It is and should be a time of Divine encounter and infilling of the Holy Spirit like never before. Hence, at every Convention-in-Session, whatsoever we will be doing whether in word or deed must be done in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Every messenger coming to the Convention must have this at the back of his or her mind.

Prayers for All Convention Messengers 

. 1. Let us thank God for allowing us to come together again for this year’s Convention-In-Session. Let us pray that

2. God will protect all participants/messengers as they travel for the Convention-In-Session.

3. Pray that God will make this year’s Convention-In-Session an opportunity to meet, learn, and grow in Spirit and as one body in Christ.

4. Let us pray that the Convention begins on April 20th, 2024, May every messenger personally encounter the power of God.

5. Pray that God will help us make new connections and gain wisdom to do the work He has set before us.

6. Let us declare that the purpose of God in the lives of every messenger will prevail in our lives as we gather together.

7. Ask for a daily outpouring of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders during the Convention. Mk. 16:20

8. Pray against distraction during and after the Convention. People will focus on the Lord. Pro. 4:25-27; Col. 3:1-2

.9. Pray against distractions that may hinder people from attending the Convention such as sickness, work, and accident. Ex. 23:25; Deut. 7:15.

10. Let us prayer that as we gather together for this Convention, may we receive help to first seek Him and do His will.

11. Pray that God will magnify the simplicity of the word in our hearts as we listen to His words at this year’s Convention.

12. Let us pray that God will help us to enjoy every moment and to have memories from this year’s Convention that will last a lifetime.

Prayers for All Drivers and Buses That Will Be Used at the Convention

Read Deuteronomy 31.8.

Driving around, whether it’s for everyday errands or for longer trips like driving delegates to the Convention, can sometimes be stressful.  Many drivers have different road experiences that could determine their behaviours on the road. There is nowhere we can go that God is not already present there.  God is with us, even when we drive.  So, it is a natural consideration to pray to God for safety while driving.

13. Thank God for His protective love for all drivers who are coming to this year’s convention.

14. Let us pray that God will help the drivers to stay safe when they are driving.

15. Pray that God will help all drivers who will bring people down to the Convention to stay focused on driving and not get distracted in any way.

16. May God fill all Drivers with His calming Spirit that will surround them as they drive to and from the Convention venue.

17. May each driver be awake, attentive, and aware of their responsibilities as they drive down to and from the Convention venue.

18. Let us pray that all drivers will be patient and focused. Pray that God will keep all drivers safe on the roads.

19. May all drivers coming to the Convention remember that they share the road with others. May they drive with compassion and care.

20. Let us pray that as they drive from their different destinations, may they travel with peace and love and know that you are with them at every turn.

21. Let us pray that God will give the drivers firm hands, attentive eyes, prudence and perfect control so that they may make a good journey.

22. Pray that no drivers coming for the Convention will experience any form of accident, hurt anyone or be the cause of anyone’s death.

23. Let us pray that God will teach the drivers to respect the signs, to use their vehicles for good purposes and to moderate their speed.

 Prayers for Host Community – Lufuwwape 

Read Philippians 4:19.

The development that many communities are enjoying as a lot to do with the kinds of investment and activities that go on in and around the community. For the community where the Baptist International Convention Centre is located, Lufuwape this is not an exception. As a Church, there is a need for the community to experience transformation because we are there as the Light of Christ. Hence, the need for us to remember the host community in our prayers.

24. Let us thank God for the peace and tranquillity that we have been enjoying since the Convention-In-Sessions started holding there.

25. Let us pray that the Glory of God will envelope the entire community through the days of the Convention-In-Session.

26. Pray that the community will experience and peace and bliss of God as it continues to host the Convention-In-Session.

27. Let us pray against opposing forces to the continued existence of the Baptist International Convention Centre at Lufuwape.

28 Pray against intruders from the community on the properties and investment of the Communities on the land.

29. Let us pray for the Light of Christ to destroy every power of darkness holding back in the community.

30. Let us pray that as we gather at Lufewape every year, the community will experience progress in her social and economic lives.

31. Pray for God to raise men of substance and influence from the community who will contribute to God’s work.

32. Pray that through the gather of the Convention every year, the Kingdom of God shall be established in Lufuwape.

33. Let us pray that the hearts of the leaders and the people of the Community will be drawn to God as we gather together to pray and seek the face of God on their land.

34. Pray that God will surround the community with His guiding angels and power.

35. Let us pray that God will visit every house and families in Lufuwape with His power.

God is a master builder, all builders take after Him. He builds by wisdom, establishes by understanding and then finishes and furnishes what He builds with knowledge, you can’t beat Him to it. In consistent with His nature, He gives wisdom, knowledge understanding and grace also to His creation, sons and servants to build for Him. The Baptist International Convention Centre is in God’s plan and purpose and we must key into it.

36. Let us thank God for the very many dedicated and highly skilled men and women who have worked long and hard to bring the Baptist International Convention Centre to where is now.

37. Let us pray to God that as we assemble at the BICC for this year’s Convention, we bow our heads in worship and reverence before God.

38. Pray that the BICC will be the place where we will be gathering place to hear the word of the Lord with power and Grace.

39. Let us pray that from the pulpit of BICC, the name of God will be spoken with reverence and love.

40. Let us pray that may testimonies of God’s divine work spring forth from BICC to all corners of the world as we gather for this year’s Convention.

41. Pray that the righteousness of God will be proclaimed at BICC and every form of evil affecting the people will be denounced.

