This is a motivational message that will open your eyes to aspects of your life. We meet different kinds of people in life. Many of them are impactful while many of them are destroying. That is why you must be careful of the people you move with. Are those who can impact your life or those who can draw your life back? What one has is what one can give. There are five types of people you will likely encounter to make a change to your life whether positively or negatively. This article will allow you to decide on anyone you can work with. They are discussed below.


These people are positive and inspiring irrespective of what they can get from you. They just like raising people and are happy to make the dreams of the talented come true. They will make sure that they inspire your dreams and energize your talents.

Whenever these people discover that you have a talent or gift, they make sure that those talents and gifts are realized. They are the people who like encouraging you often and often to make your dream come true.

For example, if you have a talent for music or teaching, a refresher will not rest until you achieve your dream or talent. Have you ever moved with this type of person in life? You will enjoy them if you at least have one because they are active encouragers!

What the refresher does

  • The refresher gives positive and inspiring encouragement.
  • The refresher makes you focused.
  • The refresher energizes your passion.
  • The refresher directs your focus to your dream always.
  • The refresher strengthens your boldness for your talent.
  • The refresher gives help at his or her hand to realize your dream.
  • The refresher increases your courage to put forward.


A refiner is a person who likes to refine the dream and talent so that the talented and dreamer can be better. This person sharpens your ideas and clarifies your vision. Even if the refiner discovers the weaknesses and loopholes that can draw you back from your dream and vision, he or she will call your attention to them and give useful advice.

Also, if a refiner sees any training or seminar that can elevate her career, talent, gift, dream, vision, and pursuit, he or she will recommend it to you. A refiner, for example, will stand by your side to make sure you are better every day.

Have you ever moved with this type of person in life? Your talent, dream, vision, and gift will be refined if you at least have one because they are fine refiners.

What the refiner does

  • The refiner sharpens your ideas.
  • The refiner clarifies your ideas and comes to your help.
  • The refiner recommends useful programs for you.
  • The refiner opens your eyes to refining training.
  • The refiner gives useful advice on the development of your talents.
  • The refiner always positions you in the right way.
  • The refiner protects your ministry and your dream.


A reflector is a type of person whose work on your dream or talent does not raise your belief. This person just wants to mirror your life, your talent, your dream, your career, and your vision. A reflector does not have any value to add to your life. They are dream and vision cheats; they are talent and carrier hijackers.

If reflectors, for example, discover you are a talented musician, they will try to get part of your work for themselves. A reflector is not the learner. It is not that he or she wants to learn from you but to cheat you. A reflector does not discover their talent, vision, dream, and career. What he/she does is copy someone else’s vision and dream.

A reflector wants to become a singer because someone is a famous singer; a reflector wants to become a teacher because someone is a good teacher; a reflector wants to become a pastor because someone is a popular pastor. Have you moved with this type of person in life? Be careful because they seem like your friend or confidant but they are not.

What the reflector does

  • A reflector copies someone else’s vision and dream.
  • A reflector just mirrors your life without adding any value.
  • A reflector cheats your talents and gifts for himself/herself.
  • A reflector not stay focused on his/her vision or dream.
  • A reflector does not have initiative activities.
  • A reflector does things because others are doing them.


A reducer is a person who is dangerous to move with. He or she is a vision and dream killer. A reducer tries to reduce your vision and dream. He or she always discourages you concerning your beautiful ideas, glorious steps, and lucrative business. A reducer is nothing and he/she wants you to become like him or her.

For example, a lazy man who has been very poor because of his laziness will discourage you from being hard-working. Also, a man of vision will not inspire you to realize your vision. So, a reducer always reduces the efforts of people to their comfort zones. For example, if a student says he is reading for one hour a day, a reducer will say that one hour is too much, so why not ten or fifteen minutes?

A reducer wants others to be like him/her. Have you ever worked with any reducer in life? You will realize that he is a discourager! Also, a reducer lacks vision and pursuit. Be careful of him/her.

What the reducer does

  • A reducer lacks a vision and pursuit and he never has initiative.
  • A reducer kills the morale of the dreamers.
  • A reducer always discourages the talented and the gifted.
  • A reducer influences people badly.
  • A reducer wants people to be like him/her.
  • A reducer reduces the vision and dreams of people.


A rejecter is the most dangerous person to move with in life. If you discover him/her, quickly run away from him/her. It may be your boss your subordinates or co-workers or anyone. A rejecter always denies people their talents, hinders people their efforts, and impedes your vision and dream.

If a rejecter discovers a talent from you and observes you want to realize your dream, he/she will block you not to getting to the stage of success. A boss, for example, can be a rejecter. If your immediate boss in your place of work is a rejecter and he/she notices you are climbing the ladder to your promotion, he/she will hinder that promotion through transfer or demotion.

A rejecter will frustrate people and render them nothing. A rejecter is a perfectionist. He believes that everything he/she does is the best. He will not welcome an idea from other people. Have you worked with a rejecter before? Anyone who tries to block your success or promotion; anyone who tries to deprive you of your dream and vision realization is a rejecter. Be careful of the person. He is not the best for you, even if it is your family member.

What the rejecter does

  • A rejecter always blocks your success and promotion.
  • A rejecter denies your talents and dreams.
  • A rejecter impedes your vision and efforts.
  • A rejecter frustrates people and renders them into nothing.
  • A rejecter deprives you of your uplifts, gifts, and luck.
  • A rejecter exposes your weaknesses and loopholes.


This motivational message is a must-read because it cuts across every facet of life. A refresher, a refiner, a reflector, a reducer, and a rejecter are five types of people you would like to encounter in life. Some of them can add value to your life while some cannot. Be cautious!


Pastor Amos Olarewaju

Deacon Adeola Adelakun