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A Call to Salvation

Read Isaiah 55:1-7. A convert stood up in a Fellowship and testified of her six-month walk with the Lord. According to her, she delayed her day of salvation because she thought that the Christian race was about rules and regulations that make life boring, but discovered it was not so. All the spiritual blessings in heaven and on earth automatically become ours at the point of salvation. This is awesome.

Lesson: Nothing is more precious than salvation in Christ Jesus; no fellowship is sweeter than being in His presence with Him.

Prayer: God, you have called me to salvation, save me today and let me grow in you in Jesus’ name.

Called to Be Holy

Read 1 Peter 1:15. A group of students were being interrogated by policemen it was discovered that one of them was a son of a well-known human rights activist. The boy was found to be an accomplice to the crime. This brought shame to his family.

One of the major signs of being a true child of God is living a life of holiness. Amid a corrupt world, children of God must demonstrate their true identity in the purity of life. We are instructed not to conform to our old desires when we are in the world (living in sin) but to show forth the life of holiness as obedient children of God.

Do not embrace the idea of people who think nobody can be holy. The salvation we have in Christ Jesus teaches us to say “No” to every act of ungodliness and impurity and live “in holiness and righteousness before Him, all the days of our life” (Luke 1:75). We are to live a self-control and godly life in this present world (Titus 2:11-12).

Are you living in self-defeat ‘saying no one can be holy? Trust God and rely on the Holy Spirit to help you live in holiness. Life of holiness is possible and we can attain it by God’s grace.

Lesson: A life of holiness is possible through total obedience to God’s instructions.

Prayer: O Lord my God, help me to continually live a holy life.

A Call to Be Responsible

Read John 21:16. It is often said that a Man becomes responsible when he begins to have children. Among the responsibilities is taking care of his wife, and children, paying home bills; the bills of the children, and other house utility bills. More or less, it is believed by many that marriage is a call to responsibility.

Jesus made it clear to Peter the responsibility that comes with loving and following Christ wholeheartedly. Three times, Jesus asked Simon Peter in today’s passage how deep his love for Him was and Peter responded affirmatively. Three times, Jesus declares the responsibility calling Peter and other disciples, saying: “Feed my sheep.”

Today, just like when Christ was addressing Simon Peter, Christians are called to feed the sheep of Christ in the church. We are called to love one another, tend to one another, be there for one another and bring in more sheep into the vineyard of Christ. Being a Disciple of Chris is a call to these responsibilities. We should be eager as true disciples of Christ and ever willing to do all these and more as we place good examples for others to emulate.

Lesson: The most important responsibility in a Christian’s life is to abide by biblical principles.

Prayer: Father, help me to be sensitive to your call of spiritual and moral responsibility as a Christian and a true disciple of Christ.

A Call to Humility

Read Luke 14:11. Humility precedes servanthood while Pride brings self-promotion. Pride makes a man think only of himself while humility makes a man consider others.

This is the lesson Jesus emphasized in today’s passage, specifically for those who love to take a place of honour and strive to draw attention to themselves in public functions. Jesus stressed that it’s more honourable to allow the host to invite the guest to the seat of honour than for the guest to presumptuously assume the highest reserved position. Jesus remarked that this act could bring disgrace.

Do you show up at functions only when you would be given due recognition? He showed us that real servants always maintain a low profile and that is why He came in the form of a servant and died a shameful death on the cross. Be determined to demonstrate humility today.

Lesson: Pride will always go before destruction.

Prayer: God, sow the seed of humility in me in Jesus’ name.

The Call to Follow Jesus

Read Matthew 4:19. Following someone on social media with just a couple of clicks on the like, share or follow button does not imply a relationship or alignment of life with the person you are following. Instead, it is a following from afar. In contrast, following Jesus entails more than just clicking a follow button.

In the narrative, Jesus approached two sets of busy brothers, Peter and Andrew, James and John, and initiated an invitation for them to follow Him. Without hesitation, these hardworking expert commercial fishermen left their profitable business behind and all they had, heeded Jesus’ call and followed Him step-by-step faithfully and obediently. Jesus told them that He would make them into people who will win back lost souls into the kingdom of the world.

To follow Jesus means to be like Him in thoughts, words, and deeds. Jesus invites followers into a relationship and not for people to become His fans. As you follow Jesus, you are to imitate His lifestyle and share God’s saving Word to invite others to follow Him as well. Have you been telling others about the love of Christ? He wants you to join Him in the business of making Him known.

