Victory and elevation are good prayer points that everyone must be eager for. There is a kind of elevation which does not depend on fortune, but it is a certain air which distinguishes us and seems to destine us for great things. Prayer of victory and elevation are daily assignments for you. I want you to confirm that this is your divine victory and elevation. Your victory and elevation are in the secret places of daily devotion and prayer with your God and fixing your eyes on the cross (William Law) If you want to experience victory and elevation in all ways, pray these prayer points and it shall be well.

Supplications for victory and Elevation

Prayer Point 1: Psalm 136:1; O LORD, I give You thanks for another great year and for bringing me thus far in life and ministry.

Prayer Point 2: I thank you, Lord, for this year of Elevation that will make me and my household a wonderland. Psalm 51:1; LORD, let Your mercy and grace make the difference today/daily in this quarter in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 3: Psalm 16: 11; O LORD, I shall not wander; elevate my steps today/daily in Jesus’ name. I command every gang-up and evil set up against my elevation testimonies this quarter to scatter in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 4: Matthew 7:7; You demonic de-elevators, catch fire and burn today/daily in Jesus’ name. Revelation 3:8; Jehovah Elevation, open for my life, family and ministry an elevation door that cannot be shut this year in Jesus’ name

Prayer Point 5: O God, overtake those opposing my elevation this quarter and decorate them with shame in Jesus’ name.  Psalm 91:1; O Lord, elevate me spiritually, let me abide under Your shadow today/daily this year in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 6: Joshua 1:8; Lord, as I make Your Word my meditation this year, launch my destiny into uncommon enviable heights in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 7: Deuteronomy 28:13; My Father, my Father, elevate me martially this year, change my marital story for good in Jesus’ name. Read Vs 13; LORD, lift/elevate my business into an institution this year in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 8: LORD, elevate my marriage today/daily. I must enjoy my marriage this year in Jesus’ name. Read Job 22:29; LORD, there is a lifting up in my health today, sickness is catching fire now in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 9: LORD, there is a lifting up in my career, job, and finances today and beyond in Jesus’ name. Jehovah Elevator, make me Your symbol of divine elevation this quarter in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 10: LORD, let there be a lifting up in all my engagements today in Jesus’ name. Read Job 5:12; Abba Father, disappoint every satanic device targeted at my divine elevation good news today in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 11: O God, I shall not be a once-upon-a-time man/woman this year in Jesus’ name. I command whatever is programmed to bring me down from my elevated position shall be no more in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Point 12: Isaiah 60:1; LORD, I am rising and shining round about today/daily in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 13: John 14:13; Pray now and nullify any plan to derail my vision through marine witchcraft agents and court cases or evil bloggers. Pray in tongues concerning today as led now.

Prayer Point 14: Psalm 118:1-6; Sing unto the LORD now and thank Him for answered.

Wars against the Evil Power Hindering Your Elevation

Prayer Point 15: Read Psalm 71:7 and ask the Lord to make you and all that concerns you an elevation wonder today/this quarter.

Prayer Point 16: Read Isaiah 54:15-17 and declare war against enemies of your elevation party today/this quarter.

Prayer Point 17: Read Psalm 37:4; and Isaiah 58:14 and beseech the LORD to cause you to ride upon the high places of the earth today. Read Ephesians 2:6 and declare that you have been raised and nothing shall bring you down today.

Prayer Point 18: Read 1 Peter 2:9 and declare that you have a new name/identity in Christ today/daily this quarter. Read Genesis 2:2 and declare a rest-filled weekend for you/your household today.

Prayer Point 19: My Father, My Father, by fire and thunder, let the strength of my elevated attackers depart from them this evening in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 20: Lord, remember me and provoke my divine helpers to remember me, my household and my ministry for good tonight in Jesus’ name. O you demonic roadblock positioned tonight against my tomorrow, scatter now in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 21: Every demonic embargo set up against my elevation testimony this year, catch fire tonight in Jesus’ name. Micah 7:6; You household enemies assigned to monitor my elevation season this quarter/this year, run mad in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 22: Lord, wherever they are gathering against my laughter, progress and manifestation, Father, overturn and scatter them now in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 23: Thank the Lord now for answered prayers. Shout 7 victorious Halleluyah and go to bed like a King//Queen.

Prayer Point 24: Jeremiah 33:3; LORD, as I call upon You tonight, answer me speedily today by fire in the name of Jesus Christ. Daniel 2:23; O Lord, today reveal the secret agenda of my determined adversaries and let them be overtaken in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 25: Abba Father, make known unto me what I desire of Thee today via timely revelations in Jesus’ name. LORD, today uncover the secret of my battles and let there be a permanent solution in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 26: Psalm 141:10; Father, let my enemies fall into the net they prepared to attack me with tonight in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 27: Psalm 140:5; Father, uncover and expose every hidden snare targeted at me and my household by my enemies tonight in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 28: John 14:13; In the name of Jesus, every witchcraft enchantment and divination targeted at me or my family tonight, backfire now by fire in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 29: O marine invasion, enough is enough, be arrested by the Blood of Jesus tonight. Your powers of the grave on a deadly mission to snatch me, my children or any loved one this year, be arrested today by the blood of God.

Prayer Point 30: Matthew 4:11; Tonight, I invoke the ministry and intervention of the angels of war on my behalf in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 3: Nehemiah 13:31; tonight LORD, remember to lift, favour, honour and catapult me into my elevation land in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 32: LORD, as I step out into the dawning of a new day, I am stepping into a new horizon of wisdom, ideas, concepts and success in succession in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Point 33: Psalm 66:20; Blessed be Your name O LORD, for hearing and answering my prayers tonight in Jesus’ name. Your powers of disappointment released to intercept my favour and blessings today, dry up now in Jesus name

Prayer Point 34: O God, this is my year of divine elevation and my rising cannot be negotiated in Jesus Christ’s name.

Thanks for the Answered Prayers

Prayer Point 35: John 11:41; Father, I thank You because You are the God of the day and the night. Thank you, LORD, for the privilege to commune with You today.

Prayer Point 36: Psalm 66:1-2; Father, take some songs of praise and worship to Jehovah god now! Psalm 103:2; LORD, praise Him for His loads of benefits and blessings on you today.

Prayer Point 37: Praise Him for good health, healing and for the forgiveness of sins today.

Prayer Point 38: Psalm 44:4; Praise Him for His deliverance power today and for the mighty deliverances He will accomplish today.

Prayer Point 39: Psalm 66:3; Praise Him for His mighty works and for the victory He has given you over the battles of the night.

Prayer Point 40: O God, by the greatness of Your power, let my enemies submit and surrender tonight in Jesus’ name