Impacting More Lives Ministry was conceived during a Bible reading as God spoke to me to work with the Ministers of God to impact more lives throughout the world.  There are many ministers who are supposed to win more souls and have more impact on the people globally. However, they are restricted because the tools they need are not readily available. After several years God has been speaking to me in this ministry, and I refused to listen. He then went further to send different servants of God to me from different people, even a person through my wife.  The refusal of the calling deprived me of my requests from God. I concluded that it was the time to answer the call and I eventually accepted to work further for Him.  God clearly told me to use the talents, gifts, knowledge, training, skills, and tools I was endowed with to evangelize, win more souls, and impact more lives positively. Not only all the key areas I have mentioned earlier, I was also inspired to help all the ministrations coming through the ministers of God to expand the kingdom of God using publishing and communication tools such as print media and electronic media, search engines such as Google, social media and so on which more people will have access to globally.

The vision of the ministry is large. The main target of Impacting More Lives Ministry is to evangelize, convert people from ungodly activities to godly ones, win more souls, and bless more people both online and in any fellowship of God. The activities will curb or control ungodly activities and vices that have pervaded the hearts and minds of people, especially the youth of nowadays online. If the gospel ministrations are many on Google, search engines social media, and other tools online than ungodly activities, people will turn to Jesus like a Samaritan woman.

The ministry covers the scope of prayer ministrations, teaching the word ministrations, music ministrations, devotional ministrations, Christian event ministrations, and a lot more.  The scope of the ministrations is welcomed by the ministers of God who are interested in both texts and/or videos.


Rev. Dr. R. A. Amuda (Retired from New Eruwa Baptist Church, New Eruwa)

Rev. Dr. Bamidele Oyekola (Ibadan Conference President)

Rev. Dr. S. A. Okunlola (Coordinator, Christian Education, Ibadan Conference)

Rev. Adebayo Abraham (Retired, Abraham’s Faith Ministry Intl, Marriage/Family Counselor and Relationship Therapist)

Rev Niyi Peter Ajibade (Halleluyah Baptist Church, Agbaje-Ijokodo, Ibadan)

Rev. J. O Ayoola (Present Pastor, New Eruwa Baptist Church, New Eruwa)

Prof. Pastor S. A Olakojo (Truimphant Baptist Church, Owode, Ibadan)

Pastor Goke Adesoye (Sound Foundation Assembly, Sagbe, Ibadan)                                                              )

Dn Niran Ojewole (Chairman, Emmanuel Deacon Fellowship)

Mrs Tayo Okeleye (Truimphant Baptist Church, Owode, Ibadan)

The portfolios and recommendations of each of the mentors will be added when they are ready.


Adeola A. Adelakun is a Baptist Ordained Deacon and Teacher of The Word working tirelessly for God in churches and fellowships of children of God.

For years, he has served and is serving in the capacities of Coordinator, Discipleship Lifestyle, Auditor, Youth President,  Baptismal Coordinator, Secretary to the Financial Budget and Planning Committee (FBPC), Chairman, Career Guidance Committee, Bible Study Coordinator/Chairman, BSF Adviser, Head, Publications, Publicity, and Public Relations and Sunday School Superintendent.

Adeola Adelakun has received Discipleship Lifestyle training and others accompanied by the award of certificates in Six Lessons, Follow the Master, Master Life, etc. He has worked as a Sunday School Superintendent for 10 years. One of his core deaconship ministry portfolios is Bible Study of all which equipped him for in-depth Bible study, internalization, and impartation. Currently, he has more than 250 articles on prayers, messages, teaching, meditations, motivational talks, and lots more on his BLOG.

He also obtained a Bachelor of Education (BE.d) and Master of Arts (MA) in English from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and a Certificate in Negotiation (A Certified Negotiation Specialist) at Transatlantic Negotiation School of Business (TNSB) USA.

He is a sound and resourceful academic, educationist, administrator, editor/writer, and entrepreneur. He has presented faith-related, academic, and business papers at churches, seminars, workshops, and conferences on different disciplines/subject matters. Currently, he has more than 15 school and scholarly publications and more than 400 articles on education, business, finances, jobs, technology, and teaching and learning of which they have been contributing to the knowledge in our society.  These are EDUCATIONAL and BUSINESS sites.

Adeola Adelakun delivers lectures on faith-related, academic, and business-researched topics. You can contact him during seminars, workshops, conferences, and training in your church, school, and business organization.

He is married to Deaconess Ayobami Adelakun and blessed with MojolaJesu Adelakun. Deaconess Ayiobami Adelakun is a leader in the children’s church of Halleluyah Baptist Church, Agbaje-Ijokodo, Ibadan. Her deaconship ministry portfolios are children and music.

Deacon Adeola Adelakun