When we define joy, we can say “happiness” “rejoicing” or “peace”. Whichever one, joy is good and everyone is praying for it.  We cannot live as God expects from us without joy.  However, some factors can make joy die or fade away in us. These are the things this article has taken care of. The researchers, Ministers of God, readers, and Christians will find this article useful. There are Bible verses about joy.

Always rejoice in the Lord.

I do not know what you are going through presently, but all that I know is rejoicing in the Lord. Your victory is in rejoicing and joy you created for yourself. Put off the frown face and let the joy of the Lord show on your face. Read Philippians 4: 4; Isaiah 61: 10.

Joy and peace will be unto you.

God, our hope, will fill your heart and your mind with joy. The peace of the Lord will occupy your heart and your mind. Just believe in the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit. Your hope is sure. Read Romans 15: 13; 14: 17.

Receive the fullness of joy.

If you ask anything from God, God will do it. If you believe that God is in control, He will control your life. If your life is full of sorrow and sadness, God will replace them with the fullness of joy and peace. Your joy will be full and you will become a new agent. Just believe! Read John 16: 24; Psalm 16: 11; John 15: 10-11.

The fruit of the Spirit will manifest in your life.

One of the important fruits of the Spirit is joy. That joy will manifest in your life. It will show in all that concerns you and you will not remain the same in everything you do and you lay your hands on. Read Galatians 5: 22-23.

The joy of the Lord is your strength.

Rejoice and fill yourself with joy. Frown no more and get ready for joy because this is your time to jump for joy. Your joy of the Lord is your strength. You will make and those sicknesses and ailments on your body and heart will fade off suddenly. Read Nehemiah 8: 10; 1 Peter 1: 8-9; 1 Corinthians 16: 27.

Your mourning will turn to joy.

What you are experiencing now is not your real image. Those negative in your life just came and they will go. The reproach will turn to joy; that poverty will turn to dance; that weeping will turn to laughter; that stress will turn to comfort in the name of Jesus. Read Psalm 30: 11.

Receive gladness and joy of heart today.

Let your heart be glad in the Lord Jesus. Trust Jesus for everything. He will answer you and attend to your requests. The gladness and joy of the heart are the health of the body. Your body system will begin to work perfectly if you have peace of mind joy and gladness in your heart. Read Psalm 33: 21; Jeremiah 15: 16; John 16: 22; Proverbs 17: 22; Ecclesiastes 9: 7; Esther 8: 17; Psalm 16: 18-9; Zephaniah 3: 17.

Enter into the joy of God.

The joy of God is the best joy I have ever seen in life. When you enter into the joy of God, good things will begin to happen. What you need to do is to be committed to God’s work and serve God more this year. From there, God will do a thing that will activate joy in your life and the joy will remain forever. Read Mathew 25: 21.

Let your spirit rejoice in the Lord.

Allow your spirit to be full of joy of God.  Your spirit being is connected with your heart and your heart is connected to your body. That is, if something happens to your spirit through unhappiness and sorrow, it will affect your heart and from your heart to your body. Allow the angel of God to increase your spirit to rejoice in the Lord. Read Luke 15: 10; Luke 1: 47.

Let your mouth shout for joy.

There is no what you are going through that someone has not gone through before. Forget it and shout for joy. Let the noises of joy occupy your mouth. God has never forgotten you and your family. He will put new songs in your mouth. Read Psalm 126: 5; Psalm 27: 6; Psalm 71: 23.

Sing for joy.

Our God takes our security and welfare seriously. That is why He Promised protection and refuge. Let us sing for joy for Hid security and protection over us. Rejoice because He is good to us all. Read Psalm 5: 11; Psalm 47: 1.

Everlasting joy will be upon you.

Rest assured; do not be troubled because everlasting joy is around the corner of your life. You will have reasons to sing and your joy and gladness will not end. Your sorrow and sadness will flee from you. You will praise God almighty. Read Isaiah 35: 10; Psalm 32: 11; Psalm 118: 24.

Receive news of great joy today.

Everybody wants to hear news of great joy. News of great joy is inspiring. This is what Jesus Christ Promised us. If you have been awaiting Good and great news that will turn your life and family better, Jesus will give it to you. Read Luke 2: 10.

Receive the abundance of joy now.

Do you know that as a child of God, you have been graced with an abundance of joy? This joy will be overflowed to you all the time and you will experience them in your life. During the tough times and afflictions of your life, this abundant grace and joy will be sufficient for you. Read 2 Corinthians 8: 1-2.

Be overflowed with joy.

Do not worry; believe in God and trust Him. Be bold that you will make no matter the present conditions and situations, you will have victory. God will fill you with comfort and provisions. You will experience an overflowing joy and you will praise God. Read 2 Corinthians 7: 4.

Receive the joy of the Holy Spirit today.

During the time of affliction and sorrow, the Holy Spirit will come to you and speak comfort into your life. The Holy Spirit will speak joy into your heart.  The Holy Spirit will say there is no problem; you will be victorious! Read 1 Thessalonians 1: 6.

Your joy will come.

“Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy will come in the morning.” It does not matter the time, the days, the months, the years you have been nursing sicknesses or diseases on your body. The period you have been in trouble or problem. What matters is that your joy will come right now. Read Psalm 30: 5.

Rejoice in suffering.

God expects us to endure suffering. When we endure during trials, we have the character of God, and the character of God during suffering will produce hope. We should be mature to the stage of hope because hope does not put people to shame. If you face any trial or temptation, count it all joy. Read Romans 5: 3-5; James 1: 2-4.

Rejoice in hope.

When you are waiting for a good thing, wait with prayer. When you are looking up for something, look with prayer. When you are in any tribulation, be patient and be consistent in fervent prayer. Rejoice that new life will. Be expectant that a positive change will come and your status will change. Read Romans 12: 12; Proverbs 10: 28; Romans 15: 13.

Be filled with joy.

Our God is the God of hope. He is ready to fill you with hope. He is also promised joy and peace so that our power of the Holy Spirit may be sufficient for us. Be hopeful. Your joy will come. Read Romans 15: 13.

Cry for joy.

Trust, our joy has come. We have to cry for joy; let us trust God and clap our hands to all the nations because joy has come. We should also cry for joy because our Jesus will still appear in His glory one day to make our hope right. Read Psalm 47: 1.

Receive glorious joy.

Jesus Christ will appear in his glory to give us hope and to make our hope right. We shall be filled with glorious joy when we are taken up by Jesus Christ. This is the result of our faith and the salvation of our souls. Rejoice always. Read 1 Peter 1: 8-9; Isaiah 9: 3.

Your joy will not be taken away.

God will visit you in the position are now. He will not leave alone; He will not leave you to perish; you will rejoice again. No one or nothing will take away your joy and your joy will multiply. Rejoice in the Lord and it shall be well! Read John 16: 22.


We have discussed numerous facts and Bible verses about the joy and joy of God from which all the researchers, the Ministers of God, readers, and Christians will benefit. We believe that the lessons and research you have gotten from this article will be in vain.