A good building contractor would understand that the higher the building project, the deeper the foundation of the building.  This gives the picture of the reason behind the longevity and permanency of the universe; God laid the foundation and rules overall.

In Genesis 1:26a the Bible says, “Then God said, ‘Let Us make….”God is One, yet He is revealed in the Bible as the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Christ is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. By Him, all things were created which attest to it. He has been before the world began. ┬áHe will continue to be when the world will no longer be in existence. He sits at the right hand of God, His Father and rule forever.

The good news is that everyone who has accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord will also reign with Him in His glorious kingdom in the coming new heaven and new earth. Are you born again? There is no alternative to accepting and believing in Him. He created you and He is the only One who knows all about you. That unpleasant situation you are going through may be due to your refusal to yield to Jesus Christ. Think about it.

Insight: Think about the life after death. Make the Eternal Ruler your best friend.

Prayer: Thank You, God, for making Jesus Christ the Creator and eternal ruler of the earth.

Have experienced and enjoyed the presence of God on many occasions. One such occasion was when armed robbers came a few years ago, to the compound where I reside. Out of the six flats in the compound, five were robbed but God’s presence kept them away from my flat. To God be the glory.

In the bid to restore the original relationship He had with man(generic), God had sent many prophets and priests to talk about the imminent birth of Jesus Christ. One of these people who spoke forth and spoke for God was Prophet Isaiah.

In today’s passage, God sent Isaiah toking Ahaz to prophesy about the birth of the Messiah. Isaiah was telling Ahaz that though we have been far away from God, the birth of this Messiah would bring the world back to the presence of God to restore the broken relationship we have with God as a result of the fall in the Garden of Eden, Jesus Christ is the sign of God’s presence. He is God with us -Immanuel.

God is always with His people but that does not automatically translate to His presence. You need a personal, consistent and cordial relationship with God to enjoy His unfailing presence.

Insight: You will not be taken away from the presence of God when you hold on to God.

Prayer: Dear God, may I enjoy the fullness of your presence always in Jesus’s name,

I would like you to read the following hymn and listen to those in the videos so that your heart will still be thirty to heaven. They are the hymns pointing to heaven.

Hymn: Historical background and explanations

Once upon a time, there was a man called Thomas Teller. He was an English Bible student in the seventeenth century. He prayed to God that he wanted a better voice so that he could praise God with it. Thomas also asked God to give him a new heart. He wanted to make a melody to God. He also desired to be a part of the choir of heaven at the end of his life on earth. He prayed that God should give him a more harmonious voice in praising God. His prayer is the theme of the song in today’s lesson. You can also desire to tune not just your song to God but much more to your heart.

Background History of the Hymn and its Writer

The author of the hymn “Come, Let Us Tune Our Loftiest Song” is Robert A. West (1809-1865). Robert A. West was a lover of music. He was an editor and author. He was born in England in 1802 and he died in 1865. In 1843, Robert travelled to America and was made the official reporter of the general conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1844. He was also one of those appointed in the conference to prepare a standard edition of the Methodist hymn book. The Methodist Episcopal church used the collection that appeared as hymns in 1849. Robert A. West contributed two hymns: “Come, Let Us Tune Our Loftiest Song”(praise of Jesus)and “Now, Lord Fulfill Thy Faithful Word”(on behalf of ministers). John Hatton composed the tune of Duke Street used for the song. The Duke Street tune was first published in Henry Boyd’s select collection of psalm and hymn tunes in 1793. However, the lyrics (words)of the song were written by Robert A. West.

The mind of Rober A. West was expressed in the song He knew that Cind Sturming Fork does heaven. Once a person’s heart is tuned to heaven, he or she will praise Jesus genuinely we sing the first stanza of the hymn

Come. let us tune our loftiest song

And raise to Christ our joyful strain:

Worship and thanks to Him belong,

Who reigns and shall forever reign.

Stanza one is a call to praise God. A call that is pointing to Jesus who is worthy to be praised heart full of thanksgiving. There is a need to thank Him for what He has done in the past and present and what He will do in the future. We must thank Him because His reign is eternal.

His sovereign power our bodies made:

Our souls are His immortal breath;

And when His creatures sinned

He bled to save us from eternal death.

Robert West in stanza two, realised that God made us male and female(Genesis 1:26-28). He breathed life into us(Genesis 2:7) and we became living beings. Because He made us, our bodies belong to Him. So we should not make a habit of sin. By His death, we are saved from the condemnation of sin, which is eternal death. Therefore, you can ask Jesus for forgiveness whenever you sin. Know that you belong to God. So use your body, soul and spirit to serve God.

Bum, every breast with Jesus’ love,

Bound, every heart with rapturous joy;

And saints on earth, with saints above,

Your voices in His praise employ.

Extol the lamb with loftiest song;

Prolong for Him your cheerful strain;

Worship and thanks to Him belong,

Who reigns and shall forever reign. Amen.

Stanza three and four expressed the joy of salvation that one has from accepting Jesus as the kingdom of God(Matthew 28:18-20). The Gospel will turn sinners into saints. This praises God. God alone has no beginning and end.

Conclusion: As a child disciple, you should love to praise God not just with your voice people preserved to praise God and share the good news of His kingdom and flee God’s kind of love on earth (John 13:35). Will you begin to praise God as from today both in the morning Make up your mind to serve God with your life now. Talk To God: Lord, make me an instrument of your praise.

  1. West was the author of the hymn
  2. John Hatton composed the tune ‘Duke Street’. True/False
  3. The author loved music. True/False
  4. Where was Robert A. West born?
  5. How many songs did he contribute to the Methodist hymn book? Name them.
  6. Can you think of the theme of the song?

Hymns: Voices in the video


We have learnt some great lessons from each of the hymns selected this month. There is no form a habit of singing hymns at all times. Sing a hymn during your quiet time, while working in the house and the church. As you sing hymns, it will meet certain needs in your life. Now let us review the hymns you have learnt this week by singing them one after the other. Write down two important lessons you learnt from each hymn for the week.