I have come across some women discussing the characters and virtues of women. There are women whose qualities and characters can be emulated. In this meditation, eight (8) women whose lifestyles can be emulated in the Bible have been discussed below.

1. Eve: A Helpmate Indeed

Adam was first created by God (Genesis 1: 26) and the Garden of Eden was handed over to him to keep and still. To keep him company and to fulfill the mandate of God, Eve was created. She was referred to as a helper. The role she played was very well until she stepped out of her boundary.

Even helped Adam in the garden; she was a good associate. Even at their fall, she never divorced her husband. She shared the joy and pleasure as well as the pain and downfall with him. Are you a helper to your spouse? What kind of helper do you render (if any)?

2. Deborah: A Courageous Woman

She is a responsible and God-fearing woman that is well known for her commitment to God and others, most especially her immediate family. Deborah was a wife as well as a judge by calling. Being referred to as the wife of Lappidoth shows that she governed her home well and never allowed her work as a judge to mingle with her God-given assignment in the home, instead, they complement each other.

She was fearless, honest, and judged with the fear of God. No wonder, she ventured to go where men feared to tread. Though not a warrior, she led experienced warriors to battle. God expects Christians to be bold and courageous. In your chosen career, be a good example. Let people’s testimony about you give glory to God.

3. Sarah: A Supportive Wife

“Behind every successful man is a woman” is a popular saying. But many do not believe in the saying that it is true. Mother Sarah was very supportive of all that her husband did. When they were to host the angels, the husband rushed to her because he had full confidence in her (Proverbs 31: 11).

No wonder throughout their period of sojourning in life the man. Abraham never joked with her. Many will wonder why Abraham harkened to the voice of his wife (Genesis 16: 2), it was because through thick and thin the woman was very supportive.

The contrary was the case of Lot’s family. The wife was nowhere to be found when the husband had divine visitors. The visitors were single-handedly taken care of by Lot.

These two families represented many Christians’ homes today. There are some so-called Christian homes where fathers do things separately and the wife does the same. While on the other hand are Christian homes where wives/mothers are very supportive of their husbands and children. Many men have nobody to hurry back to, no comforting or outstretch-out arm to lean on in times of trouble. May God Almighty work upon the lives of our mothers and make them pillars of support for our homes in Jesus’ name.

4. Mary: A Secretive Woman

Not many can keep secrets. There are some people with “loose mouth”, they can’t hold their lips. If they are told a secret, they immediately share it with others. On the other hand, are those with “sealed lips”. They are not tale bearers or secret leakers. When you share anything with them, you can be assured that they will keep it. Such people fear God, for “the secret of the Lord is with those who fear Him.”

Many Christians have cut short their destinies because of their inability to keep secrets; many have been battered by the devil because of not keeping their mouth shut. If you cannot keep your secret, you may not keep other people’s secrets. If you cannot keep a secret, you are a city without a wall of protection, Learn from Mary, a secret revealed is destiny endangered.

5. Rebeccah: An Epitome of Humility

Rebeccah was a young lady from a rich family. While many ladies from such background would be proud, arrogant, and independent, she chose to be humble, focused, reliable, and helpful to others. She mounted a camel to her husband’s house but on getting there, she demounted.

No matter who you are and where you are coming from, remember that it pays to be humble. Humility means a state of lowliness and freedom from pride. In Ephesians 4: 2, the admonition is to always be humble.

The humility we are talking about must not be a false one, since God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. And there are many benefits attached to being humble, it makes your home secure, gives you favor in the sight of all, and opens doors of help and opportunities beyond measure.

6. Ruth: The Product of Right Choice

Ruth was from an idol worshipper’s country of Moab but chose to serve Yahweh, the God of Israel. She was faithful to her marriage vows even after the death of her husband. What she had been introduced to, she refused to let go of.

She refused to be lazy or hid under the umbrella of widowhood. Instead, her zeal for hard work paved the way for her and elevated her to the position of the grandmother of Messiah. She was not wise in the eyes of men but took to her mother-in-law’s advice. Her non-entity became somebody at the end of the day.

When it comes to the issue of taking decisions, how do you go about it? Which is important to you, pleasing God or self? Are you faithful to your vows? Remember that you are the product of the choice you make.

7. Naomi: A Woman of Positive Influence

Naomi was the wife of Elimelech and the mother of Mahlon and Kilion. The family left Bethlehem in Judah for Moab to seek greener pastures in times of famine but was met with disaster as the three men in the family died. Naomi was left with her two daughters-in-law, Orpah and Ruth. Though Orpah went back, Ruth clings to Naomi.

One can wonder why the two daughters-in-law cling to Naomi. She must have had a good rapport with them. Which also made the whole town stirred or excited at her arrival? Naomi was a woman of positive influence, lover of others; protector, and embodiment of wisdom; she wanted a place of rest and comfort for Ruth. What kind of influence do you have on people? Do you care only for yourself or others? Do not over-cloud by what you are passing through. Be positive-minded.

8. Elizabeth: A Waiting Mother

While many are fortunate to have their prayers answered immediately, some do not receive any while the majority have to wait. God has his program and each of the content will come to pass in his own time. He can never be too early or too late for “He makes everything beautiful in His own time.” Elizabeth was barren but she kept on serving God together with her husband.

The promised son, John could not come earlier because he must be the forerunner for the Messiah. He must come at the stipulated time to prepare the way for Christ. So, Elizabeth had no choice but to wait for God’s time. (Habakkuk 2:3)

What do you trust God for? Wait on God and wait for it. If it is God, it will be good. If it is from God, it is worth waiting for! Your prayers will be answered and you will testify to the glory of God. Wait on God.