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The Unjust God’s Justice for Leader

Read Jeremiah 22:11-19.

One of the former leaders of Nigeria was very brutal and wicked during his reign.  People called on God with sincerity. When he died, the whole country went agog with jubilation, singing. dancing, eating and drinking.

When a leader is draconian, he will be under the judgment of God.  David declares in (2 Samuel 23: 3b) that one who rules over men must be just and must also rule in the fear of God.  God hates injustice because He is just. While Josiah his father was just, executed righteous judgment, and was concerned for the cause of the poor and needy (V.15-16).   His eyes and heart were full of covetousness; he shed innocent blood, oppressed the people and did violence to his subjects (3,17). He would neither be mourned nor buried, recorded because he was thrown in the open for the wild animals to eat.

Prayer: God, give the righteous heart in all my steps in the name of Jesus Christ.

Justice for The Vulnerable

Read Deuteronomy 24:17-22.

After the demise of a man, his family came around and took over his renowned pharmaceutical industry without any consideration for his wife and children. Soon after, the business collapsed. This barbaric practice is common among many families in Africa. It is worse if the wife is yet to give birth to children or male children in particular. God commanded the Israelites and admonished all believers to deliberately make provision for the widows, fatherless or orphans and foreigners. The method of meeting the needs of these people in our present time could mean that individuals, families, organisations, Churches, schools and government should place them on their budget.

There is a need for Churches and individuals to teach people how the needy should be treated and also stand to defend them whenever the need arises. There is a reward from God for obeying the injunction and punishment for violating it. “He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack:  but he that hideth his eyes shall have many a curse”(Proverbs 28:27) Make an effort to meet the need of an orphan, widow or foreigner today and put a smile on their foes.

Do good, you will reap it if you don’t give up.

Prayer: Oh Lord, rekindle Your light in me to dispel every form of darkness in my generation.

Fruit of Peace and Justice

Read Zechariah, 8:1-8,11-17.

One of the days, he confronted the husband and told him that the recurrent fight between him and his wife was disgusting. The couple paid attention to him as he resolved the issues with them. They had been married for some years without the fruit of the womb but the very year they allowed Jesus’ peace in their home, the wife became pregnant and they started having children.

The blessings of peace and justice are unlimited. It cuts across all areas of life. Some of the ones listed in the passage include the abiding presence of God, (v.3) long life (v.4); security (v.5); deliverance from the enemy (v.7); divine restoration (v.8); fruitfulness (v.11); becoming a blessing (v.13); God’s goodness (v.15). There cannot be peace, progress and development where injustice prevails. Such environments will comprise evils such as fear, insecurity, curses and misfortunes. Beloved, always Someone around you? Make an effort to resolve it today and you will begin to every ramification.

Prayer: May God’s mercy locate you today for fruitfulness, promotion, breakthrough and prosperity in Jesus name

Embrace Justice

Read Luke 11:42-44.

Corruption together with oppression of the poor and perversion of justice have been prevalent in our nation these days. Regrettably, the same set of people who are in the church (in some cases, leaders) are involved in these kinds of societal evils. Yet, they come to church and pay their tithes and rich offerings. Some of them are well-recognized as elders in their churches.

That was the case with the Pharisees in the days of Jesus. They lived by double standards. However, they neglected justice and did not love God (vv. 42-43). Jesus condemned the mount rightly. He accused them because they were pretenders (v.44).

Since such realities live with us in our society, we must be careful not to live by double standards. Our confession must be backed by actions that are in congruence with our faith. We must be Christians everywhere we find ourselves. When we demonstrate love to fellow human beings we truly love God. Let us not pretend to serve God while we oppress people. Embrace justice.

Prayer: God, work on our hearts and land of injustice in the name of Jesus Christ.

Justice for All

Read Micah 3:1-3,9-12;6:6-8.

Salt is a value for use in the home. No matter the amount of money you spend in preparing a special delicacy, if you forget to add salt to it, the food will be tasteless. Salt is powerful in unlocking the goodness and pleasantness of food substances.

He asked whether a burnt offering would be acceptable, will a thousand rams be acceptable, will a thousand rivers of oil would satisfy God, and will the sacrifice of his son would please God. All these are important to God, but they make no sense to God if one ingredient is lacking. This ingredient is called justice. Justice is knowing and doing the right thing for everybody at every time. This attitude makes all religious activities meaningful and acceptable to God.

Christ says, “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot” Matthew 5:13, (NIV). You can only get and enjoy God’s defence if you live justly.

Prayer: Jesus Christ, build in me a life filled with love.

Cry for Justice

Read Job 19:1-7.

What do you do when God seems distant? Many of us find it easy to serve and worship God when things are going well. But when we think that God is far away and out of our reach, we tend to back out and compromise our walk with Him. He was accused of suffering as punishment for certain sins he had committed. That is why Job cried out for justice but he got no response. He wanted God to vindicate him having lived a blameless life (Job 1:1). Unfortunately, he could not place the cause of his ordeal. However, he maintained his trust in God and the integrity of His Word.

You will experience a kind of dry moment in your journey of faith too. To grow in our friendship with God, He will test us with periods of seeming separation when it seems. He has abandoned or forgotten Tenus. When such moments come, focus on who God is and His unchanging nature. Praise Him that He is good, all-powerful; and notices every detail of your life. God is in control and His plans for your life will come to pass.

Prayer: “Though the mountain be shaken and the hill be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken”(Isaiah 5)

Uphold Justice

Amos 5:7,10-13

The last line of the National Anthem of the Second Stanza reads: “To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign. “Justice has to do with being fair or reasonable, especially in the way people are treated or decisions are made. It means without justice, a state of anarchy is possible.

Today’s passage emphasizes the need to uphold justice among the nation of Israel and by extension, Nigeria.. The prophet warned that the people should have nothing to do with false charges and not put innocent or honest persons to death. There are several innocent persons in prison today who got there because they were falsely accused. This vice is still a monster we are contending with in our nation today, especially among the uniformed men. The issue of justice must be taken seriously by every individual at all levels. Stand for justice daily. Whoever perverts justice is an enemy of your actions.

Prayer: God, help me to do what is right and just in all things in the name of Jesus Christ.