There are people in life whose lifestyles can be emulated. They are people to recommend to others in terms of good records. The following are good examples in the Bible. Read about them and meditate on them.

1. Aaron: A Man with God Team Spirit

Read Exodus 4: 10-17

In age, Aaron was older than Moses. However, throughout the time they were performing the assignment God gave them, nobody could see it in his actions. Moses was always the leader and Aaron followed him. He had such a team spirit, ready to work with others in accomplishing God’s purpose. He never struggled with Moses for the position of leadership.

Meditation: These days, many people, even in God’s business are not like this. Everyone wants to be number one even when God has not called them to be. People, even in the church find the difficult to cooperate with others to get things done to the glory of God. No wonder why we have many mushroom churches and ministries. Everybody wishes to be seen and addressed as “Daddy G. O.” (General Overseer). Everybody wants to be seen in the forefront, not just following another person. It is time we sat down to find out the purpose of God for our lives. Another man’s business done here on earth will not have any record with God. Such will not attract God’s reward when we get home. Brethren, are you called by God or your stomach? Are you overambitious about becoming a “General Overseer” or a disciple of God? Beware! Stay where God has placed you and be useful.

2. John: A Humble and Honest Minister

Read John 1: 19: 28

John was sent to come and prepare the way for Jesus. He did not go beyond his boundaries. He did just what God had asked him to do. However, his lifestyle was so challenging that people took him to be Jesus. This is a great challenge for those of us calling ourselves Christians today. Moreover, because people were confused, they needed to ask about his true identity. He gave them an honest response that he was not the Christ. Many Christians today call themselves who they are so that people can respect them. We need to be careful.

Meditation: Beloved, are you honest and humble? We could still learn humility from John. Despite all that God had done through Him, he told the people that another person coming behind Him was preferred before Him. He did not exalt himself beyond measure. He was so humble. We should note that in this corrupt generation, God expects us to be different. May God be sufficient for us.

3. Demetrius: A Man with Good Report

Read 3: John 11: 14

Whatever man does in life, people are watching closely. As opportunity comes, they say one or two things. Everyone must therefore consciously look into the way he/she lives because people will surely give comments one day. As touching Demetrius, the most challenging thing is that ALL men reported about him without any exception. People at home, in place of work, in society, in the church, etc. nobody gave any negative comment. He was good at all. So, amazing in fact, he had a good report of the truth itself. The elders could also testify to it. He had the commendation of both young and old.

Meditation: Beloved, if your name is mentioned today, what do you think will be the comments of people? In what area of your life have people been complaining? Isn’t it necessary to sit up, adjust, and call upon God to work on the weak areas of your life?

4. Paul: An Industrious Apostle

Read 1 Corinthians 15: 1-10

The Bible states that if a person is diligent in his business, he or she shall stand before kings, he or she shall not stand before mere men (Proverbs 22: 29). God is hardworking and he hates laziness. He expects us to be upright in all we do to make known to the whole world the son of whom we are. Apostle Paul began the spiritual journey late but he ran and overtook others he met on the way. He did not receive the grace of God in vain.

Meditation: What is it that God has allowed you to lay your hands on? Let your watchword be “Be diligent in business, be fervent in spirit, and be serving the Lord (Romans 12: 11).

5. Jethro: A Good Counselor

Read Exodus 18: 13-24

Moses was a very busy man, especially with what God committed into his hands. People came unto him for judgment from morning to evening. It never occurred to him that he could delegate authority to some people. He was doing it all alone. This is the true picture of many leaders today, even pastors. Maybe they do not believe that people can get things done effectively and satisfactorily. Such should remember that if they are off the scene today, another person will perform the assignment and can do it even better.

Meditation: Jethro gave a good counsel and Moses hearkened. The work became easy for him. What type of counsel do you give to leaders or people around you? Is it what they love to hear or a right counsel? Learn to render helping hands by giving the right and godly counsel.

6. Daniel: An uncompromising Steward

Read Daniel 1: 1-8

What a great delicacy offered Daniel and his people! It was what some people were looking for an opportunity to have. The king’s rich and dainty food and wine! Many will even want to bribe their way into the palace all to be able to have a portion of the royal food. However, Daniel, on behalf of himself and his people determined and rejected it. This was a costly resolution, rejecting a free-of-charge offered by the king, not minding what the consequence would be, but having great faith in God that all would be well.

Meditation: This is a great challenge to people of faith today, what is the “King’s meat” that has been to seal your mouth from saying the truth? Others may take it but you must not. You are different. Reject every offer that will not glorify God. Every offer that will spoil the name of Christ you bear. Beware, the “king’s meat”, most at times, are devil’s traps to take you away. Are you not falling prey day by day?

7. Moses: A Man after God’s Heart

Read Numbers 27: 12- 13

We cannot talk about the weaknesses of Moses and leave his exploits. If you were Moses whom God asked to peep into the Promised Land before he died, can you be courageous or tenderhearted enough to still God for replacement? One of the things that Moses should be credited for was his readiness to always do the will of God in every situation. It should be noted that throughout his life on earth, he will never take any decision on his own. In every situation, Moses will always go to God to ask for the next line of action. This is highly commendable.

Meditation: Many Christians today will take steps and just go to God to rubber stamp it. No wonder many people fail in their endeavors. One thing about God is that whatever He does not initiate, He will not sponsor. When the devil is ministering to some people, they will keep saying, “God I thank you” because they cannot distinguish between God’s voice and the devil’s. They are used to it. To be able to make it in life, let God’s injunction be your desire. God bless you.

8. Samuel: A Man with Clean Administrative Records

Read 1 Samuel 12: 1-5

With silence on his weaknesses, Samuel has been part and parcel of the Israelites right from childhood before he became their leader. There was therefore nothing that he could hide from them. They knew him very well. He posed great questions to them here as found in verse 3. Their response in verse 4 was highly amazing and encouraging. He even made God witness vs. 5. He was a just and honest leader who could be recommended as an example for leaders in the church and outside.

Meditation: Friend, how many Christians today can boldly come out like this in the church, in our home homes, places of work, etc.? This is God’s expectation. Honesty and integrity should be the watchword of Christian leaders. We must not join other multitudes to do evil. Do not embezzle, steal, or defraud. It is against God’s will. Wherever God has placed you, please stand out.


It is good to have and maintain good records in life. When you have a good name and reputation, People will begin to reckon with you. Emulate the traits and attributes of the giants above.