There is nothing like having good dreams and visions. From the experience, many visions and dreams have been tempered by the devil in which they need urgent repositions and recovery. 48 prayer points will bring about the dream and vision fulfillment and recovery of the lost glory.

1. Prayers for Dream and Vision fulfillment

Some working prayers have been divinely selected through the scriptures to fulfilling dreams and visions. If they are prayed fervently, the results will come.

Prayer Point 1

Thank God, who is the giver of dreams and visions. Ezekiel 1: 1

Prayer Point 2

Thank the Lord for the dreams and visions He has fulfilled in the past. Joel 2: 28

Prayer Point 3

Thank God for those dreams and visions that will be fulfilled in the future. Jeremiah 29: 11

Prayer Point 4

As for mercy for any dream or vision, you did not act on it due to a lack of faith. Hebrew 11: 6

Prayer Point 5

As for mercy every lost dream and vision that God gave to you. 1 Samuel 3

Prayer Point 6

Pray that the Lord will give you the ace to dream and to see new visions. Acts 1: 8

Prayer Point 7

Ask God for new dreams and new visions this year. Genesis 15: 1

Prayer Point 8

Ask the Lord for global dreams and visions. Genesis 37: 9

Prayer Point 9

Ask for God-given dreams and visions, not self or man-made dreams and visions. 1 Corinthians 2: 14

Prayer Point 10

Pray that the Lord will give you the discipline and wisdom to write down your dreams and visions. Habakkuk 2: 2

Prayer Point 11

Pray for the r right timing to run with the dreams and visions. Habakkuk 2: 3

Prayer Point 12

Pray that God will use you to fulfill other people’s dreams and visions by sponsoring and supporting their

dreams and visions. Acts 16: 9

Prayer Point 13

Pray that God will send and connect you with the right people to help you bring about your dreams and visions. Acts 16: 10

 Prayer Point 14

Pray that the Holy Spirit will interpret to you the dreams and visions god will reveal to you in Jesus’ name. Amos 3: 7

Prayer Point 15

Ask for the right step and path to take to realize your dreams and visions. Mathew 2: 13

Prayer Point 16

Pray against laziness and procrastination that can circumvent the reality of your dreams and visions. John 15: 16

Prayer Point 17

Pray for faith and simple obedience to fulfill your God-given dreams and visions. Revelation 14: 12

Prayer Point 18

Pray for the grace to be prepared for every opportunity to execute your dreams and visions. Ephesians 5: 16

Prayer Point 19

Pray for the spirit of service and work to complete the dreams and visions God has given you. John 9: 4

Prayer Point 20

Pray against every satanic plan to delay and frustrate your dreams and visions. Daniel 10: 13

Prayer Point 21

Pray against every spirit of discouragement, delay, weakness, and weariness in fulfilling your dreams and visions. Joshua 1: 9

Prayer Point 22

Pray for the right exposure, knowledge, and understanding needed to fulfill your dreams and visions. 2 Corinthians 2: 14

Prayer Point 23

Pray for resources and good management of them to fulfill your dreams and visions. Colossians 3: 17

Prayer Point 24

Pray for passion, strength, stamina, and grit to fulfill your dreams and visions. Jeremiah 1: 17

Prayer Point 25

Pray for one dream and vision in your family. Let there be no conflicting visions. Colossians 3: 13

Prayer Point 26

Pray for one dream and vision in your church. Psalm 133: 1

Prayer Point 27

Pray for agreement in the dreams and visions of your association and conference. 1 Corinthians 1: 10

Prayer point 28

Pray for the harmony of dreams and visions in your church. Act 4: 32

Prayer Point 29

Pray for unity of dream and vision in Nigeria. 2 Chronicles 30: 12

Prayer Point 30

Pray for grace and resources to attain the above visions. Psalms 24

Prayer Point 31

Pray that the dreams and visions will glorify God and carry out His purpose. Psalm 115: 1

B. Prayers for repositioning, Restoration, and Recovery

 Some working prayers have been divinely selected through the scriptures on repositioning, restoration, and recovery. If they are prayed fervently, the results will come.

Prayer Point 32

Pray that the Lord will fight every necessary battle for your restoration to fortune and greatness. Psalm 80: 19; 126: 4

Prayer Point 33

O Lord my God, restore me Yourself and fulfill Your plans for my life. Lamentation 5: 21. Restore unto me in the double fold the months that the cankerworm has eaten. Zechariah 9: 12

Prayer Point 34

All the good things of life that I lost in the year, may the Lord restore them to me. I decree the restoration of peace in my family, community, and nation. Every power holding me back from restoration, lose your authority over my life now, and let there be a restoration of hope and fulfillment in my life and family. 1 Samuel 7: 14

Prayer Point 35

And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen and establish you. O Lord, arise in my favor and restore me to greater glory. 1 Peter 5: 10

 Prayer Point 36

I overtake and recover all my stolen blessings and fortune and I recover every buried dream, vision a, and  grace in my life in Jesus’ name. 1 Samuel 30: 8

Prayer Point 37

Lord, I receive the gift of health for my life and everyone within my family in Jesus’ name. Jeremiah 30:  17. Lord Jesus, restore the right leaders over our nation according to Your Word. Isaiah 1: 26

Prayer Point 38

Lord, let my season of captivity be over, restore me to my place of flourishing. Jeremiah 27: 22. And restore to me in Your grace the wasted months of this year. Joel 2: 25

Prayer Point 39

All the benefits I have been denied this year, Lord, command them to be released today. Luke 19: 8. Holy Spirit, restore the heath of all believers who have gone astray like sheep without shepherds. Galatians 6: 1

Prayer Point 40

Lord, raise for the church, men, and women after Your own heart as an arrowhead for the next spiritual awakening. Isaiah 58: 12

Prayer Point 41

Lord let Your hand of grace be visible on my children and make them restorers of life and sustainers of my old age. Ruth 4: 15

Prayer Point 42

O sword of God, move forth on my behalf and cut down the citadel of the wicked assigned against my life in the name of Jesus’ name. Deuteronomy 32: 41

Prayer Point 43

O Lord, fat favor for positioning as David favored Mephiboshet. 1 Samuel 9: 7. My father, take away my afflictions and position me as You did to Hannah. My father, take away my afflictions and position me as You did to Hannah, the mother of Samuel. 1 Samuel 1: 11

 Prayer Point 44

By the order of Samuel, David was positioned as king of Israel. O Lord, make me an anointed king to this generation in the name of Jesus’ name. 1 Samuel 16. O God of Israel, You took Abraham to the promised land to become a source of blessings, position me today to be a blessing to people around me in Jesus’ name. Genesis 12: 1-2

Prayer Point 45

Lord Almighty, help me to always use my position in appropriate ways in the name of Jesus’ name. Luke. My Lord, even in my weaknesses, deposit supernatural strength that will never be taken away from me into my life. Judge 16: 20-22

Prayer Point 46

Lord, let Your grace be sufficient for me in my weaknesses to position in the Your Kingdom in the name of Jesus. 2Corinthians 12: 9

Prayer Point 47

Let the victorious hands of God place me in my promised land in Jesus’ name. Joshua 1: 4. Jehovah almighty, let my vision of reposition comes to reality today in Jesus’ name. Habakkuk 2: 1-3

Prayer Point 48

O Lord, I receive full restoration for this year in the greater name of Jesus Christ. I thank You O Lord for answering my prayers and I strongly believe that my requests have been granted. The responses will be received from now on.