God knows his plan for everyone and His plan is the best for us. The plan is to prosper and to us, not to harm us, and to give us hope and a future (Jeremiah 29: 11). God has a good plan for us and we must do our part too so that those plans can come to pass. To achieve in life, everyone must set their goals. Not to set goals, but how to set them right. There are good factors to consider below to set our priorities/goals right.

1. Prioritize time.

People say time is money. This means that time is priceless. It must be used judiciously. You have to design your program very early to achieve your goals earlier. The earlier the design of your program the faster you achieve it. As a student, time should be precious to you; there is time to read; there is time to study; there is a time to play. You should aware of all these. The time you waste today cannot be regained tomorrow. Your goal should be time-bound and you should remember that time waits for no man. Even the Bible recorded that there was time and season for every purpose under this heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3: 1: 1). How do you spend your time? Are you a time manager or a time waster?

2. Prioritize written documents.

What one writes down cannot be forgotten. It is important to write your set goals down to help you measure them one after the other whether they have been achieved or not. Write the ones to achieve daily, weekly, monthly, and even annually. In the Bible, we learned about the proverb of the talents while Jesus was describing how the Kingdom of God would look like. A father allowed his three servants to trade and achieve at the appropriate periods. The two servants who were given five and two talents wrote and planned to achieve their goals before the arrival of their master. The third servant was not conscious of clever planning. The master came suddenly and each of the servants gave the account of the talents (Mathew 25: 14- 30). Do you have any reminders for your goals when it is time to achieve them? Are you sensitive that if what you put down cannot be forgotten?

3. Prioritize the idea of organization.

To be organized is to be in good sequence. Your goals are to be arranged sequentially in the way they will be achieved daily, weekly, monthly, and annually. This will reduce distractions and the organization will also put you in check always. You will often be aware of whether you have achieved the set goals or not. It will help to build your efficacy. Our God too should be emulated. God is a perfect organizer. He organizes heaven and earth beautifully. He made every creature from the first day to the fifth day until He made man last. When it is the seventh day, He rested (Genesis 1: 1-31). What a wonderful organization! Are you organized at all to achieve your goals?

4. Prioritize your future.

The best thing for serious students is to set future goals, not only to pass the exams. Your decisions start from choosing the preferred department with which you are talented. Make the right department. Do not choose the department or course because your friends are in that department. Remember, you are going to school to be a better person, not necessarily to get a grade. Make the right decision because the decision you make today will attract your tomorrow. Joseph as a young person in (Genesis 37, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, and 50) understood the priority of the future. He was not moved by all persecutions, problems, and troubles that came on his way in the presence. He denied himself of any vices and ills and immoralities. He saw his future from the beginning and pursued it until he became the second in command in Egypt What a glorious future! Do you work on your future at all? How do you plan for your end result?

5. Prioritize your ambitions.

Ambitions drive you to motivation. Do is not let every attraction be a distraction to you. Try to know your ambitions and oil them. It is your ambition that chooses your courses and class, not your class or courses that will choose your ambitions. Your ambition will help you to build from one particular stage to another to become a better person. God Himself entered into a covenant with David. The covenant was God’s voluntary decision to make David’s lineage continue to produce kings who would lead the Israelites. The magnitude of the covenant is that it includes the coming of Christ who will be born through the lineage of David (Psalm 89: 29). It is a good ambition! Try to discover ways to reduce your goals and learn how to balance your study with your ambitions. Do not follow the crowd, but be a creative person.

6. Prioritize your relationship with people.

The relationship is very important in achieving your goals. It is not possible to achieve isolation. Someone helps someone to achieve in life. Learn how to accommodate people that can mentor you to achieve your goals. A tree, they say, cannot make a forest. You need mentorship to achieve your goals; either direct or indirect mentorship. You also need God to put you through. You your and parents too can be of help to achieve your goals through their experience and knowledge. People’s and community relationships escaped Mordecai from a serious death. There was a conspiracy to kill the Jews and Esther used her influence to stop the situation. If there was no relationship between Esther and Mordecai before, it might not be possible to achieve that (Esther 4: 5-17). Do you relate at all? How much or far have maintained and sustained relationships?

7. Prioritize your health.

It is good to work hard all day, but you still need to find time to rest. This is because no man in the grave can achieve a goal. Do not overwork and overstress yourself. For instance, if you are a student, prepare your reading timetable to accommodate the time for a rest. If you are an employer, create a time to rest. When you rest, your life will be long to achieve your set goals. Even the Bible says that we should come unto Him all that is labor, He shall give us the rest (Mathew 11: 28). How many hours have you scheduled for your rest? This is very important.

8. Prioritize your finance.

Most of the set goals cannot be achieved when money lacks. From the experience, it has been found that several set goals and stated objectives are based on finance to achieve them. Therefore, know what you spend your money on. Do not spend on unnecessary things and what that will not fetch you any value. Cut your coat according to your cloth. There are many things you have to forgo, not because you do not need them but because you have a priority to spend on. You are advised to spend wisely to avoid wastage. God also cherished the involvement of money in making things done. That is why He said in (Malachi 3: 6-11) that we should bring all the tithes to the storehouse so that there may be meat in His house. Do you plan how to spend your money to achieve your goals quickly?

9. Prioritize determination.

Many people do not have determination concerning their goals. They use what they hear; what they watch; what they read at times to measure their goals. Most often, they apply the lifestyles of actors or actresses in the films or movies they watch to determine their lifestyles. It is not bad to be current or to watch someone’s lifestyle, but the current or someone’s lifestyle must not determine our determination in achieving our own goals you have set. Ruth had God’s favor as a reward for her determination to the God of Israel who had become her personal God through her marriage to an Israelite. Her determination to relocate with Naomi eventually positioned her to become the great-grandmother of Jesus Christ (Ruth 4: 9-17). Are you a determined person or a person who is easily discouraged? It will be difficult for a person who is not determined to achieve his/her goals


The above are nine factors to consider in setting our priorities and goals right. If they are applied, I believe our goals or priorities set will be achieved.