The church is a religious body that is well-known for spiritual worship. In the body these days, a lot of people gather to worship God. That is why churches have become mere groups in the sight of many people. In the olden days, people believe that all the believers in the church are saints and they give regard to the religious bodies, including the church. However, reverse the case where many ungodly people have dominated the church with ungodly activities. Research has it that there are categories of members worshiping in the churches these days. This article will discuss 57 categories of people who are members of the church.

1. Devoted/sacrificial Members: These categories of members are the dream of every pastor. They are very loyal to the church and their pastor. They do the work without bias and help the church spiritually and physically.

2. Caring Members: This kind of church members are concerned about the welfare of their church members and the welfare of the pastors. They will try to make life comfortable for the church members and the minister of God.

3. Respectful Members: This group of people understands spiritual authority, organogram, and spiritual head. They respect the pastor without minding his age.

4. Conflicting Members: These members are found to create enmity and they are behind every controversy in the church. They are secretly happy when the church is in crisis and separated.

5. Eye-Service Members: These members are pretenders of service. They live double lives. They behave like saints in front of their pastor and stain and stab him in his back.

6. Unserious Members: These kinds of church members cause headaches for any pastor. They will not join any unit to work for God. They will still discourage those who are doing it through their discouraging utterances and characters.

7. Miserly Members: These kinds of members are very stingy to the church, church members and pastors. They always refuse to pay tithes and offerings and other church contributions, even when they have sufficient.

8. Unforgiving Members: This has become common in the church of God these days. These members are good in keeping malice. They will not take steps of reconciliation and will not accept to forgive. They always keep records of wrongs.

9. Nagging Members: These categories of members are secret gossip. They are members who hardly see anything good in the church, nor see anything good in the departments of the church. These members cannot do much in the church but are merely full of complaints/blame.

10. Power-Broker Members: These members use the influence they have to control the pastor in the church. They will go to the extent of threatening the pastor with expel and suspension.

11. Critical Members: These members are found to question the authority of the pastor. They tend to examine every decision of the pastor and the church by all means.

12. Carnal Members: All things and decisions of these members just come with the fleshy mind, not led by the Holy Spirit. They walk in the flesh.

13. Unbelieving Members: These members are doubting Thomas. They do not believe in the ministration of the pastor and the church. They are coming to the church because of what they can receive. They are a mere multitude hiding under the umbrella of believers in the church.

14. Founding Members: These members are storytellers and history writers. They are quick to remind the pastor that they are among those who started the church and other historical narrations.

15. Hypocritical Members: These types of members seem like men of God but they are wolves in the sheep.

16. Part-Time Members: These members are not regular in the church. They occasionally come to church in a while.

17. Troublesome Members: These are members causing trouble in the church. They do not allow peace at all. They stand as cantankerous, always quarreling in church.

18. Bench-Warming Members: These members come to church but they do not join any church activity. They sit and participate in the church service and go out after the service.

19. Sunday-Sunday Members: These members are called Sunday-Sunday Tablet. They come to the church only on Sundays. They are less concerned with weekly activities.

20. Fault-Finding/suspicious Members: These members look for the faults of the pastor and the leaders of the church. They always place suspicion on all decisions of the leaders of the church, including the pastor.

21. Position-Seeking Members: These types of members seek the church position by all means, even when they lack the capacity or when they are unfit, not because they want to work for God but because they want to carry the title.

22. Miracle-Seeking Members: These are members-only seeking miracles. They are the ones who are fond of distinguishing between pastors who are carrying fire and those who are not.

23. Spiritually Hungry Members: This group in the church always thirsts for the growth of God. They like growing spiritually. They love meditating on the Word of God and never miss Bible studies.

24. Mature Members: They are spiritually balanced and Christlike in nature. They always grow spiritually.

25. Ministry-Minded Members: These members like creating factions in the church through establishing personal ministry means and diverting the attention of the members to his or her so-called ministry. Such people will not attend any unit in the church.

26. Vision-Peddling Members: These types of members always claim to see the vision. But their lives they live contract their vision. These can confuse the church.

27. Egocentric Members: These members are naturally selfish. They only come to church because of what they want to get from the church.

28. Tribalistic Members: These members are tribalistic in the church. They take care of the people of their tribes in the church.

29. Political Members: Just because of the political knowledge they have in the secular world. They will bring that knowledge into the church while making decisions for the church.

30. Diabolical Members: These are members who belong to the occult and practice witchcraft in the church. They are ritual people or groups in the church.

31. Rebellious Members: They form an opposition party in the church and use their power to oppose the church’s progress.

32. Corrupt Members: These members steal from the church, collide with robbers to rub the church, and inflate prices if asked to buy anything on behalf of the church.

33. God-Fearing Members: These are the members with heavenly consciousness and are known to eschew evil. They fear God and do everything with the fear of God.

34. Deceptive Members: These members are deceitful. They deceive other members and leaders. They are far from the truth. They always call white black and black white.

35. Tradition-Loving/Static Members: These types of members never welcome new ideas or innovation. They love tradition of doing something in the church

37. Unfriendly/Reclusive Members: These members are hostile. They do not relate or mix with other members or leaders at all. Their attitudes chase away people from the church.

38. Supportive Members: The members support the pastor and his ministry. They are ready to be beside him, his family, and his vision always.

39. Diplomatic Members: These members are cunning a little bit in dealing with some issues or in responding to some issues. They do not want to offend anyone and can never take a stand for anything straight.

40. Financial Members:  These members use their money to sponsor many projects in the church. They stand as the backbone of the church financially.

41. Friendly Members: These members are good at making happy at home. They are kind to the members of the church too.

42. Non-Announcing Members: These members do their work quietly in the church without being announced.  They do the work without being known by anyone.

43. Straightforward Members: These members always tell the truth, even if they remain alone. They do not deceive people. He/she will say things point black. Their Yes is Yes and No is No.

44. Understanding Members: They see pastors as people who can make mistakes because their humans.

45. Unstable Members: These members leave the church for flimsy reasons. If possible, they will still convince other members to leave.

46. Angry Members: They are angry with a member or the members of the church or with the church for reasons best known to them.

47. Busybody Members: These members hardly sit down for minutes inside the church. They always go out to discuss or make calls, even if the sermon is going on.

48. Diaspora Members: These particular members are residents outside the locality or beyond the community, but they still identify the church and attend the church when around.

49. Submissive/ Loving Members: These members always love members and leaders of the church and submit to the spiritual authority.

50. Dependable Members: These members are very loyal and trustworthy to the work of the church. They do not betray the church and their pastor.

51. Militant/Violent Members: These members always indulge in physical combat/assault or exchange of blows in the church.

52. Sinful Members: These members are full of sin though they are in the different activities in the church.

53. Uncompromising Members: These members will not compromise their faith no matter the challenges and persecution. They will stand on the faith they know. They stand on the truth.

54. Gossiping/Backbiting Members: These groups are found to discuss people negatively at their back or in their absence. They are tale bearers and rumor peddlers

55. Malicious Members: These are unforgiving and vengeful members of the church. They do not forgive their offenders and continue to do the work of God.

56. Harmful Members: These members are very They hurt, and injure one another.

57. Dangerous Members: The dangerous members are threatened members of the church. They are risks to the ministry of the pastor and kingdom assignment.

Jesus Christ’s second advent is imminent,  beloved be prepared