Deliverance and breakthroughs are victories when people can pray and pray right. When one is delivered and has breakthroughs, it means one is free from afflictions, hardships, darkness, stagnation, backwardness, failure, etc. The following prayer points have been produced by the anointed man of God to bless you. If you are serious about them, morning, afternoon, and evening, your deliverance and breakthrough are certain.

Devotion Prayers in the Morning

  1. Isaiah 43:21 I give you praise Oh God for your hand of mercy, protection, and preservation over my life and family members.
  2. I give you praise Lord for retaining your gift and breath of life in me.
  3. I praise you Lord for making me a beneficiary of this new day.
  4. Revelation 12:11; By the blood of the Lamb, I subdue and overcome every satanic force waiting to work against me and my day.
  5. Heb 12:1; Lord, help me to lay aside every weight and sin that has held me captive in Jesus’ name.
  6. Psalm 30:5; Lord, in your favour, wipe away my tears, show me your mercy again in Jesus’ name.
  7. Psalm 118:24; I enter into the joy and gladness you programmed into this day for me in Jesus’ name.
  8. Psalm 121:6; In the name of Jesus, I overcome every personality trying to manipulate the sun to smite me and my day.
  9. Vs 7. My life is preserved by the blood of the Lamb as I step out this day in Jesus’ name.
  10. Vs 7. I decree that all my engagements and business are preserved from the destructive manipulations of my adversaries as I step out this day in Jesus’ name.
  11. Psalm 124:7; In the name of Jesus Christ, I escape out of every snare of my adversaries today by fire.
  12. Jeremiah 33:3; Lord, I call on you to release your wind of favour upon me and my business today in Jesus’ name.
  13. Vs 3. I call on you to allow your wind of healing to blow upon me and my ministry today in Jesus’ name.
  14. Vs3.Abba Father, I call on you to let every programme of my adversaries targeted at me and my day be scattered now by fire in Jesus’ name.
  15. Psalm 90:14; O Lord, arise and satisfy me early today with tangible testimonies in Jesus’ name.
  16. Lord, I ask that you give me access to great open doors of new business connections today in Jesus’ name.
  17. Lord, I call on you to open fresh doors of faithful and fruitful customers for me as I step out in Jesus name,
  18. I call on you Lord, to guide me by your spirit where good is18.waiting for me today in Jesus’ name.
  19. Lord, I call on you to cause men and women to prefer me above all other contenders today in Jesus name,
  20. Psalm 78:48; Lord, release hot thunderbolts destroy every20.enemy and their plans to hijack my day in Jesus’ name,
  21. Psalm 53:5; Lord, arise and scatter the weapons and bones of them that are set to destroy me today in Jesus’ name.
  22. In the name of Jesus Christ, I paralyze that force assigned to pollute my day now by thunder.
  23. I call upon you Lord to unusually and uncommonly visit my life, family, business, career, and ministry today in Jesus’ name,
  24. In the name of Jesus Christ, I decree that all my plans shall sail through smoothly today.
  25. My Father, My Father, arise and humiliate every enemy that is trying to reinforce to confuse my successful day by fire and thunder in Jesus’ name.
  26. 1 Tim.2:1-2; Pray for Dr Chris and family and for our helpers today.
  27. Job 22:28. Nullify any plan to derail ODM vision through marine witchcraft agents and court cases or evil journalists.
  28. Eph 6:8; Pray in Tongues concerning today and declare Psalm 25:1-5
  29. Psalm 34:1-5 Give Him thanks for answering your prayers and for the victory of this day.

Now begin to prophesy good things to your life and what you want from God.

Devotion Prayers in the Afternoon (Lunch Time)

  1. James 2:13 and beseech the Lord to let MERCY TRIUMPH OVER JUDGEMENT of any kind today in your life.
  2. Psalm 25:1-2 and ask the Lord to help you TRIUMPH OVER YOUR ENEMIES today.
  3. Psalm 91:4 and ask the Lord to be a COVERING over you and your family today.
  4. Psalm 23:5-6; and ask the LORD TOELEVATE you round about via His enduring GOODNESS AND MERCY today.
  5. Proverbs 4:18; and ask the LORD to make your PATH SHINE brighter and brighter today.
  6. Psalm 119:89;1 Peter 5:10; and beseech the LORD TO SETTLE you today.
  7. Psalm 89:5-7; and be in your local church and pray your ODM evening prayers below.

Prophesy to your life and destiny.

Devotion Prayers before Going to Bed (Psalm 3:5; Matthew 14:23)

  1. Psalm 109:30; I give you praise Lord for keeping me throughout this day safely.
  2. Psalm 86:15; From your abundance of mercy, show mercy on me again Lord.
  3. Psalm 144:6; My Father, arise, shoot your arrows and paralyze my ardent adversaries and their plans now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  4. O Lord shoot thine arrows and let the evil network of my adversaries scatter, scatter, and scatter tonight by fire in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  5. O thunder from heaven, visit the evil camp of my stubborn antagonists tonight in Jesus’ Name.
  6. By thunder and fire, I pull down every satanic structure erected by my enemies to hijack my progress tonight in Jesus’ Name.
  7. John 14:14; O enemies of my destiny assigned to attack me tonight; die now by thunder in Jesus Name.
  8. Vs 14; In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I command fire and hailstone to consume the territory of my staunch adversaries tonight.
  9. Vs 14; O Cloud of affliction targeted at me and my household tonight, in the name of Jesus Christ scatter, scatter now by thunder and fire.
  10. Psalm 59:1; O Holy Spirit my deliverer and helper, rescue me and my family tonight from the onslaught of my dangerous oppressors in Jesus’ Name.
  11. Your spirit and demons of confusion, programmed to infest me tonight, in the name of Jesus, are back to sender now by fire.
  12. Psalm 97:3; Lord, let the fire that goeth before you become a wall of protection round about me, my family, and properties tonight in Jesus’ Name
  13. Psalm 91:11; Lord, command your angelic beings to take charge of this night season to effect our safety in Jesus’ Name.
  14. I command every coven and altar where the affairs of my life and family are being discussed tonight to be consumed by fire and thunder.
  15. Lord, command your angels to sound my trumpet of victory in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  16. John 14:27; Lord, let your cloud of peace envelop me and my household tonight in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  17. Psalm 105:1 Give thanks to the Lord for answered prayers.
  18. Psalm 100:4; Lord, I praise you tonight for your marvelous acts in my life.
  19. Vs 4, Lord, I enter into your courts tonight with these songs of praise.
  20. Exodus 14:14; Lord, arise fight for me; destroy my enemies and their works tonight by fire.
  21. Lord, let your awesome presence envelop me and this neighborhood tonight in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  22. Job 22:28; O night robbers mandated to steal my potion and possession tonight; I decree your death now by thunder.
  23. Vs 28; I decree death and destruction for every enemy of my destiny tonight in Jesus Name.
  24. Jer.33·3·Lord I call upon you tonight to trouble all my adversaries

Prophesy to your life and destiny as you sleep tonight and have faith that your prayers have been answered.