The issue of the Christian home is central and crucial in the mind of God. He desires that each home will and to the entire world. The Christian home is a tripod of a father, mother, and children. Many factors are confronting Christian homes today because the world we live in is corrupt and depraved. However, Christian influence is paramount to counter the evils of the day and possibly neutralize the negative impacts we are witnessing in our world. Many homes are shattered because the virtue of a Christian home is lacking in our time and generation.

If Christian homes will fulfill their divine mandate of ‘salting and lighting’ the world, then each member of those homes must play his/her role diligently. The father needs to play his role as a head and a burden bearer while the mother must discharge her responsibilities as a homemaker. Children, as God’s gifts, must live exemplary lives that will give honor to God and their parents. Such a home can be cited as an ideal Christian home, serving as a mirror to the larger society. Other related articles about marriage and family are very useful here.

Teach children to know themselves as God’s blessings

The first necessary lesson in every human life is obedience. If this is not well studied and practiced in the home, the child, when he/she grows up, will surely have a hard time and probably receive severe beatings. Those who break the laws of society and the state are those who have first broken the commandment to honor their father and mother in the home. In homes, children should be cherished as God’s heritage and precious gifts. They are reflectors and ornaments of the home. They are the focal point of love and care in the family most times, children are under-rated, but a close examination shows that children could play major roles in the family to which they belong. Children’s activities vary as they change from one stage to another in their development. How can children perform their roles in the home to make it a better place for them and their parents? What can parents do to curb the excesses of worldly distractions in their children?

The Scripture makes it clear that children are blessings from God, Psalm 127-5). They are very important in the sight of God. This is the reason He demands foe on chess between a man and his wife in a relationship that godly children may result from their marriage. It is such children that can reflect and carry out God’s purpose here on earth. As earlier mentioned, the children in a home he a thirdstand of the tripod that makes the family stand. God’sfrom the beginning is that children will be a blessing and not as of sorrow (Genesis 1:27-28; Psalm 128.3-4)

Children must be God-fearing, not stubborn and sensual. They must respect their parents and others who are older than them radiance is another key to successful Christian living. Humility and a grateful heart are other virtues that children need to cultivate as they grow to take leadership positions in every stratum of human endeavor (1 Peter 5:5-6). They must be kind-hearted towards their parents and in fact, to all as God will enable them. This, they can achieve by not bringing strife to the household or despising their parents(Micah 7:6; Proverbs 30:11). Samson was not a good example of a godly child. He flagrantly disobeyed his parents despite being warned not to marry from a heathen tribe. Do we not still have people like Samson in our generation? How many”Daniels” and”Samuels” do we have around us that are godly children?

Teach children to see themselves as Reflections of a Godly Family

As said earlier, God never desires that any child should be a source of sorrow to his/her parents. Children are meant to help their parents in fulfilling God’s mandate for their lives. The expression and reflection of a godly family are seen in the children. If, however, the home is shattered, it has some multiplier effects on the children through their actions and behaviors in society. This is the reason why parents must bring up their children in the way of the Lord so they can reflect family virtues and character. There are quite several examples of children who reflected the glory of their families in the Scriptures. Some examples are Daniel and Joseph. Daniel resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine and Joseph ran away from the wife of his master who asked him to have carnal knowledge of her. It is easier for children to resist temptation if they are well brought up. What underlay Daniel and Joseph’s inward disposition and outward manifestation were that they did not forget who they were and what moral lessons they had been taught in their homes. Samson and his like could not be said to be good home reflectors even though were born by godly parents, whereas some godly children came from ungodly parents and reflect godly attributes. An example of such is King Asa. God makes children the focal point of love and care in the family because they are gifts from Him and are held in high esteem by Him. He also promises long children who are obedient to their parents.

Teach children the Biblical examples of home reflectors

We have some exemplary children whose actions demonstrated their character as home reflectors at various times and seasons. They should be models for today’s children who will eventually become tomorrow’s leaders, mothers, and fathers. Looking at some examples of helpful and godly children in the Scriptures will further help children to appreciate their significant roles in the family. Taking care of them, no matter their age will be of great benefit to our children. The child Samuel assisted Eli. He ministered before theLord,even as a child wearing a linen ephod (1 Samuel 2:18). He indeed reflected the character and virtue he was made of because his mother” asked the Lord for him (1 Samuel 1:20).The result of his character is better understood from 1 Samuel 3:19-20. We must not forget to mention that little maid who aided Naaman in regaining his health, deliverance, and restoration(2 Kings 5:2-3) and that lad who gave his lunch to help feed the multitude(John 6:9).

Train the Child

Raising any child is one of the most tasking and challenging things parents can venture into in life; raising a godly child is even more difficult and energy-sapping. Parents, as a matter of duty, must accept this primary responsibility for which they are accountable to God.  It is therefore incumbent on them to do the following:

  • Parents must intentionally teach their children: (Deuteronomy 4: 9; 6: 7; 11: 19-20; Isaiah 28; 9
  • Parents must train their children: Deuteronomy 32; 46; Proverbs 22; 6; 2 Timothy 3: 14-15.
  • Parents must discipline/correct their children in love. Proverbs 13: 24; 19: 18; 22: 15; 23: 13-14; Hebrews 12: 7-9.
  • Parents must control their children. 1 Timothy 3; 2-4.
  • Parents must provide for and nurture their children: 2 Corinthians 12: 14; Ephesians 6; 4.
  • Parents have a duty to love, pray, and have compassion for their children: Titus 2; 4; 1 Chronicles 29: 19; Job 1; 15; Lamentation 2; 19; Psalm 103: 13


The place of children in the home cannot be over-emphasized; their position must not be underrated as they can be used by God to bring peace,joy, blessings, revival, and restoration to troubled homes. Read Psalm 127. Children are reflectors and ornaments of the home if they have an awe of belonging and if they are made to feel significant by being made to know what they ought to know. Love and care must be expressed toParents should accept them for who they are so that they will be free from the pressure of being molded into the persons their parents them to be. They must also be trusted and respected. Whatthey take in is what they will reflect. For them to reflect the virtues of family, they must be taught to reverence and fear God, to be industrious, visionary, intelligent, diligent, hardworking and resourceful, kind-hearted, and prayerful.