Welcome to the 17th Edition of our devotional. We pray that you will encounter Jesus Christ afresh today in the name of Jesus Christ. The topics for our devotion to the edition are extremely powerful and impactful. Take your time whether personal or family to use each topic for blessings. Also, researchers can explore the topics to prepare lectures, lessons, seminars, and sermon notes. You can have access to other editions here.

Show God’s Mercy to All

Read Luke 6.36.

Temi has been constantly maltreated by her foster mother whom she has been living with since she was five years old. Temi, who was an orphan, struggled to become successful. When Temi was twenty-five years old, her foster mother was very old and needed support. Temi thought the best thing to do was to retaliate, until the day her Sunday School teacher read from Luke 6:27-36.

Jesus, in today’s text, warns against deriving pleasure in cheating or denying others their rights. He shows us how to conduct ourselves when we are treated wrongly. We are not to pay evil for evil, but rather to always show mercy. Jesus teaches that we should love those who hate us and bless those who curse us. The ability to love others distinguishes us from the unbelievers. He strongly proves His followers can love others and show them mercy.

In what way have you been maltreated, or wronged? See it as an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love, and show mercy, instead of retaliating. If you do this, you are following the footsteps of Jesus. Resolve not to retaliate against any evil anyone will do to you in your life journey.

Insight: Every believer can love others and show mercy.

Prayers: Father, help me to express Your love to others.

God Delights in Compassion

Read Micah 7:18.

Kemi had been involved in sexual sins from her teenage years. She knew what she was doing was wrong, yet she could not help herself. The more she tried to stop, the deeper she plunged into it. She knew the consequences of her sins, and this made her even sadder. One day, she heard the message of God’s grace that put an end to her struggle. She received forgiveness and power over sins.

Today’s text captures the supplication of Prophet Micah concerning the nations of Judah and Israel. It is a prayer of restoration of the good old days when their livestock fed on the fertile land of Bashan and Gilead. He pleaded that God should do more wonders, as He did for them when they came out of Egypt. This will make nations around them ashamed, amazed, scared of the Israelites, and surrender to the God of Israel. He acknowledged that it is only God who pardons and forgives sins; His anger is for a very short time, and He delights in showing mercy and compassion.

Are you under the bondage of sin? God is compassionate and kind: He is waiting for you to return to Him so that He can help you.

Insight: God is compassionate and kind.

Prayers: Thank You, Father, for the remission of my sins.

Remember Your Mercy, O Lord

Read Psalm 25:6.

There was a famine in a particular village. It was so severe and continued for months. The villagers offered sacrifices to their gods, thinking that the gods were angry at them. But it was all to no avail. Eventually, some missionaries visited the village, and when they saw what was happening, they prayed to God to have mercy on the people. The moment they prayed, things turned around for good, the villagers were happy and praised God for His mercy.

God is a God of mercy. His mercy and love endure forever. He will not hold iniquity against His people. Rather, He forgives and restores them to Himself. David, in today’s passage, reveals that God does not deal with us based on our sins but He wants us to ask for mercy and He will surely show us mercy. He reiterates that it is God’s mercy that brings forth remembrance.

Are you afraid that God is against you because of your sins? Turn to Him today! He will see you through. He shows His mercy and love to those who fear Him.

Insight: God is for you and not against you. He is merciful!

Prayers: Thank You Father for Your mercy upon my life.

Mercy for Sinners

Read Luke 18:14b.

Women were arraigned in court for offenses they had committed. The first man had stolen a huge sum of money, while the other man stole a chicken. While they were waiting for the court proceedings, the man who had stolen a chicken said to the man who had been accused of stealing money, “I thank God that I am better than you”. The other man was remorseful, and in his heart, he had accepted whatever punishment that would be meted out to him. Finally, the man who stole a huge sum of money received a presidential pardon, while the other man received the full punishment for his offense.

The story above exemplifies Jesus’ parable in today’s text. The aim of the parable, according to verse 9, is to correct those who have confidence in their righteousness and look down on others. A Pharisee and a tax collector went to the temple to pray. The Pharisees boasted about his righteousness, and religious activities and even condemned the tax collector, who was regarded by many as a sinner. But the tax collector simply pleaded for God’s mercy and Jesus said that he went home justified before God. Jesus died for you so that you can be accepted by God. Approach God based on what Jesus has done for you. That is humility.

Insight: Only those who acknowledge their sins will receive God’s mercy.

Prayer: Father, I humbly accept the righteousness that comes from Jesus!

Mercy for Those Who Suffer

Read Luke 4:18.

To suffer means to go through acute pain or to experience unpleasant situations. Suffering is never pleasurable to human beings. As emphasized in today’s text, Jesus, having returned in the power of the Spirit from Galilee, went to the synagogue in Nazareth to teach on the Sabbath day. As was His custom, He was given a scroll and He stood up to read from the writings of Isaiah. He declared that the passage He read (Luke 4:18) was fulfilled in the hearing of His listeners. The excerpt confirms that Jesus came to proclaim good news to the poor, bring liberty to the captives, heal the blind, release the oppressed, and proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. All these could only be achieved by Jesus because the Spirit of the Lord is upon Him. All those who were in the synagogue listening to Him were very attentive to His message.

Jesus came to save us from our sins and to bring us hope and healing. Every believer in Jesus Christ must bear in mind that the mercy of God is available for us, even when we face opposition and persecution. Jesus remains merciful to all, in times of suffering.

Insight: God’s mercy is ever available to those who ask for it.

Prayer: Dear Lord, grant me the wisdom to know how to share Your message in a way that brings hope and healing to people around me.

Glimpse of the Merciful God

Read Exodus 34:6.

Benjamin C. Dike, the author of Every Leadership Tales of Trials, Tenacity, and Triumphs says that less than five percent of leadership situations take place within formal leadership settings. Everyday experience helps great leaders. People with compelling connections always have new things to impart to the lives of others. Great leadership lesson comes as a result of personal encounters.

Moses had an experience with God on Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the law in his hands. He regained the opportunity he lost earlier because God is merciful. There might not have been a second chance after Moses broke the first two tablets if not for God being gracious and slow to anger. Although no sinner will go unpunished, God’s mercy can still prevail over judgment, especially when we sincerely cry to Him.

Sin weakens a believer’s immunity and removes God’s presence and glory. Jesus died so that we can recover the glory Adam and Eve lost to the devil. Jesus had given us His Spirit and crowned us with glory and honor (Hebrews 2:7). Trust Him to cause your light to rise from obscurity to relevance and your darkness to become noonday (Isaiah 58:10).

Insight: Having and maintaining a personal encounter with God is a lens to see and learn new things every day.

Prayer: Lord, let me walk in humility so that I will not be restricted from your presence.