Yesterday has gone, but a dream is only happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Look well for the years you have spent. You can imagine how your glory is baked in the oven and how many treasures have been hidden. You need fervent communication and prayers to your God. This is your year and all your hidden treasures for no reason will be released to Your.

Prayer Point 1: Song of Solomon 2:12; Let your voice be heard as you begin to extol and magnify His name for His name’s sake.

Prayer Point 2: Thank you Lord for the wonderful sounds of nature, from the cool breeze brushing through the trees to the birds singing melodies.

Prayer Point 3: O Lord, You are a wonderful God, full of grace and mercy. I praise You Lord for this year of glory, beauty and splendour.

Prayer Point 4: Psalm 118:24; I shall know no sorrow or heartache today. Joy and gladness is my portion in Jesus name.

Prayer Point 5: Psalm 130: 3; My Father, look upon me with the eye of mercy and do not mark my iniquities.

Prayer Point 6: Hebrews 12:1; I receive the grace to lay aside every weight and sin that has weighed me down in Jesus name.

Prayer Point 8: Psalm 85:10; O Lord, let mercy and truth have a meeting; righteousness and peace kiss each other on my behalf today in Jesus name.

Prayer Point 9: Job 38:12; I command the morning and i command today to release my glory, blessings and favour now by fire. Vs. 12; O dayspring of goodness, peace and prosperity; flow in my direction and locate me now in Jesus name.

Prayer Point 10: Isaiah 45:3; I speak to the four winds of the earth to blow out the hidden treasures of darkness to my direction today.

Prayer Point 11: Psalm 121:6 As the sun shines today, it will brighten my path, my life, family and ministry in Jesus name. Vs.7; Lord, preserve me today; evil arrows of the day, pass over me now by fire.

Prayer Point 12: I decree that all my life, family, ministry, career, business, job and every other activity are preserved from destructive elements this year and as I step out today in Jesus name.

Prayer Point 13: Lord, order my steps as I go out today into my testimony and breakthrough in Jesus name.

Prayer Point 14: Today, rejection is not my portion. Every satanic spell of rejection fired into my life and my day shall not prosper. Make decisions relating to my life, family, and ministry. I shall not regret but celebrate at last in Jesus name.

Prayer Point 15: Psalm 90:14; My Father, satisfy me early today with Your powers. Daniel 6:3; Spirit of excellence, distinguish me and make me glorious in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Point 16: I decree that by the spirit of excellence in me, I shall be glorious in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Point 17: Revelation 12:11; today, I nullify, subdue and overcome any satanic target to block Your glorious gift You have for me this year in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Point 18: Ecclesiastes 10:6; I pull down the strongholds of folly and I take my mantles today in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit, keep me from GLORY EATERS today in Jesus name.

Prayer Point 19: Job 22:28; pray now and nullify any plan to derail your vision through marine witchcraft agents and court cases or evil bloggers. Ephesians 6:18; pray in Tongues concerning today as led now.

Prayer Point 20: Psalm 107: 1-3; Bless the Lord with a song of worship and give Him thanks for answering your prayers and for the victory that lies ahead of you today.

Prayer Point 21: Now turn to today’s date and go through today’s devotional scripture and write up and pray the prayers seriously including any other instruction.

Prayer Point 22: read Isaiah 60:1; Haggai 2:9; Psalm 3:3 and decree that you are moving by fire from story to glory this year and that you are unstoppable today. Luke 2:52; Psalm 102:13 and decree that unprecedented favour will envelop you today.

Prayer Point 23: read Revelation 5:12; Psalm 149:9; Psalm 8:5 and beseech the LORD to cause men to honour you today. Read 1 Peter 5:10; Psalm 119:89 and ask the LORD to settle you financially today.

Prayer Point 24: Read Jeremiah 30:17; Joel 2:25-26 and ask the LORD for all round restoration and recovery today.

Prayer Point 25: Read Deuteronomy 6:5; Matthew 22:37; Romans5:5 and determine to LOVE the LORD henceforth today. Psalm 63:4; Lord I thank and bless Your name for Your sustenance over my life today.

Prayer Point 26: Read Psalm 89:15; let the countenance of Your mercy shine on me again Lord. Psalm 37:23; I decree: Any plan of the step through their evil network, scatter by fire.

Prayer Point 27: Stop my glory and laughter, scatter tonight in Jesus name. Daniel 6:7; I command every conspiracy of my adversaries against my glory and progress useless in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prayer Point 28: Isaiah 48:22; I decree that there is no peace for the wicked. My name. 47.2 Timothy 1:7; You spirit of fear and torment projected against me tonight by the enemy of my soul, catch fire and burn tonight.

Prayer Point 29: I refuse to be discouraged and depressed based on any of my in Jesus name. Exodus 13:21; Holy Ghost, envelop me and my household with the pillar of Your presence and protection tonight in Jesus name.

Prayer Point 30: As the stars and the moon shine tonight, it shines my life’s path into a new dawn of blessings, glory and honour in Jesus name.

Prayer Point 31: read Job 4:13; Satan you are a liar, you cannot manipulate my life through bad dreams anymore; I shall dream good and great dreams.

Prayer Point 32: Psalm 63:5; Father, I thank you for answered prayers. Pray in Tongues now as led. Give the Lord praise and worship and boldly go to bed.

Prayer Point 33:  Psalm 119:62; Lord, I thank you tonight for Your goodness and mercy showered on me this day and always.

Prayer Point 34: Psalm 98:1: Lord, for Your wonderful deeds and mighty victories in my life, I sing these songs to You to glorify Your name (sing to HIM now). When praises go up, blessings come down; therefore, Lord as I praise You, let Your blessings overtake me tonight.

Prayer Point 35: O Lord, by my praise, locate the camp of those that have gathered against me tonight in Jesus name. Jeremiah 33:3; O Lord, as I call unto You tonight, answer me by fire; waste the wasters of my destiny in Jesus name.

Prayer Point 36: Isaiah 9:7; God of justice, vindicate me tonight; recompense theevil desires of my adversaries upon them in Jesus name.

Prayer Point 37: Job 20:5; I decree and declare: Evil arrows of the wicked shall not triumph over me. Scatter into pieces today by fire.

Prayer Point 38: O Lord my God, my peace, joy, happiness, health, marriage, wealth and riches, etc, which the enemy has swallowed, cast the mouth of his belly today by fire.

Prayer Point 39: Witchcraft covens and meetings orchestrated to bring me down today, catch fire and scatter abroad in Jesus name.

Prayer Point 40: Job 22:28; You evil arrows of the night from the pit of hell fashioned for my downfall and sorrow, be roasted now by fire in Jesus name.

Prayer Point 41: I decree a new bliss and turn around in the affairs of my life now by fire (mention them now). Vs. 28;I decree that all facets of my life’s endeavours should

Prayer Point 42: I pray right now concerning the following issues (mention them)Every evil high or supreme court meeting against my destiny and glory, Catch Fire and scatter now in Jesus name.