Welcome to the 16th edition of the daily devotional. We pray that God be with and enrich you spiritually, financially, and physically in the name of Jesus Christ. You can still have access to our previous devotional topics and materials here.

I Watch for God My Fortress

Read Psalm 59:17

A minister of the Gospel once shared a testimony of how he and his team members were attacked on a bush path. They were travelling on a mission trip, and suddenly, bandits came out of the bush to attack them. Immediately they were stopped, the bandits were wielding their guns at the minister and his team. Suddenly, the minister remembered God’s assurance of divine protection in the bible.

He started citing Psalm 91 and almost immediately, the bandits started running back into the bush. The last one who did not run away started dancing hysterically.What a great God we serve!

In today’s psalm, we see the mightiness of God in being our fortress, A fortress is a strong defence that provides security for a person or city. God is likened to high walls of defence for the believer. God is our defence against evil, opposition, and the plots and schemes of the Devil.

As a child of God, you must understand that nothing can stand against you and prevail because God is your stronghold. God surrounds you like a wall, therefore no evil can befall you. Evil may befall the children of the world but for you, there is divine security. Hallelujah!

Insight: We must depend solely on God’s defence which never fails.

Prayer: Father, thank You because Your angels protect me from all evils.

Watch and Be Ready

Read Matthew 25:13

A young man gained admission to study in an institution in another country. Before the set date of resumption, he made inquiries about the country’s weather and the kind of food available in that country. He knew what to buy in preparation for his journey. So, when he arrived there, he was not stranded.

In today’s passage, the kingdom of God is likened to ten virgins who were waiting for the arrival of the bridegroom. Five of the virgins were wise because, in addition to the oil in their lamps, they had extra oil with them. The other five were foolish because they had no extra oil.

They depended on the little oil they had in their lamp, even when they did not know the exact time the bridegroom would come. Eventually, they could not meet with the bridegroom because by the time he came, the oil in their lamps had finished and they had gone to buy more. The five wise virgins could meet with the bridegroom because they still had oil in their lamps.

How are you preparing for the coming of the Lord? Are you faithful to the things God has called you to do? If you are not ready, it is time to start preparing for His coming. Live every day in preparation for His coming.

Insight: The Lord’s coming will be sudden. Be prepared!

Prayer: Father, help me to prepare adequately for Your coming.

Watch and Work Faithfully

Read Mathew 25:29

In a practical class, some students were taught how to plant various crops and were given seedlings to plant and come back with their results after three months. Immediately, some planted maize, while others planted yams. Some continued to cultivate their crops, watering when necessary, and uprooting the weeds that grew around them. Others just ignored the crops and the sun scorched them. On the day of the exhibition, those who monitored their plants had something to show for their work, while the lazy ones had nothing to show.

In today’s passage, we see how a man gave talents to three different people. One was given five talents, the other three, and the last one was given one talent. Each of them was given talents according to their ability. The servant who used his talent well received commendation and more was added to it. While the servant who hid his one talent received condemnation and the talent was taken from him and given to the one who already has ten.

Talents are the endowments of God’s grace in the life of a believer. God gives each person the grace to serve in different capacities. We are to use the gift of God’s grace to serve in the body of Christ and bless other people.

Insight: The more you utilise the grace of God, the more it is multiplied

Prayer: Father, help me to use Your grace according to Your will.

Wait for God’s Salvation

Read Lamentations 3:25

A young girl was maltreated by her foster parents but she kept being obedient and respectful, despite the injustice. Regardless of her good behaviour, they continued to hate her. Yet, she did not begrudge them, but constantly prayed to God. Eventually, God vindicated her by sending kind people to take full responsibility for her. Through the mercy of God, she found favour and began to live in a more comfortable apartment. She enjoyed all the privileges of royalty.

In the Bible text for today, we see how the Lord is quick to answer and deliver those whose hope is in Him. Indeed, the Lord saves and His arms are not too short to rescue His children from the evil one. His right hand is righteous to deliver the afflicted and give justice to the oppressed.

