It is good to stand in the gap to pray for other people and things apart from our prayers. It is the prayers that God quickly answers (intercessory prayers). Monthly selected prayer points have been worked on by the anointed man of God. The prayers are in sections. It is important to follow the instructions and pray for them. You will see the quick answer in Jesus’ name.

1. Advice to attempt the prayers for quick answers (Mathew 17:14-21)

  • Make sure you are fasting on the day you choose to pray these prayers as your capacity can hold the fasting.
  • Find time to pray these prayers fervently with fasting in a quiet and uninterrupted place.
  • Make sure you read and meditate on all the Bible verses recommended and those relevant to the prayer points you have in mind.
  • If you have the ability, try to sow a seed or give someone any amount you can after you are through with these prayer points. Pray over the offering of what you want God to do over yourself, your family, and all your relatives.

 2. Thanksgivings for the last month (Psalm 107:1-6, 105:1-5)

  • Give thanks to God, for he is great and his mercies endure forever.
  • Praise God for redeeming you throughout the last month.
  • Give all glory to God for showing the mighty works God has done in your life for people to see throughout the last month.
  • Pray for forgiveness of sins, and tell God to sanctify you for this new month. (Isaiah 6:5). Mediate and quote the Bible verse.
  • Pray for God’s help from above for you and your family.

 3. Prayers for recovery (Exodus 12:33-36)

  • Father, I recover everything the enemy has used his tricks to hijack from me this month by your power in Jesus’ name.
  • God, you were the one that received every possession of Israelites from the Egyptians. I decree today to get everything I need for this month in Jesus’ name.
  • Let me be favored in the sight of men this month in Jesus’ name.
  • I Samuel 20:8, everything I have lost due to my ignorance, I recover them by your power this month in Jesus’ name.
  • Every untimely death, evil, sorrow, lack, sickness, weeping, mourning, accident, kidnapping. I pray against them this month in my life, family, and the church of God in Jesus’ name.

 4. Prayers for protection/security and restoration (I Samuel 30:1-5)

Use the Bible passage to pray fervently.

  • Lord any place your eyes will not follow and cover me, don’t let me go there this month in Jesus’ name.
  • In this month, Father, every battle that has been following me around end-time.
  • My family and I will not fall into the captivity of evil ones this month in Jesus’ name.
  • I shall not mourn this week, this month, till the end of this year in Jesus’ name.
  • My Father, my Father, do not allow sadness, evil, and trouble in my life, my wife, husband, and children this month in Jesus’ name.
  • Everything that is making me laugh shall not turn to mourn for me this month in Jesus’ name.
  • Eternal God, on every journey I will embark on this month, this year, I shall not experience sadness in Jesus’ name.
  • Father, direct all my steps this month in Jesus’ name.
  • Every effort of my pursuits will result in blessings this month in Jesus’ name.
  • Every good thing I have been pursuing in the past, let me receive it this month in Jesus’ name.
  • My Rights, My joy, My Blessings, Promotion, Success, My Lord restore everything for me this month by your power in Jesus’ name.
  • In this month, this year I will not misbehave with the angel that will help me in Jesus’ name.
  • Father, let me recognize when I see my angel in Jesus’ name.
  • The angel that will take me to my promised land, Lord let him/her join me on my journey this month in Jesus’ name.
  • Father, make me a person who will have enough and be blessed abundantly this month and this year in Jesus’ name.
  • Father, uncover the secret of darkness over my life this month and this year in Jesus’ name.

 5. Prayer on your first seed offering over your family this month

  • Have your prayer requests for this month and this year.
  • Remind God of every prayer request.
  • Pray and promise God that if God answers your prayer request, you will give God His percentage, and my family and I will never lack again in Jesus’ name.
  • Pray that this seed will make things that have been difficult before this year become possible in Jesus’ name.

6. Prayer for the church and ministry

  • Lord, restore every possession and glory of your church and ministry which has been lost for a very long time. (Ps 126:1)
  • Isaiah 59:1 your hand that is not short, use it to recover all our lost possessions and glory in our church and ministry in Jesus’ name.
  • Father, use your mighty hand to lift helpers for your church and every member of the church and our ministry in Jesus’ name.
  • Pray that God should choose members of His Kingdom for your church this month and this year in Jesus’ name.
  • Father, enlarge your church for your glory in Jesus’ name. Let my ministry be expanded.
  • Lord, send help for the church to have different worship centers and preaching stations in Jesus’ name.
  • Pray for every leader of the church that the Holy Spirit will never depart from their lives in Jesus’ name.

7. Prayers for a Nation

  • O God, let the nation experience support from above in Jesus’ name.
  • Lord, do not let your Holy Spirit depart from our Presidents and his cabinets, and let them prosper.
  • Pray that God will allow what will bring good governance to my nation this year.
  • Lord, let every nation, State/Province, and community experience peace in Jesus’ Name.
  • Lord, I prophesy peace for all over this country and world.
  • My God, allow no evil to befall me and my family in this nation.
  1. Give thanks to God for what he has done and the good things he will still allow to happen in your life, family, and our nation this month and this year in Jesus’ name.
  2. I decree and declare as a man of God under the Great Shepherd – Jesus Christ that you will recover all your lost possessions and glory by the power of the Holy Spirit and your life will not remain the same in the name of Jesus Christ. The grace and mercy of Jesus Christ will always be enough for you and your household all the days of your life and you will continue to dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever Amen.

Compiled by Rev. Niyi Peter Ajibade