Motivational talks are those that move people and pass information at the same time. They are very rich in content to enlighten, educate, teach moral lessons, and make lives beautiful.


Play around together with your love. Ideally, you should take, say, three breaks away together each year. This is how to nurture love: long walks, a mutual hobby, or playing games – activities that enable you to relax, talk and enjoy. When you have children this will be far from easy but all things are possible with forethought and planning. It depends on what your priorities are. If you intend to stay the course for a happy and romantic marriage you will find the time.


Good news for the fulfillment of our destiny has been considered by God. Evermore, your portions have increased in His vineyard. Your blessings have been multiplied in different directions, success, and achievements throughout your entire life, where joyful songs of praise will never stop.

Rock of Ages is in control, where your promises on earth meet no bounds and be multiplied. Well, during this period God gave me three baskets of fruits: love, peace, and happiness he asked me two share them. Two good friends I love. Darling, please, have all these for yourself.

A word of love gives spice to life; a word from a true friend gives pleasure and happiness to the heart, but the word of God brings light to our lives. Step by step, the journey goes on, little by little it may seem so long. Well, you are the one that gives me hope, encouragement, and the desire of my heart; the heights of your love for me are unlimited. Thank you.  Friend, faithfulness like yours bears no doubts for my cooperation gives much trust.


Jesus Christ died for you and you should live for him to the heavens he ascended your place to prepare; do not miss it. Whatever the pain, God usually sends a rainbow after the rain. Do not work too hard to give yourself the best of everything… instead, make a greater effort to give God the best in you.

If you have a problem, do not say “I have a bigger problem” rather say “Problems, I have a greater God”. Beloved, believe that God opens windows if the door is closed, he always gives us better when we take something away.


When you are pregnant with trust, you will deliver the truth but when it is mistrust, you will always deliver false assertions. In the process of accomplishing a task, let the truth be a keyword in your dictionary. When you do not deal with absolute truth, you deal with wickedness. When you have to take a decision, be guided only by the truth. If there is a need to exaggerate, don’t stain the reputation of someone. Once you carry about falsehood, you cover up with lies and jeopardize your conscience. When you seek to regulate your outward conduct, heaven will supervise your inward thoughts.

Human Relations

When you are praying for money, success, and achievements, pray for human resources. The above wise saying reminds me of a Yoruba dictum saying, “An n wa owo lo a page Iyi lona, bi a ba row on tan, Iyi naa la o fira. Don’t let your relationship with people get eroded because of your selfish attitude. The person you inwardly get angry with maybe your angel. Human relations matter; build and sustain them.


Ultimately, leadership is not gloriously crowning acts. But it is about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when tough times and frustrations clash with enthusiasm. It is also about laying the groundwork for the success of others and letting them rise/shine again. Do you ever notice and think of this in your relationship with your members, subordinates, and team?


I read a review similar to this a very long time ago and I would like to share it with us. Research showed in a Christian paper that many are so selfish to the extent that if  they are not favored by a decision they will say, ‘It is politics.’ But if they are favored, they will keep quiet. Is it not hypocrisy? Many decisions are based on biblical truth, not politics or hatred. There are previews in the bible, but I will just state three. I may not quote anyway.

  1. It is not politics or hatred when the bible says, ‘I don’t choose the qualified but I qualify the chosen.’ This means God does not look as a man looks in choosing His servants. So, if the Holy Spirit led the churches to choose the category of people is not politics or hatred.
  2. It is not politics or hatred when Jesus said, ‘Take away the talent from the unfruitful servant and give it to those who have many.’ This means that god frowns at the people who are not productive in His Vineyard. So, it is not politics or hatred if someone takes no assignment in the churches and someone takes more than one.
  3. God means business when He said ‘Seek ye the kingdom of God and His righteousness…’ This means God needs someone who is 100% ready to do His assignments, the person who will not consider his or her way first. So, it is not politics or hatred if the churches always consider those who are committed to the work of God or willing for the work of God so that the churches can move forward.

To the best of my knowledge friends, I learned there is no need to swim in the pool of ignorance any longer. All that we need is to think of where to amend our ways and be ready for the work of Gog in His vineyards Churches don’t choose officers, position controllers, etc, they choose WORKERS and SERVANT LEADERS. Cool! Every decision is not politics or hatred but the truth of biblical standards.

Judge Less

Mathew 7:3 says, “And why beholdest thou the mole that is in your brother’s eye but considered not the beam that is in thine own eye?” KJV. The verse illustrates and teaches actions rather than talks. Before you judge others, examine yourself first whether you too are not the person to be judged more. Before you say someone is not good, examine yourself first whether you are better. Before you point a finger, examine yourself first whether you too are a testimony of all the points you want to raise. I think the pieces of advice you have to take note of are as follows: Judge less, help more Announce weaknesses less, strengthen the weak more Be slow at talking, and be quick at work It is not bad to observe weaknesses but the way we handle the observations matter Be your brother’s keeper and let 100% love emerge In unity, we can achieve greatly.