The story of Esau and Jacob in the Bible illustrates God’s steadfast love for those He has chosen according to His eternal purpose. It is an indication that God’s mercy (Romans 9: 16).

God’s steadfast love toward His people is beyond description. The psalmist calls on all people of the earth to think about God’s steadfast love, which He freely bestows on His children according to His divine purpose.

Engr. And Mrs. Majaro thought deeply and came before God at Hallelluyah Baptist Church on the 18th of November 2022 18th year of marriage thanksgiving. The family was happy and the day was joyous in the church as they danced forward when the church choir rendered beautiful and inspirational songs. Watch the video of their celebrations and thanksgiving to God.

1. Think deeply about the greatness of God

One of the characteristics of King David is his constant meditation on the greatness of God and His mighty power. He publicly acknowledges the greatness of the Lord and declares that He is most worthy of praise in the city of God, his holy mountain.

He further describes the height, security, and beauty of Mount Zion, compares it with the heights of Zaphon, and calls it the city of the Great King. The great city brings joy to the whole world. Watch another video of Majaro’s family celebrating the greatness of God.

2. Think deeply about the manifestation of God

The opening verse celebrates the great manifestation of the God of Zion, to whom all praises must be ascribed because of His manifestation. Mount Zion, the city of God is a holy mountain and is revered because God is in her citadels.

Therefore, God’s manifestation has become her fortification against her enemies so much that when the kings gathered to attack the city, they were amazed, afraid of what they saw, and ran away.

This applies to the Count-to-Bless celebrations that occur at Halleluyah Baptist Church Agbaje-Ijokodo Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria on the 25th of December, 2022. The church members counted the manifestations of God in their lives from the beginning of the year to the present. Watch the video celebrating the manifestation of God.

3. Think deeply about the marvel of God

As Mount Zion is celebrated because of the marvel of God who resides the so Christians must ponder and celebrate God in their homes and local churches. The summary is that the marvel of God must be well-celebrated in our individual lives, as children of God.

The people also responded accordingly to the marvelous works of God’s glory and presence as they worshipped and praised Him with sincere hearts. They bowed their faces to the ground acknowledged God’s mercy and worshipped with cheerful submission to the divine authority.

This attitude should remind us of the need to consistently remember that God is good; therefore, we should always offer Him thanksgiving, especially when He chooses to manifest His power and glory in our midst. Watch another video celebrating the marvelous work of God.

4. Think deeply about the love of God

He states how the people meditate on God’s love in the temple as a proper response to His greatness. As they praise God, His fame spreads to the ends of the earth.

Precisely, this verse points to God’s generous and unfailing love toward His chosen ones. The result is that Mount Zion rejoices and the villages of Judah are glad because of God’s righteous judgments by which He rose to defend Zion, His city.

The psalmist in Psalm 103: 17 gives a vivid description of God’s love toward His people. He remembered all the workings of God throughout their journey and how merciful God had been toward them. The Psalmist distinguished the greatness of God’s love between the heavens and the earth as well as the east and west.

The comparison shows that our sins and punishment are far removed by His mercy. God’s love has no limits. God’s compassion is infinitely more exquisite when the penitent falls at His feet and implores His mercy.

The Lord remembers the fragility of man and then cares for them in this perspective. Therefore, the psalmist enjoined the angels to praise God, apart from people who are to praise God for this everlasting love.

Take a pause; ponder on all the mercies you have received from God in times past. Give careful thought to your life about how much of God’s love you receive on a daily basis despite your frailties and uncleanness Since the love of God for the people who fear Him is eternal from today, fear God to enjoy more of this love than ever before. Watch another video celebrating the love of God.

5. Think deeply about the justice of God

Christians should ponder on God’s justice by which He has acted in our defense. More so, His justice has been manifested in our lives and all that pertains to us. The height of God’s justice for humanity is the release of His only Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem us (Romans 3: 16).

Having given us this unique gift, what else can He not freely release to us? (Romans 8: 32)The best way to respond to Him is to continually think about His love, justice, and generosity and then praise Him. Watch this video celebrating the bigness of God.

6. Think deeply about the goodness of God

As the psalmist concludes, he confidently commands God’s people to walk around Zion and carefully consider her fortifications. This probably refers to the security, and beauty of Zion, the city of God. The reason for the command is stated in verse 13.

No doubt, the Psalmist wants the people to tell the next generation about the wonders of God, which He had done among them so that they will continue to ponder on them and give Him praise. He concludes with an affirmation that God who has been good to His people will continue to be their God and guide. Watch another video celebrating the goodness of God.

7. Think deeply about the faithfulness f God

The need for Christians to continually think about the faithfulness of God, His grace, and steadfast love cannot be over-emphasized. When we do this from time to time, it will become our attitude and this can be transferred to the next generation.

Therefore, we need to keep a record of God’s significance to us. In our churches, families, and as individuals, we must document what the future generation will see and remember the faithfulness of God towards us. The result of such a record is a display of our loyalty to God by declaring,” For this God is our God forever and ever, He will be our guide even to the end. (v. 14)

Daniel’s ability to recall the faithful deeds of God among His people in the past reinforced his faith in God’s ability to show Himself faithful again. In his appeal, Daniel described Jerusalem as God’s city and holy hill, though the people continuously rebelled against God and His commands and, therefore, deserved to be punished.

However, Daniel’s concern was that God’s well-reserved name should not be profaned among the Gentile nations, thereby bringing shame and reproach to His holy name.