurrection

“Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight.” *Luke 24:31.* This was the error of the two disciples. Read the Scriptures with understanding and conviction. He was with the two disciples, but they did not recognize Him.

Jesus made Himself known at dinner. He can make Himself known in anything and everything, in anyone and everyone. Never limit the unlimited God.  Therefore, pants for and desire always, the baptism and infilling of the Holy Spirit.

You can add more to the above lessons from your God-given revelation…  As Paul stressed, without the resurrection, faith in Jesus Christ is futility (1 Corinthians 15:14). Jesus’ resurrection is what sets Christianity apart from all other religions and it verifies that Jesus is the only way!

The *investigation* of the Empty Tomb teaches us believers about freedom from *Decay* (Luke 24:1; John 19:40), *Debt* (John 20:6-7), and *Death* (Luke 24:2-3).  The *question* at the Empty Tomb (Luke 24:4-5) teaches we believers that the resurrection of Christ isn’t understood by *Reason,* but by *Revelation.*

The *proclamation* at the Empty Tomb (Luke 24:6a) teaches us, believers, that Christ isn’t in the *Graveyard* (“He is not here…”)! But He’s in *Glory* (“…but He has risen…”) Hallelujah!

Women are significant in Jesus’ life and ministry. They were the first to be entrusted with the good news of Jesus’ resurrection. Therefore, women should not be sidelined in the life and ministry of the church. Don’t hoard the gospel. Advertise it. Be a witness for Jesus.

The resurrection of Jesus is a foretaste of the resurrection of believers at His second coming.  Death no more is the end of a believer’s journey in life, but a transition to eternal life.

The empty tomb is evidence of Jesus’ resurrection. Believe it! The fact that the first carriers of the good news of Jesus’ resurrection were women is evidence that Jesus’ resurrection is not a human creation. The fact that the Apostles and other disciples did not initially believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ is evidence that the accusation of their stealing the body of Jesus Christ is unsustainable.

We should know that nothing could prevent Jesus from resurrection proving him as indeed Lord and Saviour of the World. I strongly believe that God will give you more lessons from your God-given revelation.