Believers are not to be agitated when people maltreat them because God is their defender and He will surely defend them. We must learn to wait for God’s salvation all the time, even when it seems as if we know how to fight for ourselves. Who do you turn to for deliverance? God is a great Deliverer. The same power He used to deliver the children of Israel is still at work. If you are faced with any opposition, persecution, or threat, turn to the Lord for salvation and He will not disappoint you.

Insight: God is mighty to save.

Prayer: Father, thank You because You are my salvation.

Wait and Hope in the Lord

Read Psalm 130:5

Waiting is one of the most difficult exhortations of the Scripture. People find it very difficult to wait. Many do not like to wait because when they think of waiting they feel stuck and not in control. Waiting makes people feel like they are losing or wasting time. Humans are quick to take matters into their own hands and do what they like, so waiting makes it look like they do not have a plan. Over and over again we are told in the Scripture to “wait on the Lord.”

In today’s passage, the psalmist cried out to God to give ear to his prayers and attend to his cry for mercy. He acknowledged the fact that God is full of forgiveness and He is feared all around. The psalmist resolved to wait for the Lord and put his hope in His Word. He called on Israel to also wait for God because with Him is unfailing love and full redemption.

This promise of redemption has been fulfilled in Christ. However, believers who are partakers of Christ’s redemptive work must continue to wait for God for their daily needs and encouragement. What are you trusting God for? God can be trusted to keep His promise. Do not waver in your faith in God, because He is willing and able. He will save you!

Insight: Waiting is part of God’s plan to bring His Words to pass in His own time.

Prayer: Thank You, Father, because You love me, and will fulfil all Your promises concerning my life.

Await and Hasten Gods New Creation

Read 2 Peter 3:15a

A toddler, who was about three years old, eagerly awaited his birthday celebration. Every day, he would wake up and ask his parents, “How many more days is it to my birthday?”He kept asking his mother about the celebration until the D-day. On his birthday, he was excited as he said to everyone he came across: “Guess what? Today is my birthday.”

As God’s children, who are waiting for the coming of our Lord, our excitement should be like that of the little child. Although there will be destruction all over the earth, scoffers and evil people will increase on the earth, the Bible tells us that we should look forward to the Lord’s coming, as children of God. For us, there will be a new heaven and a new earth. It will be the reign of righteousness. We are not expected to live like hopeless people on earth. We have hope in our Lord’s coming!

For the people of the world, the day of the Lord will be a day of destruction and anguish, but for God’s children, it will be a day of glory and newness. Eagerly wait for the coming of the Lord. As we continue steadfastly in Him and holding on to His promises, we all shall see His salvation.

Insight: We must always eagerly wait for the coming of the Lord.

Prayer: Father, help me to wait for Your coming with patience.

Await the Dawning Day

Read 2 Peter 1:19

Seymour was preparing for his final exams. He attended tutorial sessions and read his books diligently. He burnt the midnight candle and eventually, when he wrote the exams, he passed his exams with flying colours and was able to secure admission to the University of his dream. All his efforts in preparation and rapt attention to his studies eventually paid off!

Apostle Peter encourages us in today’s Scripture to pay attention to the Word of God. He established that all Scriptures are inspired by the Holy Spirit. No Scripture has any private interpretation, but that which the Holy Spirit inspires. Hence, no man should give any selfish interpretation of the Word of God. Instead, we are expected to pay attention to God’s Word by carefully studying it, till the Holy Spirit gives us understanding. God’s Word brings light and understanding to our hearts.

How much time and attention do you give to the Word of God? Make all efforts to fill your heart and mind with God’s Word daily. So, you will understand the mind of Christ, and you will be able to live like Him here on earth.

Insight: Be determined to fill your heart and mind with God’s Word daily.

Prayer: Father, grant me understanding, as I study Your Word.