42. Let us pray that may the words of faith be spoken with boldness and conviction at this centre.

43. Pray that proclamations and declarations of sound doctrine from God will ring forth to the nations.

44. Let us pray that anytime we gather at BICC, God protects it from the storms of nature and the desecrating hand of vandals and destroyers.

45. Pray that God will preserve the BICC from conflict and acts of terrorism. Let us declare that may all who pass by BICC, whatever their religious persuasion, look upon this structure with respect, love, favour and admiration.

46. Pray that God will open the windows of heaven and shower down blessings upon those He has used for the projects at BICC.

47. Pray that God will bring more people that will provide resources for the completion of all works on-going at the BICC

 Prayers for Unity among Baptist Churches

Read 1 Corinthians 1:10.

God calls his people to live in unity with one another, so it is important to make every effort to live together in harmony with everyone. Regardless of beliefs and differences, God commands us to do all in love. In a world where division often steals the limelight, it’s time to unite as one vibrant, loving community.

Give 48. glory to God for calling us into His Kingdom as one family. Thank God for the Baptist Faith that brought us together from different backgrounds.

49. Let us pray that through this year’s Convention in Session, we will work together as a team in unity and harmony; no one will break their rank. Ps. 133: 1-3; Joel 2:7-8.

50. Let us ask for God’s help to set aside our differences and look to the greater cause, the cause of Christ.

51. Let us pray that God will forgive us for the times we’ve allowed our desires to overshadow His will for our Churches.

52. Let us pray for the Spirit of unity to prevail in our midst, that in spite of our differences, we would be willing to stand strong together and live out our days with compassion and grace.

53. May God remind us to live in awareness of our assignment, to redeem the time, listen to His words, and be willing to make a difference in our generation as one body in Christ.

54. Let us pray that God will empower us to set aside our differences and to come together, as we focus on the purpose and mission He has set before us.

55. Let us pray that God will graciously grant us wisdom and understanding to overcome our differences and embrace one another as His children.

56. Let us pray that God will bless our leaders and grant them humility, that they may guide us towards unity and harmony in His name.

57. Pray that God will pour out His Spirit upon us, that we may live in unity, sharing His Love and Grace with the world. Let us pray that God will soften our hearts and remove any stubbornness that hinders our unity.

 Prayers for Expansion of the Mission Work of NBC 

Read Matthew 9:38.

We are encouraged to pray fervently that God would raise up additional labourers so that men and women around the world would come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. For truly in our days “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” (Matthew 9:37).

58. Thank God for the Mission exploits of the Nigerian Baptist Convention for the past 110 years.

59. Give glory to God for all the Missionaries of the Convention God is using to bring in more souls into God’s kingdom.

60. Pray that God will help us as a Denomination to see opportunities to share the Good News with those around us.

61. Let us pray that God will open our eyes as a body to those who need Salvation, and to give us the boldness to approach them with the message of salvation.

62. Let us pray that God will Grant us the wisdom and discernment to be effective witnesses of God’s love and grace.

63. Pray that God will empower our churches to embark on missions and evangelism and become a shining beacon of hope and love to their communities and beyond.

64. Let us pray that God will help us as a Convention to make the task of Missions and Evangelism a priority in this new era of Newness.

65. Pray that God will empower us to be steadfast in our mission, even when we face rejection or ridicule.

66. May we be reminded that the Love of God transcends all obstacles and that in God, we have already claimed victory.

67. Let us pray that as we labour in God’s vineyard in Soul-Winning, we keep our focus on the eternal rewards, not the earthly challenges.

68. May God help us to remember that our true purpose is to bring glory to His Name and to expand His kingdom.

69. Let us pray that God will empower us to be bold in our witness for Christ, embracing opportunities to share our faith with those around us as well as equipping us with the tools and resources needed to communicate God’s life-giving message effectively.

70. Pray for the physical safety and well-being of our missionaries and their families, asking for God’s protection in their travels, daily activities, and interactions with people in unfamiliar environments.

71. Pray that as we meet at this year’s Convention in Session, the Missions work of NBC will further be strengthened by God.

Prayers for Manifestation Of God’s Power at the Convention in Session

Read Mark 11:24.

The annual Convention-in-Session should be a time of impartation and manifestation of God’s power. It should be a time to experience the filling of the Holy Spirit to go out there into the world as light and transform the world for the Kingdom of God to reign. We must pray for God to demonstrate His power at every session of this year’s Convention.

72. Praise the Name of God for another time to gather in His presence as a family at this year’s Convention-In-Session

73. Let us declare that the purpose and power of God’s kingdom will be manifested at the Convention.

74. Pray that we shall all experience open heaven over each meeting, service and ministration during and after the Convention.

75. Let us pray for a daily outpouring of the Holy Spirit with signs and wonders during the Convention.

76. Pray for a push in the Spirit of God to move those sitting on the fence to make the right decision.

77. Let us pray that through this Convention there shall be a total turnaround in all ministries of the Nigerian Baptist Convention and will berth a revival in NBC corporately and individually.

78. Pray for the glory of God to envelope the entire Convention ground. Declare that the glory of the latter house shall be greater.

79. Let us decree daily salvation, deliverance, miracles, notable impact and undeniable manifestation of God’s Power in our midst.

80. Pray that as God manifest powerfully in our midst at the Convention, we will break out into new levels spiritually, financially, materially and numerically from this Convention.

81. Pray that every minister will minister in the grace and power of the Holy Spirit.

82. Let us pray for as many of us that will partake at this Convention may our lives takes a new shift; there shall be a total turn around for us and our families.

83. Let us pray that at this Convention, the power of God will manifest in our spiritual lives, finances, health and families