God had blessed most men with exceptional wives like Abigail, who do extraordinary things at home and at work. We need to recognize their importance and how they are impacting lives in excellence. These women are strong but also require our support.
Being a strong woman is not about how beautiful she looks. It is about her character. It is her excellent example for others and taking good care of our homes simultaneously. Having power and influence is becoming accessible to more and more women worldwide. Women have been oppressed and forced to abandon many of their natural power and strength sources throughout time. Today, women are easier than ever to embrace their strength.
Some women may ask themselves, though, what is a strong woman? There are certain qualities in women that some men struggle to cope with. These qualities make such women appear too powerful and less attractive to their husbands. As time goes on, issues arise in the home because these characteristics are not understood. What are some of these

She is her fighter

She doesn’t need anyone to fight her battles. She knows how to fight and win. She uses every experience to shape her life. She’ll never expect you to fix all the problems in her life. It is you who that be of help to do it.

She knows what she wants in life.

She aligns her values with het be life to achieve her goals. She will never depend on someone else to make her dream continue because she knows how to get to where she is going. Do not discourage her from doing good because she knows how she is doing it.

She loves honesty and vulnerability

She’s emotionally integrated and honest with those around her, she admits her shortcomings and deals with them head-on. She appreciates vulnerability in others and is vulnerable at times herself. If it is something good, allow her to continue their good character and virtues.

She values Intimacy

She appreciates what being close to a husband has to offer, and she knows that she has an enormous amount of affection and romance to share with her heart. She commits fully to him. A husband should cherish the kind of wife who values intimacy and be with her for encouragement.

She empowers those she cares for.

A powerful woman goes out to empower her husband and family. In a relationship, she requires giving and taking and is confident enough to give a man what he needs, even beyond sex. This is a good virtue of a good woman, She likes to help and empower. A husband should encourage her for this.

She quickly detects lies.

She is a built-in lie detector. She can see through male and female behavior immediately and clearly, and she’s not naive You can’t play games with her mind and affairs because she knows. This kind of woman hates lies. If has the gift to discover lying and will not be contented with his husband if he lies to her.

She Values Integrity, Respect, and Consistency.

Knowing her worth, she doesn’t have time for two-faced people or those who want to manipulate and play with her mind or emotions. She will not put up with the hypocrisy and disrespect. She wants her husband to maintain integrity, respect, and consistency in doing good to her.

She is Intense.

Even though she can be fun, she’s not always the most easygoing person. She will tell you her beliefs, and she won’t apologize. She expects the same from the men in her life too. She wants her husband to apologize first if there is any misunderstanding between them.

She knows her worth and yours too.

knowing what she’s worth, she is a master of seeing the value and potential in others too, and if you are with her, she will nurture that in you and encourage you. She is a potential woman who values his potentiality. A husband must help her improve good potential.

She loves unconditionally.

She will often find the best in those around her and show patience and commitment to loved ones that surpass other people. She is a multi-talented caregiver across the board. Her love for her husband and other people is unconditional.

She’s full of productivity and positivity.

One of the most inspiring things about her is that she’s an engine of productivity and positivity. She always gets things done. And when she looks back at her day, she got a lot done. She is not lazy but hardworking and positive in mind.

She will show you who you are and what you can be.

she instinctively grasps the value and potential of those around her. She sees the best in those around them and challenges and encourages them to reach out. She is like a prophet that will foresee what you can become in the future.

How can you handle such powerful women?

Respect her values-Colossians 3:19: Values are principles by which we live our lives They are the bedrock of who we are and what we become: Understand and respect those values that enable her to be productive and spiritual.

Demonstrate Real Leadership in the Home Cor.11:3, Ephesians 5:23: Headship is shown in leadership, not in gender. Learn to share your vision for the family with your wife and make responsible decisions.

Be self-confident-Ephesians 5:25-31: Several men live with an inferiority complex that snowballs into domestic violence. Be proud of the woman you have married and be confident in her submission

Love her Assertive Nature-Ephesians5:25-31: A self-assertive woman is not proud or egotistic She only carries herself well and is not intimidated by others. Learn to allow her to own her space and project her skills. Be comfortable in her horning her voice and standing out as a unique person in her own right

Live with Her According to Knowledge-1 Peter 3:7: Study your wife to know who she is, as this is the best way to bring out her best You will be your wife’s best interpreter to protect the representation by people.


Where do you need to improve and do better? What are you struggling with concerning your powerful wife>