Apostle Peter was addressing the elects on the need to endure a little while in their suffering and grief which characterized the lives of the early believers. They are faced with a series of persecution and untold hardship which were sufficient enough to draw them background or force them to throw in the towel.

They were, therefore, encouraged to endure for the following reasons: (i) The persecution and hardship was a purifying fire in their ministries (ii) It was a trial of the genuineness of their faith (iii) It is of course a pre-requisite for receiving the goal of salvation which is accompanied by inexpressible glory and joy when Jesus Christ is revealed.

1. Faith of Disciples (Mark 4: 36-41)

An undeniable truth is that there is no life without its challenges. It may be of different categories or sizes but there is no man without one challenge or the other. However, man’s attitude or reaction during the time of challenges of life has made some people run away from God, man, and places, or the other.

In the text used (Mark 4: 36-41), while the disciples were troubled, restless, and fearful because of the storm, Jesus Christ was calm and sleeping. He remained unruffled. What a great faith! Jesus knew that no challenges or problems could overcome Him.

Lessons to learn

Brethren, challenges or troubles of life may look persistent, defying solutions, it cannot overcome you. In John 16: 33, the scripture affirmed that Jesus has overcome the world for us already.

Solution prayer

What is it that is troubling your life? Speak by faith today: Oh you this challenge (mention them), I am victorious over you, and you cannot overcome me. I will surely see your end very soon in Jesus’ name.

2. Faith of Moses (Numbers 13: 26-33)

It is a pity that the report given by ten of them was devastating. A report out of fear is the opposite of faith. They reported according to what was sighted and not by faith. The fear of what they saw made them reduce themselves to nothing greater than grasshoppers. What a shame! It is unbelievable that people who had experienced God’s mighty acts before could be carried away with what they saw.

Caleb on the other hand stilled the people. He was not moved by sight but by faith. The consequence was that fearful people could not see the end of the journey; they could not get to the Promised Land.

Lessons to learn

Brethren, do not move by sight. That problem that looks like a mountain will surely be made plain.

Solution prayer

O Lord, your message has inspired me. Every fear that always shakes my faith hinders me from taking the necessary steps and praying, disappearing in the name of Jesus.

3. Faith of Abraham (Genesis 12: 1-5)

Abraham was asked to leave his people to move to a land he did not know and he took the step by faith. This is the faith that makes a man leave certainty for uncertainty. This is nothing but foolishness to human reasoning. However, the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men (1 Corinthians 1: 25).

In Genesis 22, Abraham also agreed with God to sacrifice Isaac, the son of promise when there was no other one. No wonder Abraham up till today is referred to as the father of faith. I once had a friend who resigned from where he was laboring his faith and after a few months, he secured a lecturing job at a famous University in Nigeria.

Lessons to learn

Our God is great and always honors every step of faith taken by His children. What is the step God has been leading you to take but fear of tomorrow has not allowed you? You cannot be more than who you are if you don’t obey God.

Solution prayer

Gracious God, Show me the foolish faith that will make me wise in Jesus’ name.

4. Faith of Israelites (Joshua 3: 12-16)

The people of Israel were almost getting to the Promised Land when the river Jordan came as a challenge not to allow them to cross. At that time, Jordan was overflowing all its banks. To a natural human being, the road is blocked but to God, there is a thoroughfare. The instruction given by God was that the priests who carried the ark of the Lord should step in. They did it and the miracle came.

Now that the problem has gotten to the climax and it seems there is no way again, please do not hesitate if God is giving you an instruction. With God, all things are possible. I have heard of people that others refer to as barren that involved God’s miracle by buying baby wears. Some have started businesses that are swallowing others and they have come out successfully.

Lessons to learn

All you need is faith. Do not just sit down. Step into the bank of the river, there will surely be a way.

Solution prayer

My Father, lift up my faith that will make me take a risk of faith which will change my life for the better in Jesus’ name.

5. Faith of Three Hebrews (Daniel 3: 26-28)

The faith of the three Hebrew men in a foreign land is worthy of emulation. Even though they knew the consequences of their resolution, they were not ready to worship the golden image of King Nebuchadnezzar. They were bold because they knew their God.

They knew that it is more rewarding to obey God rather than human beings even when threatened with the death penalty. It is obvious that if they had bowed to the golden image because they did not want to die in the blazing furnace, they would have still died perhaps more horrible death without becoming heroes.

Lessons to learn

Christians are, therefore, encouraged to be bold in exercising their faith, no God will always provide a way of escape for His children. Whenever Christians hold to their faith without compromise, God always provides a way of escape such as He did for the three Hebrew men who demonstrated boldness and faith in Him for deliverance.

Solution prayer

Father, give me the bold faith that will make me stand during the challenges so that I can overcome like three Hebrews.

6. Faith of a woman

Recall that the concluding passage of yesterday was that all male children should be thrown into the river Nile, while every girl was allowed to live. But for this couple (Levi and Levite), their son was placed by the riverside in a basket made of papyrus to enable it to float and coated with tar to prevent being soaked with water.

This suggests to me that the Lord Himself had a purpose for the life of the poor baby. A sister to him was very to him was equally standing at a distance to see what would happen to him. The loving care was very encouraging. No wonder God had a good plan for the life of the poor boy.

Lessons to learn

Where you were born, the family through which you came, etc. does not matter but God has a plan for everyone. The faith of this woman actually worked for her.

Solution prayer

O Lord, give me the faith that will overcome my challenges on all my plans in Jesus’ name.


Beloved, are you also facing some challenges in life? Are you being oppressed because you have chosen to be a Christian? Are you going through the fire of life for purification or you are discouraged because of people’s comments concerning your faithful service in the kingdom work?

I congratulate you and wish to admonish you like Brother Peter. It is just for a while. The surpassing grace of the Lord Jesus will see you through. Keep on being zealous in the Lord, you will receive the reward in due course.