Women are powerful weapons in our society because of their influence. They influence the family, the church, and the society they are in. The same application is in the Bible. Many women are positive influences while many are negative influences in the Bible. In the previous article, we discussed women who are positive influences, but in this article, we shall discuss 8 women whose negative lifestyles can teach lessons.

1. Jezebel (1 Kings 16: 29-31)

Jezebel came into Ahab’s life and brought with her all the gods of her land. She was an influential woman who could go to any length to have her way. She was the one reining instead of her husband. Instead of embracing Yalweh the God of Israel and abandoning her idols, she abandoned Yalwen and made all Israelites worship Baal. What a great influence she would have had on that nation if she had accepted God.

Though very supportive they hated to see her husband sad and dejected and slapped him dry of the grace and mercy of God. She became the member the mother of abominations and a bad reference through all ages. She abused God’s talent and power given to her.

2. Mirian (Munbers 12: 1-9)

There are two categories of people you will come across in life: destiny helpers and destiny destroyers. The fact that someone was of help to you yesterday does not mean he cannot be against you tomorrow. Mirian was used to find a temporary place of refuge for Moses while Aaron served as his mouthpiece. Later, Mirian was the one who criticized Moses as touching his choice of life. She was used to being up to fulfill destiny and later she wanted to bring him down to disrupt his God-given assignment, all because of envy.

Be careful how you react when you see people God has used for, prospering. Do not let Satan use you to destroy what you have labored for. In verse 9 of our text, the Bible says, “The Lord was angry with them and he departed”. May God Almighty never depart from us.

3. Job’s wife (Job 2: 8-10)

Can God be cursed? The job was passing through a difficult situation and the only person remaining was his wife. She was the one who advised Job to curse God and died. Paul warned the Corinthians against cursing God in 1 Corinthians 12: 3, for the penalty for doing this, is death. This man who cursed God in Leviticus 24: 11-16 and Naboth who was falsely accused were stoned to death. (1 Kings 21: 13). So, if a wife knows that cursing God will lead to death, how can she advise her husband to do so?

As Christians, we should be careful of any piece of advice we give to people. It should not be anything that will lead to death but encouraging word of life. Anytime anyone is passing through an unpalatable situation, support such a person, render necessary assistance, and let the person know that you are passing through it with him. No man can curse his maker and still be alive. Whether in word, thought, and action; don’t curse God.

4. Sapphira (Acts 5: 1-10)

Sapphira was the wife of Ananias. They were members of the early church in Jerusalem. During the time of giving, they sold a plot of land but lied about the amount. Sapphire collided with her husband to lie to God, she failed to realize that God is all-knowing. She died with her husband in the end.

There are many Christian women today who give wrong advice to their husbands. They love the praise of men more than God; they like people to see that they are doing things for God. Instead of warning their husbands against venturing into evil, they abate them. Do not forget that whatever you sow you will reap. Do not follow others to do it. Sapphira lost her life for supporting her husband to do evil; do not lose your life on ephemeral things of this world and land yourself in hell. Be careful, and support what is good.

5. Bathsheba (2 Samuel 11: 2-11)

She was a young beautiful woman who had a living and loyal husband. While the husband was loyal to God and to her, she on the other hand was flexible at heart. She decided to fall cheap to adultery while some may decide to die instead of falling victim. She reaped the fruit of her adultery as she became pregnant for King David and lost her husband, Urriah.

Are you faithful to your marriage vows? Remember, it is “for better or worse”. When the worse comes, do not back out. It is better to remain faithful and be rewarded by God than to suffer in hell for ten minutes of enjoyment. While Bathsheba received mercy, do you know if you will live to receive such? Beware! Unfaithfulness is a grievous sin against God.

6. Micah (1 Samuel 19: 11-12)

Micah was the daughter of King Saul and the wife of David the King. When her father wanted to kill her husband, she was the one who helped him to escape. But what could have turned a helper to become a mocker? When her husband became king and was dancing before God, the Bible said that she despised him in her heart.

At one time or the other, you have been a source of joy, encouragement, blessing, and comfort to your family, friends, and brethren, Why the change of attitude? Do not forget that the way you treat others is the way God will treat you. Could Michal’s behaviors be a result of envy, jealousy, hatred, schoolboy, or what? The aftermath was that she remained barren throughout her lifetime.

7. Dinah (Genesis 34: 1-7)

A story of a school boy was told, who instead of being in school followed his friends to a night party. At midnight, there was a fight between two rival cu,lt groups, and the boy was mistakenly killed. When the parents were consulted, they said, “We thought he was in school.” There are many dangers attached to wrong associations – they can lead to demotion, death, calamity, deformity, and so on.

Why did Dinah choose to leave the territory of her father for another? Were there no ladies she could move with? Remember that the kind of company you keep will affect your life. Dinah made friends with the daughters of the land (unbelievers) and she was raped. After the event, nothing was heard about Dinah again, her life was ruined. Her destiny was punctured. As you go out today, mind the kind of company you keep. Unbelievers should not be your, close friends.

8. Wife of Lot (Genesis 19: 16-17)

Her name was not known. She was just referred to as Lot’s wife. In Genesis 13: 10, Lot looked at the watered area and chose it, thereby separating himself from Abraham. Later, his wife destroyed the warning of the angels by turning back “to look” at her former city, she became a pillar of salt. It shows that the while, Lot’s wife had been looking back to her past ways of life, pleasure, and worldliness of her city. She has fully committed to the Almighty God, she was all the while looking at her people’s mode of pagan worship.

Instead of looking forward, she was looking backward. Her dog went back to her vomit. No wonder she became a pillar of salt, unuseful to any man. No matter what your past may be, do not at it again. Look forward, and stay focused. We are not like them who draw back unto perdition. We are new creatures in Christ Jesus.

Bear it in mind, forward ever, backward never, till we reach our goal. Honor God with your obedience, you dishonor Him when you disobey.