Praises are like food and wine to God. There is no what you can present to God that will commensurate with praises. That is the secret of King David. He knows how to serve God His favorite dish and go scot-free, even when he has sinned against his commandments. My friends, do you know that if can serve God His food and wines, you will be His favorite child? God likes praises so much. If you read through Psalms, you will realize that a larger percentage of chapters are about praise and worship. We shall discuss 41 favorite Psalms about praises in this article.

Psalm 8: Praise God for His glory.

One of the ways to praise God is to emphasize His glory. God lives in His glory and does what He likes. He is worthy to be praised. The psalmist in verses 2 to 3 recognizes how God is excellent and glorious. Read through all the verses in Psalms 8 and 96.

Psalm 9: Praise God for His marvel.

This Psalm shows the marvelous works of God on earth and in heaven. He continues that He is worthy to be praised for his wonderful works. Psalmist said that He praised Him with all His hearts for the works and the deliverance from the yolk of Satan. Read all the verses of Psalms 9, 98, and 111.

Psalm 19: Praise God for His word stands

When God says a thing, it will come to pass because He is the creator of the universe. The Psalmist appreciates how God declares all things and they came to pass. Everything about the creation of heaven and earth is the Word. Read through the Psalm 19.

Psalm 21: Praise God for His past victories.

You should think of what God has done for you in the past and thank God for them. Thank God for his victories over you and your households. Thank God for your family members everything concerns you. He is the one that is worthy to be praised. The Psalmist emphasizes the past victories and praised God. Read through Psalm 21 and be inspired by praises.

Psalm 33: Praise God for His righteousness.

It is good to rejoice in the Lord. The psalmist calls for rejoice in the Lord because he knows he understands the righteousness of God in his life. God is upright and makes good things happen. God is righteous and just over our lives. Read through Psalm 33.

Psalm 34: Praise God for the deliverance.

It is good to bless the Lord at all times. The reason is that He delivers you from evils and satanic tact. The mighty God delivers you from any kind of fear and depression. The Psalmist magnifies God for His deliverance over his family. Read through Psalms 34, 126.

Psalm 48: Praise God for His greatness.

God is great and we should praise Him for his greatness. The Psalmist praised His greatness and said in the city and on the mountain and everywhere; he should praise Him because no one can be compared with Him. Read Psalm 48 and be expired.

Psalm 65: Praise God for answering your prayers.

The psalmist calls for praising God for answering prayers. He says God hears the prayers of all people and responds accordingly. You should appreciate God because you are one of those that God remembers and answers your prayers. Read through Psalm 65.

Psalm 75: Praise God for His wonders.

We give thanks unto the Lord because He is God so we should give thanks to Him. The Lord is God that answers the prayers. The Psalmist thanked His wondrous works and wonders. Do you believe that God has done His wonders in your life? You will have to praise Him. Read through Psalm 75.

Psalm 81: Praise God for His mercy.

God is merciful and compassionate. Praise Him for that. He has been showing mercy since you were born. We have to sing to appreciate God as the Psalmist does. Use that God blesses you to praise God and it shall be well with you. Read through the Psalms 81, 108, and 109.

Psalm 92: Praise God for loving-kindness.

The Psalmist says we should thank God because He is good and kind. It is our responsibility to do that. His name is worthy to be praised for the Lord is Most High. When we give thanks to God when easy and when uneasy, we give Him the honor that He is succulent for us. Read through Psalms 92, 132.

Psalm 97: Praise God for reigns forever.

The Lord reigns forever. The people must honor Him. He covers Himself with sky and clouds. No one can search Him. He has been God before the creation of heaven and earth. The Psalmist says that the world should always bow and worship because there is no one like Him. Read through Psalms 97, 113.

Psalm 99: Praise God for His holy name.

When we exalt the name of God, we respect Him. We give importance to His Holy name. The Psalmist emphasizes in verse 5 that we should exact His holy name and praise His greatness. He is holy and great. Read Psalms 99, 103 and be inspired.

Psalm 100: Praise God for He is God.

The Core reason why we should thank God is because He is God in our lives. It is not because of what he gives us or provides for us but because He has been God in our lives. Make joyful noises unto the Lord for being the God in your lives. Read through the Psalms 100, 146.

Psalm 101: Praise God for His perfection.

The Psalmist says we should sing praises to the Lord who made us perfectly. He also created everything around us perfectly. We are encouraged to behave and work perfectly. We should also have a perfect heart for one another because we are the perfect works of God. Read through Psalm 101.

Psalm 104: Praise God for His honor and majesty.

One of the things God expects us to do is to honor Him. It is because He is majesty. Our God deserves our praises. Everything about God is an honor. Read through Psalm 104.

Psalm 105: Praise God for covenant.

Our God is covenant-keeping. He keeps the covenant. Let us always call His name and make His mightiness known to people all over the world. The psalmist also encourages us to proclaim His name through the world because He is a covenant keeper. Read through Psalm 105.

Psalm 106: Praise God His goodness.

The Lord is good; all the time has become the common slogan of many Christians. But do we mean what we always say? If so, we shall see us demonstrating that the Lord is good. We should thank and praise God for he is good. He is good to us always and cares for us. Read through Psalms 106, 118, 135, 136.

Psalm 112: Praise God for His uprightness and kindness.

God is upright and we should give Him our best praises. God delights in commandments and e is worthy to be praised. His seeds are mighty upon the world. Let us honor His uprightness. Read through Psalms 112, 117.

 Psalm 115: Praise God for His mercy and truth.

It is only God that should be given thanks, not man. This is because God is merciful and truthful. God is in the heavens and does what suits Him, but He is truthful and just. Have you praised him today for this? Read through Psalm 115.

Psalm 134: Praise God for He made heavens and earth.

We live on earth but God made, we hope heaven, but God made it. We should give God thanks for making the earth to live in and heaven to have hope of where we are going. We do not live hopelessly. Read through Psalm 134.

Psalm 149: Praise God for His care.

God is caring and takes our care with priority. That is why the Psalmist encourages us to praise the Lord in the congregation of saints. Let us always appreciate His care for His people. Read through Psalm 149 and be inspired.

Psalm 150: Praise God for His mighty acts.

The Psalmist motivates us to make joyful noise to praise and we should sing unto the Lord. He is the rock of Salvation and shepherd. Have you praised Him today? What is delayed doing it? Praise God. Praise God. Read through Psalms 150, 95, and 145.


From this article, I believe that you have seen the reasons why God deserves our praises. Praising God is not a persuasion or begging but a command to do so. Let us cultivate the habit of praising God without being forced. It must come from our willing hearts.