We welcome you to this unique 24th edition of our devotional where a lot of people are being blessed with our unique ministrations. There are several topics we have worked on about learning good keywords that will change your life for the better. You can use this guide any time to meet God afresh as an individual and family. You can access the previous editions here.

Learn to Fear God

Read Deuteronomy 31:12.

We are starting this year with a very important instruction that can make us experience victory and success in all our undertakings. God’s instruction for the journey of this year is: “Listen and learn to fear the Lord”. Everyone attends church programmes mainly to hear the Word of God but not all fear the Lord. God told Moses to write down the law and read it to the Israelites. He obeyed but the Israelites disobeyed instructions and fell into terrible errors. A journey that could have taken 40 days tuned to 40 years. Most of those who left the land of bondage could not make it to the Promised Land. Lack of fear of God is a major reason people fail in their life journey and cut short their lives.

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge(Proverbs 1:7; 9:10). Let the fear of God guide your actions this year. Relate with people around you with the fear of God. Let all your transactions and undertakings be done in the fear of God. Do not only listen to the Word of God, learn to fear God and obey his instructions.

Insight: He who fears God need not fear any other thing.

Prayer: Father, let your Holy Spirit envelop me this year that I live in reverence to God.

Learn to Ask, Search, and Knock!

Read Luke 11:9.

Imagine yourself in need of something so urgently and the only place you could get it was a friend’s house in the next street. You rushed to the house but the door was locked though you could hear voices in the house. You began to knock, but no one came to open the door. Sadly enough, that was the only place you could get what you needed at that time. What would you do?

You might consider walking away dejected if you are knocking on the door of a man, but not when you are knocking on God’s door. Jesus admonished His disciples on the need not to give up when asking, seeking and knocking on God’s door. Anger and shame could make you give up on man but there is no need to be ashamed of your persistence in asking from God, your Father (vs. 8b, 13).

Hence, when you are in dire need of anything that is following God’s will for you, take it to God. If you ask, seek or knock once and are not getting a breakthrough. Relax and keep asking, seeking and knocking on God’s door because sooner or later,it shall be opened.

Insight: Friendship with God opens His hands of blessing to a man.

Prayer: Lord, when it seems you are coming late, help me to wait.

Learn to Pray

Read Luke 18:7.

Praying and waiting for answers could be so burdensome because many times as humans, we want quick responses to our prayers. Some easily give up praying when it seems as if the answers to their prayers are not forthcoming. Jesus taught His disciples to pray always and not give up, even when the answers are not in sight.

The parable of the widow, as told by Jesus, shows a woman who needed justice and relentlessly kept asking a judge for it (v. 3). The judge refused to grant the request of the woman, even when it was his duty to do so because he does not fear God or care about men (vs. 4). The woman did not give up on her request but kept pressing on. She did this even when she was not sure if the judge would grant her desire. God expects this kind of persistence in prayer from us as His children.

God’s ears are not deaf to the cry of His children. Hence, when it seems there is a delay in getting responses to your prayers, keep praying and thanking Him because He will not forsake you (v. 7-8). Be persistent.

Insight: God’s concern for His children cannot allow Him to shut His eyes to their cries.

Prayer: Father, help me to keep trusting you even when, humanly thinking, it seems late.

Learn to Intercede

Read John 17:20-21.

In some African cultures, members of the family are elated when they hear about the prayers of their late patriarchs for children, born and unborn, before his death. To them, it is a sign of the authenticity of being a bona fide child of that home. This is similar to what Jesus did for the church before His death.

Knowing well that God would add to the number of the disciples, Jesus offered prayers for those who would hear the message of the disciples, believe in Him and join the church (v. 20). Jesus Christ prayed that the church would be united, just as the Father and then are (v. 22, 23a). This would serve as one of the proofs ofChrist’s ministry to the world (v. 23b). Christ prayed that every member of the church would be endowed with unconditional love, as exists in the Godhead, to sustain the unity of the church(v.24,26).

As a believer in Christ, do you uphold unity in the body of Christ? This is one of the desires of Christ for the church. Allow the love of Christ to radiate from you to other members of the church.

Insight: Bastards cause disunity in the home, true sons do not.

Prayer: Lord, implant the love for brethren in my heart

Learn to Forgive

Read Matthew18:21-22.

Jumoke and Stella are roommates in the hostel. Stella has always complained about Jumoke’s irritating habits and even threatened to leave the room for her. But Jumoke easily accepts her faults and pleads for forgiveness. Stella flared up one day and said, How many times must I forgive you for always hurting and frustrating me with your bad habits? Ruth, a friend who happened to be there said; forgive her every time she hurts you.

Peter sought to know from Jesus how often one should forgive an offender. Jesus told him to forgive seventy-seven times, perhaps if someone offended him that much. Peter thought that Jesus would tell him not to forgive an offender who hurt him repeatedly. Jesus, knowing that human beings are not immune to errors and offences taught Peter to get ready to forgive at all times.

God wants you to forgive everyone who offends and hurts you unconditionally. You must bear in mind that human depravity is a reason why people will offend you even beyond your imagination. However, you must be ready to forgive everyone anytime you feel offended. Some hurts could be very deep and injurious, but always lean on Jesus to help you forgive.

Insight: Unforgiveness is destructive and the root of all thoughts.

Prayer: Father, help me to forgive unconditionally.

Learn to Praise God

Read 1 Chronicles 29:1o.

Prosper graduated from a Nigerian University with SecondClass Upper. He felt bad when he got his certificate, because, he hoped for a First Class. Walking out of the school premises, he met his friend, Goodluck who made a SecondClass Lower, praising God. After exchanging pleasantries, Prosperexpressed his sadness over his result but his friend admonished him to learn how to praise God in all situations.

King David praised God in front of all the Israelites because he touched the hearts of the people to give generously towards the building of the Temple in Jerusalem (V. 2-8). The Temple was to be built by his son, Solomon who succeeded him (V.1). Davide expressed his gratitude to God for being good to his progenitors and down to his generation (V.10b-c). David and the Israelites praised God even when the temple was yet to be built (V. 9).

How often do you praise God over all His deeds towards you? God expects you to praise Him for who He is and not for what He does for you alone. He expects you to praise and adore Him in all circumstances. Praise Him even for the things He is yet to do in your life.

Insight: Singing praises to God is spurring God into manifesting His will for you.

Prayer: God, spur my heart into singing your praises every day in Jesus.

Learn to Do Right

Read Isaiah 1:17.

Maiyaki, a managing director of a manufacturing company in Northern Nigeria is a difficult man and all the staff fear him. He queries and sacks any staff who refuses to yield to his shady deals. He continued doing so until a lady he wanted to sack asked him don’t you fear God? Learn to do what is right.” Stop oppressing anyone who refuses to be like you.

God sent Prophet Isaiah son of Amoz, during the reigns of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz and Hezekiah, kings of Judah to warn the Israelites of their sins (V. 1). God called their attention to their dirty deeds and commanded them to wash themselves clean (V. 16). God also asked Isaiah to tell them to turn away from evil deeds. He stressed that they should learn to do what is right in His sight, seek justice for all, save the oppressed, and defend the fatherless and Widows (V.17).

Your deeds must please God. Are your deeds pure or dirty? The Lord wants you to search your life and see if there are ungodly behaviours as mentioned above. He longs to see you behaving rightly, be just in all your endeavours, free anyone you are oppressing, and care for the fatherless and widows.

Insight: Human deeds are like seeds sown, which grow to cause destructive or constructive consequences.

Prayer: My Saviour, guide and enable me to do what is right daily in Jesus’ name