Visions are real. They reveal the mind of God and the things to come. Daniel saw the thrones of judgment being set up. One throne was occupied by the Ancient of Days (God) who has sovereignty and exercises control over men and nation.

1. Daniel’s Intervention (Daniel 2: 12-16)

For every problem in life, God has a solution. He sometimes uses people to solve life’s problems. After the wise men revealed that they were unable to satisfy the king’s demands, the king became furious (v. 12) He issued an order for the execution of all the wise men of Babylon.

The decree was not only for those currently serving the king’s court but for all who professed to be able to reveal the future. Perhaps he had refused to answer the king’s summons (v. 2) to avoid contact with the pagan leaders. When he heard that he was under a death sentence.

Daniel boldly appreciated the king with the request that the executions be delayed for a while so that he might interpret the king’s dream. He was courageous because the king had already made up his mind to eliminate them since they were not useful to him at such a time.


When you need a tight spot, who do you share your concerns with? Many will rather run to people who are mere humans and have no standing with God rather than run to seek the face of God to receive godly counsel to such problems. Prayer is more effective than panic. Daniel’s trust in God saved not only him but also his three friends and all other wise men of Babylon.

2. Daniel’s Success (Daniel 2: 36-49)

God is omnipotent and presents help in times of need. He knows the end from the beginning and that is the reason we must acknowledge His sovereignty in our lives. Daniel validated his interpretation by first correctly narrating the king’s untold dream and certified that the interpretation was trustworthy because it was a message from God (vs. 36-45).

Before Daniel told the king anything else, he adored God for the gift to interpret what men could not do through their wisdom and understanding but which God is the greatest of all gods and the one who can reveal every secret.

The secret was so moved by Daniel’s interpretation that he bowed himself before Daniel and ordered that an offered offering be made in Daniel’s honor that would have been given to the gods of Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar recognized Daniel’s divine authority.

Through Daniel’s revelation and interpretation of the dream, Nebuchadnezzar confessed that Daniel’s God is superior to all the gods of Babylon and that He is Lord over the earth’s kings.


Part of our mission in this world is to show unbelievers that the God we serve is the greatest, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Give thanks to God for what He is doing through you.

3. Daniel’s Prayer of Supplication (Daniel 9: 15-19)

A person who can intercede on behalf of others can achieve a lot for his/her country. God’s hand of mercy can also be moved, through you if you will arise and pray today. Daniel saw the need for him to ask for God’s mercy on behalf of his people for their sins and those of their fathers.

While praying, he first appreciated God for what He had done in their lives and then confessed the sins of the people. Daniel spoke about how God brought Israel out of Egypt by His great power (with a mighty hand).

But because the nation had sinned, she had become an object of scorn to the nations around her. Daniel was asking that God’s discipline might be lifted and the people freed from their present bondage.


Daniel based his requests on God’s great mercy for the nation (v.9). He stood in the gap on behalf of the nation so that God might forgive and deliver His people. His heart desired that God should act quickly due to the deep concern he had for his nation and his people.  Once things are well with us, we neglect people who need our prayers. Are you willing to pray to God on behalf of your family, nation, or the unsaved for the forgiveness of sins or deliverance?

4. Daniel’s Prayer of Confession (Daniel 9: 4-14)

It is important to confess our sins, ask God for forgiveness, and turn away from such sins. Daniel’s close walk with God led him to turn to God and to pray a prayer of confession knowing well that the people had departed from His will for their lives (vs. 3-14).

Daniel did not just pray but also fasted to show how serious and troubled he was about it. Daniel was fully aware that the years in Babylon were a divine discipline for Israel. Knowing that confession was a prerequisite to restoration, he confessed the sins of his people, identifying himself with their sins as though he was personally responsible for them.

Daniel noted that blessing depends on obedience for God keeps His covenant of love with all who love Him and obey Him. Even, covenanted people cannot be blessed if they keep on disobeying God.


God’s discipline does not mean that He has withheld mercy (v.18) and forgiveness from His people, but it means that He, being righteous, must punish people’s rebellion and disobedience (v. 10). Do not let your past disobedience keep you from returning to God.

He is waiting for you and wants you to return to Him. Do not settle for a soothing lie that will bring harsh judgment. Accepting the truth even if it is painful will help you better. God still uses circumstances, people, and, most importantly, His Word to bring His people back to Him. What would it take God to get your attention?

5. Uniqueness of Daniel (Daniel 1: 18-21)

Anyone who is specially blessed by God will be different. His/her performance will be outstanding. Out of those chosen to be trained for three years. Daniel was different. When compared with others he was excellent and superior in his performance. The anointing of God was on them. So, it was easy to enlist them into the services of the king. Anyone who desires to be conscripted for a special assignment by God must be humble, fear God, and be prepared to pursue excellence in all undertakings. God’s people will always be found to be superior. May we always be counted among those that are called God’s people?


As a Christian, what are your spiritual gifts and endowments? If you are unaware of these spiritual gifts and endowments, you must pray to God to reveal them to you. Once you identify your God-given spiritual gifts and endowments, you will be able to perform all your assignments efficiently and successfully. God gave Daniel the knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. He bestowed the gift of understanding visions and dreams of all kinds to Daniel.