This devotional edition comprises wonderful and inspiring topics to study and digest easily. Not only this, the topic will bless and enrich you spiritually and physically. You will need also to pray all the prayer points that accompany the devotional topics. This is the 7th edition and you can have access to other editions here.

Day 1: Faith

Read Mark 11:20-25.

The big question is what is Faith? Many meanings will be given but the best is that which is found in Hebrew 11:1, the confident assurance that what we hoped for is going to happen, the evidence of things we cannot see. With this meaning, we must know that Faith deals with things of the spirit originally from nothing to something.

Faith is against ordinary human reasoning-believe before you see. The incident noticed in this passage is enough to explain what Faith, undiluted Faith, is all about. In a matter of few hours, the fig tree died even so the root. As humans, the disciples were amazed and they called Jesus’ attention to it. Since Jesus knew and still knows everything, He did not display any fear or amazement, hear Him in verse 22. Have Faith in God.

The lesson here is that faith is very important to enjoy God’s goodness. It must be noticed again that faith in God is the type of faith that is needed for receiving from God. Faith or confidence in humans is not the same as having faith in God.


Faith and confidence that will take me to the next level of success, let it happen in my life today. Through unfailing faith, the doors of progress are open today in the name of Jesus.

Day 2: Obedience unto the Cross

Read Philippians 2: 1-1.

Obedience can be termed as having deep respect homage or submission to a higher authority. Without humility, there cannot be obedience as submission is an ingredient of obedience. In the passage of today, the writer tries to expose us to marks of the normal human being without Christ. That Jesus Christ submitted Himself totally to the will of God, is no more news. That submission led to total obedience to God’s will even to the point of being crucified by ordinary men.

If Christ loves us so much as to lay down His life in obedience to God’s demand for our salvation, how should we appreciate His love? By imitating Him as obedient children and being submissive to God’s demands all the time. Is verse 11 true about you? Are you still in your former condition?


I receive Your grace to resist being conformed to the patterns of this world but to be transformed by the renewing of my mind to excel in Your service and ministry in Jesus’ nam

Day 3: Trust Him

Read Isaiah 50:4-11.

What is Trust? Think of strong or confident in the goodness, strength, and reliability of something or somebody in something. If we go by that definition, can we put our trust in human beings? What is your answer? Let me remind you of what the scripture says about your answer (Micah 7:5; Psalm 62.9-10)

Trusting in God is the only way to secure peace of mind that will lead other success in all areas of life. Let’s remind ourselves of the great gain go putting our trust in the Lord. (Psalm 21:7; 37:5;125: 1;56:3; Proverbs 29.2s as Psalm 62:8). Job had confidence in God and he confessed this as recorded the Job 13:15. What kind of trust do you have in God the Almighty? We need to be aware that nobody or anything can be trusted without being disappointed. Only God is trustworthy, come to Him through that most trusted friend Jesus and you will never be put to shame.


O Lord, be my refuge and strength in this month in the name of Jesus. Trust that will give me value is my portion in the name of Jesus.

Day 4: God’s Pleasure

Read Psalm 147:1-1.

The Psalmist who used to praise God almost in all situations is here challenging us not to praise the LORD alone but to be ready to fear Him1in the opening of today’s text, he mentioned some of these great things the LORD has done in vs.1-6, in vs. 7, he again tells us to sing praises unto God before mentioning some other goodness of God to making vs 8-10. In verse 10, the writer reminds us that though the Lord made both the horse and the leg of men, He takes no pleasure in them. God takes pleasure in those who fear Him and hope/trust in His mercy vs.11; Psalm 35: 27; 103: 21 and 147: 4.

The question we need to ask ourselves is if God who made the horse and the leg of man takes no pleasure in them why we should take pleasure and trust and material things? Be warned that only those who fear God can have His attention to supply all their needs and take them to His heavenly abode.


Oh My Lord, supply all my needs today so that I can have your pleasure in the name of Jesus.

Day 5: His Word

Read Psalm 119:17-24.

Word is so strong and important. In Genesis human beings started to realize the importance of the Word. God said Let there be light and there was light vs. 1. (Gen.1:6,9,11,14,20,24,26,29). God spoke(Word)and things we can see came out from nothing. Is word is important? YES.

The Psalmist in the passage of today knows the importance, power, and goodness of the word of God. He then promised to obey that word. As important as the word is, people are not so much serious as to think about the consequences of their sayings. They never take even their own words seriously and this has led millions of people to one calamity or the other even to death. We fail to take God’s words seriously and we have missed many blessings. Note the request the Psalmist in vs.12 and his estimate of himself in vs.3.We cannot be saved be successful without the incarnate WORD of God-JESUS CHRIST.


Father, let your word dwell in me always in the name of Jesus Christ. Every agent of God tampering with my life shall be conquered by your word in the name of Jesus.

Day 6: Crucified between two Bandits

Read Mark 15:21-32.

The picture of the highest point of God’s love for mankind is seen in this passage. After many miscarriages of judgment, maltreatment, insult, and dehumanization, the only Saviour of the human race was crucified and hanged on a tree between two notorious robbers.

What can we say about the statement of His enemies in vs 30? Come down from the cross and save yourself. He (Jesus) did not come to save Himself but to save us, to demonstrate His Father’s and His love to us. What lesson can we deduce from this picture of the cross? That all handwriting against us has been nullified between two robbers should teach us that all problems have been taken care of by the Saviour Jesus. Do you believe it?


Prayer that all the handwritten hands of evil concerning shall be now nullified today in the name of Jesus.

Day 7: Jesus Slept in the Tomb.

Read John 19:38-42.

Jesus Christ surrendered Himself for the redemption of humankind, and having completed the assignment, He said it was finished. He bowed His head and gave up his spirit. All these happened so that the scripture would be fulfilled. After the death of Jesus, Joseph the Arimathea accomplished by Nicodemus asked Pilate for the body of Jesus. These two are secret disciples of Jesus, they gave his body a befitting treatment and laid it in the tomb. You as His disciples, what have you done for Him? He has suffered for you, he laid down His life for you, and He is expecting you in return to give your life to Him completely, are you ready?


Pray that politicians will have the interest of the populace at heart and will not pursue selfish interests.

Day 8: Jesus Resurrected from the Dead.

Read John 20:1-10.

If Christ had not been resurrected, our faith would have been in vain, but glory to God in the highest because all the predictions about Our Savior came to pass. Jesus Himself said that he was the resurrection and the life, He who believed in Him will live, even though he died” John 11:25.

Early on the third day, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb to check the body of Jesus, but surprisingly, she discovered that the big stone had been rolled away, she went to inform Peter and the other disciples, and they all beheld the empty tomb. Jesus was no longer there He has risen, as He said that He will be crucified and rise on the third day, the tomb cannot hold him, He is the Lord over all things, living and non-living, Halleluyah. He has risen!


Oh Jesus, you resurrected from the dead, everything that is dead on my body, let it resurrect today in the name of Jesus.