The word forgiveness means many things to many people. It is a concept that can be interpreted in different ways. For example, my younger brother or sister offended me. It is because of my maturity, I let go and release him/her in my heart. That is one meaning of forgiveness. Also, a friend of mine hurts and offends me and I frankly call his/her attention to it. And after the settlement, everything between us is still going smoothly. That is another meaning of forgiveness. Any intentional or willing decision that brings about resolutions of resentments and conflicts or brings about peace of mind is known as forgiveness. Research has it that if you do not freely forgive from the heart and release your partner, then several things happen. Spiritually: You will not be forgiven; your prayers will be blocked; you will be bound; the person you do not forgive is also bound; you no longer have God’s wall of protection and the Bible implies that unforgiveness is torture. Physically: Doctors claim that anger and resentment (unforgiveness) predispose the body to high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, and arthritis. So, do yourself a favor, forgive, and release (Mathew 18: 18, 34, 35). This article will be of help to explain more how God is particular about forgiveness.

Jesus God forgave us all, so also we have to forgive one another. This is the kindness and compassion, of Jesus Christ, our perfect example is expected from us all. Forgive so that God can forgive you! Read Ephesians 4: 32; Micah 18: 17; Colossians 1: 13: 14.

Forgiveness against sins

We always sin against God and God forgives us and our offenses. God is happy if we should emulate Him to forgive those who offend us. The implications are, that we shall free our mind from the heart burden and secondly, our heavenly Father will forgive our iniquities or sins. Read Mathew 6: 4; Ephesians 1: 7-8.

Forgiveness against grievances

The only way we can live together comfortably is to bear with one another. The reason is that the character and attitude of us as human beings are different. We tend to step on our toes. Therefore, if we have any grievances with each other and one another in the family, in the church, in the place of work, or in any society, let us forgive so that our Father in Heaven can forgive us. Read Colossians 3: 13.

Forgiveness against condemnation

People tend to judge rather than help; people are faster to condemn than to put in the right way. The bible frowns at the actions. If you judge and condemn, you too will be judged and condemned accordingly. Instead, forgive and you too shall be forgiven. Read Luke 6: 37

Forgiveness is forgetting and releasing

There’s no limit you can forgive. God wants us to forgive always you are offended. Do not delay doing that. Do not complain about doing that; do not grudge about doing that; do not hold and fold up your hands to do that. Do not say you offended me yesterday and you still offend me today. Forgive, forget, and release! Read Matthew 18: 21-22

Forgiveness in love

Love covers everything; it is the principal thing. If you love really, you will have a heart of love. Though there are offenses that may be painful, I understand! But do you know that you too have done more than that against God? But God forgave you because He loved you. Love your offenders more by forgiving the offenses. Read Psalm 86: 5.

Forgiveness against inward bitterness

Do not hold anything against anyone. Do not let bitterness grow in your heart. Settle any offenses with the concerned people and forgive, forget, and release. Those who keep malice are not children of God. This is because holding bitterness and keeping malice is not God’s character. Read Mark 11: 25.

Forgiveness against transgressions

God loved the world and gave us His Son for the sacrifice of sins. Jesus had terminated our transgressions. All we need to do now is to approach Jesus for the remission of our sins and the transgressions will be forgiven and covered. Read Psalm 103: 2; Psalm 32: 1.

Confess; be forgiven

Do you know that if you are smart before God, the devil will outsmart you? So, it is important to expose your sins before God because the devil goes ahead of you and complains against you. Confess your sins and you shall be forgiven. If you do not confess your sins, you will not be forgiven. Do not hide because God had seen what you did already, but He wanted you to be remorseful. Read 1 John 1: 9; Psalm 103: 12; Isaiah 43: 25.

Forgiveness against wickedness

Do not cover up your wickedness, but confess them. The reason for doing this is that you allow God to remember them no more. The sins confess; the forgiveness you receive from God. Our God is so merciful that He showed mercy and forgiveness. Read Hebrews 8: 12.

Forgiveness in repentance

Repent your sins and you will be forgiven. If your brother or sister offends you, you can be frank with him/her so that he/she will realize his/her offense. If he/she repents of his/her iniquities, do not hesitate to forgive him/her. Read Luk3e 17: 3-4; Acts 3: 19.

Forgiveness in friendship

If you want to maintain and sustain the friendship in life, you will learn how to forgive. If you want to be a friend of God, you will learn how to confess your sins and unrighteousness. From then, you will be purified from sins unrighteousness, and transgressions. Read 1 John 1: 19; Isaiah 1: 18.

Prayer of forgiveness

Jesus taught his disciples the prayer of forgiveness. It is how to pray an acceptable prayer. Jesus knew that the prayer was very important. We need also to know how to pray the prayer of forgiveness. Prayer of forgiveness is the prayer to be open to our iniquities and sins. Read Mathew 6: 9-15.

Forgiveness in mercy

God is so merciful that He forgives those who are open before Him. What God hates is to conceal your sins and your transgressions. If you need the mercy of God, do not conceal your sins and transgressions. Confess your sins and iniquities before God and the mercy of God will speak for you for forgiveness. Read Proverbs 28: 13; Daniel 9: 9.  

Forgive your enemies 

No matter what your enemies do to you; no matter how painful it is.  Forgive them. Take this example, no matter what enemies of Jesus did to Jesus; He still said that Father should forgive their enemies for they did not know what they were doing. Forgive those who have offended you. Read Luke 23: 34.

Forgiveness against faults

Everyone is prone to faults and mistakes. But if any transgressions occur, we do not need to cover any. We need to cover the faults. If you repeat the sins and offenses, your friendship between you and God will be separated. Read Proverbs 17: 9.

Forgiveness against lawless acts

Lawless acts are common in our society these days. Anybody can step on your toes and become your enemy. But God expects to forgive them so that God can forgive you too. Present the character of God and release those who have offended you in your heart. Read Hebrews 10: 17.

Forgiveness against quarrels

Love covers everything, but hatred causes conflicts. No matter how things go bad between you and your friends and neighbors, do not turn it into quarrels and conflicts. Show love and affection to sustain relationships and friendships. Read Proverbs 10: 12.

Forgiveness against iniquities

God is interested in forgiving people. That is He said that nobody can stand if God emphasizes sins. The forgiveness is from you. You forgive the sinners and bring the offenders back to their normal position. We should learn the character of God to forgive our offenders. Read Psalm 130: 3-4.


It has been observed that unforgiveness can take away peace of mind, friendships, and relationships and replace them with separation, bitter minds, and mind prison. This article has been written for Christians, researchers, readers, ministers of God, and Bible scholars to read and make changes and do research works.