The work of Satan is to destroy and kill. He accused us of our iniquities before Jesus Christ to deprive us of the mercy and reward from God. Satan put judgment forward to God and began to explain our sins. But that is why the Son of God is there to destroy the work and deeds of the devil. The following prayer points are prepared to stop and destroy Satanic judgments and enemies of success over us. Take time with the Bible Verses and it shall be well.

  1. Eccl.7:8; Father, I thank you because I shall end well this Last Quarter and indeed this year in Jesus’ name,
  2. Psalm 139:14; Thank you, Lord, for another wonderful day You have made in my favour and joy.
  3. Psalm 130:3; Lord, do not mark my iniquities in this last quarter, shower Your mercies upon me even as I repent from my sins.
  4. O God, let my sacrifice of praise be unto You as a sweet-smelling and pleasing savor in Jesus’ name. (Sing to your God now).
  5. Psalm 7:10; O LORD, arise and defend me and my household this quarter from the attacks of the wicked in Jesus’ name.
  6. Acts 12:11; Abba Father, deliver me from the expectations of my haters and mockers today and indeed this last quarter of 2019 by fire.
  7. O God, I break and destroy every evil seed sown into my life and destiny last night; scatter by fire and thunder in Jesus’ name.
  8. Psalm 51:10; Lord, create in me a clean heart daily in this quarter in Jesus’ name.
  9. Vs 10; My Father, my Father, renew a right spirit of daily quiet time alone with You this quarter in Jesus’ name.
  10. Vs 11; LORD, I shall not wander from Your presence in this quarter. The Holy Spirit shall be my guide today/daily in Jesus’ name.
  11. O God, I shall not be rejected today. Your spell of rejection fired to rubbish my day, catch fire, and backfire now in Jesus’ name.
  12. Matthew 7:7; Every arrow of confusion, wrong decisions, and wrong steps fired into my day, you shall not prosper; break now by fire.
  13. Matthew 7:7; This day by the Blood of Jesus, I nullify every satanic judgment passed against my life, family, and ministry.
  14. Matthew 7:8; I bring every challenge that will surface today under my feet; be subdued now in Jesus’ name.
  15. Isaiah 10:1; Evil decrees released against the success of my day, you shall not stand; be revoked and cancelled now in Jesus’ name.
  16. O God, I must get to my glory land this year, my glory phase shall not pass me by; show up by fire this season in Jesus’ name.
  17. John 1:5; LORD, let the light of Your wisdom and spiritual understanding shine on me today/daily this quarter in Jesus’ name.
  18. Vs:5; LORD, this quarter, let Your light swallow up every darkness mandated to block my Story to Glory answers now in Jesus’ name.
  19. LORD, there shall be no loss but gain this quarter. I shall hear good news daily and I shall be remembered for good. My efforts shall be result-oriented in Jesus’ name.
  20. Abba Father, I shall not labor in vain today/daily in this fourth quarter in Jesus’ name.
  21. Every evil plan targeted at confiscating my Glory Hour in this last quarter, enough is enough; scatter, scatter, and scatter in Jesus’ name.
  22. 22.1 Corinthians 16:9; LORD, by Your mercy, doors of business, career, and marital opportunities shall open for me today in Jesus’ name.
  1. Vs 9; O adversaries of my open doors, blessings, promotion, and remembrance, dry up, dry up and dry up now in Jesus’ name.
  2. Isaiah 54:15; O LORD, let every gathering and gang up of Glory opposers against my day scatter in seven places in Jesus’ name.
  3. Vs 17; Weapons of shame, sorrow, and sickness, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, backfire now by fire.5
  4. 1 Tim.2:1-2; Pray for your pastor and my family and our helpers today.
  5. Jude Vs 20; Pray in Tongues about today/this quarter as led now.
  6. Isaiah 54:17; LORD, as I step out today/daily in this quarter, every tongue raised against my destiny shall be cut off by fire and thunder.
  7. Psalm 103:1-5; Take a song of worship and give God thanks for answered prayers and for the glory that lies ahead of you today
  8. Psalm 92:1; Lift your voice and thank the LORD for bringing you in.the last quarter of this year.
  9. Vsl; LORD, I thank You for Your faithfulness that has brought me thus far.
  10. Lam.3:22; I thank You, Lord, because nothing can consume me in this quarter in Jesus’ name
  11. Vs22; O God, let Your consuming fire consume whatever was meant to consume my life and ministry this season in Jesus’ name.
  12. Father, move in my life today and work wonders of elevation to silence my mockers in Jesus’ name.
  13. Holy Ghost, quicken my spirit, soul, and body today to do Your will in Jesus’ name.
  14. Jeremiah 1:10; O God, let whatever You have not planted in my life, family, and ministry be rooted now by fire in Jesus’ name.
  15. LORD, wipe away every end-of-year tear and let it backfire now in Jesus’ name.
  16. LORD, create in me a longing for Your love today/daily in Jesus’ name.
  17. James 1:5; Father, envelop me with Your wisdom today/daily that will confound my haters in Jesus’ name.
  18. 3 John; My soul, spirit, and body shall prosper daily in this quarter in Jesus’ name.
  19. Vs 2; I command the arrow of disease and sickness targeted at me or my household today to catch fire and backfire now in Jesus name.
  20. John 14:14; I command the forces and elements of the day to bow to the God in me in Jesus’ name.
  21. Lord, I rebel against whatever was positioned to deny me of my elevation testimony now by fire in Jesus’ name.
  22. Psalm 102:13; Favour of God, envelop me today as I step and crown my efforts with success in Jesus’ name.
  23. Daniel 6:3; O Spirit of excellence, baptize me today and set me apart from others in Jesus’ name.
  24. Vs3; I shall experience excellence in all that I do today/this quarter in Jesus’ name.
  25. Every health battle on a mission to crush my expectations this year expires now by fire and returns to sender in Jesus’ name.
  26. Col.2:15; I terminate every satanic writing meant to thwart my elevation experience in this last quarter in Jesus’ name.
  27. LORD, let my mockers mock themselves daily with misery and shame in Jesus’ name.
  28. Abba Father, disappoint the wicked plans and expectations of my haters in Jesus’ name.
  29. Psalm 19:2; Whatever has been programmed into this day against me and my household today by the Blood of Jesus
  30. I commend this MONTH of sorrow, pain, regret, mistake, or calamity to be reversed back to hell now in Jesus’ name,
  31. Job 38:12; O you morning of (mention today’s date now), I command you to serve me for good today in Jesus’ name
  32. Vs 12: I speak into today. Whatever the sorrow and regret today, shall not include my address in Jesus’ name
  33. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, my hands, feet, and head are blessed with the wisdom, grace, and goodness of God today.
  34. 59. Proverbs 10:22; You powers on assignment to turn my blessings to sorrow, be arrested now in Jesus’ name,
  35. Psalm 3:3; Lord, You are my glory and lifter of my destiny, therefore, nothing can demote me this year and beyond in Jesus’ name,
  36. John 14:13; Pray now and nullify any plan to derail my vision through marine witchcraft agents and court cases or evil bloggers.
  37. Jude Vs 20; Pray in tongues concerning today as led now.
  38. 2 Chron.20:20-22; Praise the LORD now and thank Him for answered prayers and your elevated testimony today/daily
  39. Now turn to today’s date go through today’s devotional scripture write up and pray the prayers seriously including any other instruction.