Lesson: The call to follow Jesus is above all other demands of life.

Prayer: Lord, help me to respond without hesitation whenever l perceive. You are calling me into action.

Called for His Purpose

Read Romans 8:28. In today’s passage, loving God is not a condition but a description of those who are in Christ. Before creating the world, God chose us with a plan in mind that we conform to Christ’s image. Suffering for Christ’s sake should not lead to despair for Christians because in all things God is working out His unstoppable plan. God carries out his purpose in human history by calling men to salvation through the gospel and conferring on us His righteousness in Christ Jesus. Our ultimate and eternal future in Christ is glorification which God works for us.

All the present sufferings and persecutions we go through as Christians are not an obstacle to our ultimate salvation, but they are means also by which salvation will be accomplished. Amid suffering and persecution, trust God as He uses those challenges to work out your ultimate salvation.

Lesson: All who accept the gospel of Christ will be justified and glorified.

Prayer: Thank You Lord for l am hopeful that You work for my good things.

Called Out of Darkness to Light

Read 1 Thessalonians 5:5. Read 1 Peter 2:9.  As a child of God, you are not to be like people of the world we live in darkness. Your presence in any place should dispel the works of darkness and establish the reign of light. Anyone who claims to be a child of God and feels comfortable among corrupt people should check his/her commitment. We should take God’s light everywhere we find ourselves. He could not possibly conceive how the mouth that spoke so violently and indecently of his fellow men could be opened in the church to praise and bless God.

Today’s passages address believers as children of light and as light God expects them to be agents of light. Their lives must be different from the lives of those living in darkness. Since they have been redeemed by Christ, it is expected of them to live like Him. We also as believers, must know that we have been called to a life different from the world. We no longer live to please the world but to please God.

Today’s passages indicate that someone can’t have an encounter with Christ and remain the same. It is an experience that brings one from darkness to light. Encounter with Christ puts one in a different classification from the people of the world. The life of children of God, as the light of the world, must bring praise to God. This is when others can testify indeed to the transformation we have experienced and also come to the knowledge of God. People will only desire to know your God when they not only hear you talk about Him but also see you live like Him.

Lesson: Light and darkness cannot co-exist. Shine as a light.

Prayer: Father, help me to live as Your true ambassador, projecting Your light in the darkness of the world.

A Call to Be Faithful

Read Genesis 17:1. A king once gave all the young boys in his kingdom some grains as seeds to plant. He said the greater harvester would marry his daughter, the princess. Later on, all the young men came with bumper harvests except one who did not have anything to show. The young man simply said to the king, “I did everything necessary but the seed did not germinate.” To the surprise of all, the king said he was going to marry his daughter because he was the only one found faithful among the young men. The king gave all of them cooked grains that could not germinate to test them.

Likewise, God’s covenant with Abraham depended on his faithfulness to God. Everything God promised to do for Abraham was tied to one condition-faithfulness. God told Abraham to walk before Him faithfully and be blameless, only then will God confirm His covenant with Abraham.

Beloved, God’s promises to you are sure; He has the power to back up His promises. It is you who must be faithful in your ways and patiently await the fulfilment of God’s purpose. Do not cut corners as Abraham did with Hagar, rather; focus on God and trust in His Word. Be faithful to God and Him alone and He will establish His promises to you.

Lesson: He who waits faithfully will experience God’s faithfulness.

Prayer: Lord, give me the grace to wait patiently and faithfully.

Called to Serve

Read Luke 5:10b. A Western missionary came to Nigeria when he was 72 years when he was a young man. Unfortunately, he got distracted and came to Africa. He said, “Don’t wait until you are 72 years old to fulfil God’s call to serve Him.”

When Peter saw a miracle Jesus performed, he fell in front of Jesus in amazement, wonder, and gratitude recognizing without doubt the superiority of the Lord Jesus Christ in all things, even fishing! Peter felt unworthy in the presence of the Lord who he saw as holy and from God. Jesus promised them that, from that moment, they would “catch men”.

As Peter was called to serve, so you are saved and called to serve in the vineyard of God. Use the tools God has given you to bring people to Christ.

Lesson: Without faith, it is impossible to please God.

Prayer: Jesus, help me to be dedicated to Your service more than before.